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    Follow the Leader (515)

    Visit the Episode GuideLOST SEASON FIVE

    Jack tries to convince Eloise to go through with a dangerous plan to change the future, while Locke takes charge with Richard and the Others. Sawyer and Juliet face the music at the hands of Dharma.

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    my head hurts

    ok how can locke kill jacob when jacob isn't even alive in a normal way. locke getting way too cocky for his own liking ?

    richard didn't seem pleased at seeing either locke or ben. i reckon he wants to be the leader himself.


      Another great episode.

      I'm really starting to think John might actually be Jacob... wouldn't that be funny?

      But I guess that would be hard to do... he would have to time travel and such... but judging from spoilers I've already read that may not be the case.

      They did bring up a good point though, how can you follow a leader you've never even seen? or heard?


        What an episode! 11/10 again. They put so many storylines into this episode, that sometimes I felt a little rushed.

        I didn't like Sayid killed people again... They give death so easily...

        I think Jack became a little crazy, because I don't believe they can change the future. Or if they can they will die at first, but than they can save themselves somehow.

        I wouldn't be surprised if Jacob would be a time traveling anomalia. Someone trapped between timelines, so this is the reason why he can't materialize himself.

        I can't wait for the two parter season finale!
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          Yep neither Richard or Ben have ever seen Jakub. In fact I believe that they believe it just illusion they to manipulate the population, how wrong are they.

          Or a other idea is The island is pissed of with Jakub for some reason and have told Lock how to take care of him. But I believe that Sun already knows more than she told Lock and just following him out of necessity. I mean she knows what Widmore plans are, been talking smoky and probably invested a substantal amount of her wealth in finding out secrets about the island and the Blackroc, I would have.

          Richard is just protecting his immortality. I am guesting if Lock goes through with what he planning to do he will lose his immortality and will ages rapidly and die, something evil Richard obviously does not want. I am going to guessing that he the captain of the Blackrock and that he sacriface his crew to gain his immortality.

          Or it all one big set up for Richard to show his real colours and Lock cannot kill Jakub but will force Richard and Ben to reveal themselves as lying cheating manipulative little dictators they are and turn the rest of there people against him an then they will just have to live with Lock being manipulative, some time lying dictator but he never cheated yet leader. Which may be considerable worst or better, I am edging my bets at it being better for at least for little while anyway. Until Hurly and Jack gets back anyway, Hurly is the only other one that can see Jakub, and knowing him he the real leader and Jack well trouble always follow him around.

          I thought Sawyer was awesome, he can manipulate people better than anyone of the above, how he got on that sub was excellently done. He have not actually told them anything yet about himself, well apart feed their need to find the others!

          But he the one that started the war and cause the destruction of the Dharma intuitive by providing the map of the other base and the dharma is going to attack and kill everyone there I bet, leaving only the people at the temple and Widmore alive, Widmore an Eloise will take the blame I guest an Richard and little ben will vanquish them to the main land. Kate is becoming so moral, it really does not suite her.

          Hurly and Myles and Chin I do not see what part they going to play in all this, they will die an be reborn somehow when the bomb goes off, or will the bomb leave the island intact but put them back in the future with out changing anything the past.

          The statue people I reckon now will be apart of Sawyer and Juliet gang they will set up using Sawyer history on outcomes of sport to become rich an pay for it all.


            Kate is the biggest PIA! Richard is a good guy, but to secretive. Locke is on a power trip and is bi-polar. He has so much good in him, he means well but then can go very bad without notice. Too many past demons..

            Jacob is real to some..

            I think lots of people discarded Ben and thought he was going away, he is still in charge...

            Sawyer is a very good guy, though he was a huge jerk at first...

            Jack is stil a very good guy..

            Hurely is waesome!

            no more time.. gotta go!

            My Story:


              That was just an awesome episode. I was half expecting Sayid to just pull out his gun and shoot the bomb.

              So if Locke is gonna try to kill Jacob maybe that explains why the Island only sent Him and Sun to the present. Maybe Sun is gonna help him somehow?

              I was a little surprised to hear Locke say he didn't care about getting his people back.

              I know it's probably illogical of me, but I just won't believe what Richard said about watching them die until I see it myself. Although with some of the leaps Jack seems willing to take because he thinks he knows what he's doing...
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                Epic episode!!

                I have a lot of random rambling garbled thoughts on it, all of them formed on first watch:

                * First off - and I'll get most of my Kate-itching done now before I go on - once again Miss Austen has demonstrated her complete lack of ability to commit to anyone or anything.
                Exhibit A: "Yes please, lets go with Jack so that Dan can tell the Hostiles how to get us all out of this mess and we can be saved yayz!."

                "Oops Dan got shot dead, let's bail before they get us too"

                Exhibit B: "Drat I've just changed my mind Jack, I actually don't want to follow you anymore, again, so I'm going to go back and help the Dharma peeps k? Didn't you see this coming?"

                Inch by inch I swear my respect is waning. And you know it's serious when you almost wish she had got shot by that Other before you realised it was Sayid - hallelujah Sayid! - to the rescue. All I can say is thank heavens Jack is not lying in a bed of roses and called her on 'enough of it being misery'. And also thank you SO much for ruining one of the greatest Sawyer/Juliet moments we've had in weeks!

                * Locke has lost the plot. I've always been uncertain about him and his destiny/purpose propaganda, but now he seems to have time-sed it by an uber factor of 10.

                * I love Ben. I've missed Ben. Between him, Sawyer, Hurley, and Dan - they all hold a record for awesome dialogue. "Why do you think I tried to kill him?" LOL!

                * Richard Alpert you are amazing but did you have to tell Sun that everyone is dead? Because I must have answers like now please! Richard spent a lot of this episode confused and conflicted. I don't like it when the "advisor" doesn't know what's going on...

                * What I wouldn't give to put Radzinsky in a locked room with Sawyer. He needs to have his ass kicked, and I get deliciously satisfied when I picture him pushing a button every 108 minutes before one day blowing his own head off. You can't say Sawyer didn't tell you so. Loved!!Sawyer's reaction to Phil punching Juliet in the face. "I'll kill you." My shippy heart had a minor 'splosion at that point.

                * Hurley is just made of win. "Yeah dude we're from the future". LOL.

                * Eloise seems to want to genuinely un-do what she's done, which semi redeems her at this point in time - relative as it is. For all we know this is probably what she always did. Old Eloise knew she was sending Daniel back to the Island to be killed by her younger self, knowing that her younger self would also meet Jack and Kate etc who would tell her how to un-do it. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately I'm a believer in the 'whatever happened, happened' camp. This is always what happened, and it is always what will be. There's no un-doing dead. Unless of course you're our creepy 'I'm one with the Island' resident, Locke.

                * And they're off to get the bomb! Richard, and Jack, and Sayid. And they have to swim to get to the tunnels! Wet Richard, and Jack, and Sayid. Somewhere out there, someone's true pairing just got cubed.

                * *sigh* so the writers have given Jack this whole new destiny biz which means he's failing to distract the ever flaky Kate, which is naturally distressing because - hello! - it's television and tv loves to frell with the shippers. I love Juliet and Sawyer, both together and as seperate characters, and I HATE what the introduction of Kate into the equation is doing to Juliet's character. She has every right to feel the way she does because she not only had a cheating husband but she's been the other woman too. But she settled, she found happiness, and she allowed herself to be loved again. She doesn't want to go back to being the one no one wants. Juliet is my favourite character and I'd rather have strong, sassy, no BS Juliet than one who is scared and jealous. Fix it writers!! Other than that, and before Kate got shoved into the hole, that was the most beautifully awesome wonderful squee-worthy scene between Sawyer and Juliet inside the sub, so thanks for that one.

                * And Locke wants to kill Jacob.
                Of course you do.
                Um... omgwtf?

                yeah okay that turned into a bit of an epic itself


                  Another wonderful episode! This season has just flown by! I cannot believe next week is the season finale!!

                  Kate is definitely annoying. All her back and forth-ing better amount to something, or I will not be amused. Since Richard said he saw them all die, somehow, the sub must come back.

                  Killing Jacob is an interesting goal. I find it especially interesting since "Alex" told Ben that he was to do what John told him to do. That leads be to believe that Alex and Christian and those people are not coming from Jacob, and rather the Island. So, that would mean that the Island wants Jacob dead. But why? He's been there forever! Time to turn over a new leaf?

                  I maintain that Jack cannot change history. Whatever happened happened. What that is of course, remains a mystery, of course, but there is no way he is going to be able to destroy the Swan station. I'm not sure that Richard saw what he thinks he saw for sure, either. Maybe they vanished to the future when the bomb exploded or something?


                    Really enjoyed this episode (and last weeks), they both have moved the story forward after a few weeks of basically standing still. Was also great to see all the major characters/storyline being played out this week.


                      Review: Lost 5.15: "Follow the Leader"

                      Overall, this was a fitting prelude to the events of the finale, shedding light on key relationships and setting the stage for several confrontations. The overall feeling is that the season finale will demonstrate that the fifth season was all about setting the stage for the final season, and as usual, that kind of planning has yielded solid storytelling.


                        Really good episode last night. This show never ceases to amaze me. The season finale next week is going to be big.
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                          it two hours next week is not it.


                            Originally posted by knowles2 View Post
                            it two hours next week is not it.
                            I believe so! Very exciting!


                              Originally posted by knowles2 View Post
                              it two hours next week is not it.
                              Originally posted by Amalthea View Post
                              I believe so! Very exciting!
                              Yeah, next week is 2 hours... and IT STARTS AT 8:00PM!

                              Not sure why they're starting an hour early instead of going from 9-11. If I hadn't caught the "8:00pm" thing in the preview of next week I would've missed the first hour
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