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    Numbers: Best episode I've seen so far I think.
    Review: This was awesome. The seriousness and comedy were perfectly balanced in this great episode filled with mystery and action(not to mention a fantastic cliffhanger) and storyline of course. This is what Lost is about. I look forward to more episodes like this.
    Best character of ep: Leonard.
    Worst character of ep: NONE.
    Primary Storyline: Michael's raft is starting to get ready, but it still needs a radio to contact someone out there. Sayid of course has easily built one out of some wire and buttons(or probably found it somewhere), but it's missing a battery. Hurley remembers that Rousseau(the deranged French woman from "Solitary") had batteries, but Sayid refuses to take anyone back there. Hurley's interest in the matter intensifies when he discovers that among Rousseau's stolen papers, there are certain numbers which he is familiar with. He decides to remember everything Sayid ever said about her location and steals most of the papers and then goes off to find her alone. This worries everyone and Jack, Sayid and Charlie go after him and catch up with him. An adventure through the jungle ensues and everybody notice that Hurley seems different, more serious and determined than ever. After a long trip(which included classical falling bridges, gunshots and explosions), Hurley finds Rousseau and asks about the meaning of the Numbers. Rousseau doesn't know much. She says that her expedition picked up the Numbers and followed them to the Island. Both confirm that the Numbers are cursed. Later, Hurley returns to the others with the battery which Jack gives to Michael. At the same time, the Numbers are seen on the Hatch.
    Secondary Storyline: Hurley wins 156 million dollars when playing a lottery with the Numbers. However, shortly after that he is hit with bad luck. His grandpa dies, his brother's wife becomes a lesbian and the house he was going to give to his super-Catholic mom burns down and he is arrested, mistook for a drug smuggler. Later, Hurley becomes the head of several companies and effectively a millionaire, but the bad luck continues to severely hit him. Hurley decides to return to a mental hospital he was before the lottery(cos he ate too much) and asks Leonard, a deranged guy who keeps repeating the numbers what is the significance of the numbers and tells him that he used the Numbers to win a lottery. Leonard switches into the real world and yells at him that he is cursed and that his answers are in Kalgoorlie, Australia. Hurley goes there and finds out that Leonard and a guy named Sam Toomey picked up the Numbers on a radio when they served the military. Sam became inflicted with the curse when he used the Numbers to win a bean can... thing. Leonard went insane and Toomey killed himself to stop the curse. His wife, who survived the Numbers doesn't believe in them. Hurley decides to return to Los Angeles on Oceanic Flight 815.
    Creepiest thing in the episode: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 on the Hatch.
    Coolest thing in the episode: Colonel Hurley Kurtz.
    "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


      DEUS EX MACHINA: The great episode which tests the faith of John Locke and ends with a great tragedy.
      Best character of ep: John Locke.
      Worst character of ep: Emily Locke.
      Review: Unlike several other episodes, Deus Ex Machina hooked me as soon as I saw it. It was a window into the life of John Locke and explained his past and his motivations. Not to mention the wonderfully done vision John has or his breakdown at the Hatch in the ending, Deus Ex Machina proves to be better than Numbers. John Locke is my favourite character on the Island. I also look forward to discover who Boone exactly contacted on the radio.
      Primary Storyline"Jungle": John and Boone have trouble opening the Hatch, until Locke has a creepy vision. He also discovers that his paralysis is coming back and it becomes harder to walk. On their way to find a plane Locke saw in his vision, he loses the ability to walk. They eventually find the beechcraft and Boone climbs up on the cliff inside the plane. There are a lot of drugs, maps and other stuff in it(Oh, and Locke found a gun from a dead priest-drug smuggler). Boone finds a radio and makes contact with someone who says that it is they who are the survivors of Flight 815. Shortly afterwards, the plane falls down from the cliff, severely injuring Boone. Locke suddenly can walk again and he carries Boone back to Jack and returns to the Hatch, yelling at it.
      Primary Storyline"Beach": The raft construction restarts. They are building a new raft and this time they skip the error part in trial and error. The raft crew will be four: Michael, Walt, Jin and Sawyer. Sawyer also lately has headaches and Jack discovers that he needs glasses so Sayid makes him some glasses.S
      Secondary Storyline: John is found by his biological mother who comes to tell him that he is special. John becomes interested in his genealogy and makes contact with his biological father, Anthony Cooper. Cooper and Locke bond instantly and start hunting together(so that's how John became a hunter). Locke also finds out that Cooper has kidney failure and needs a transplant. Locke decides to give up his kidney. After the surgery, Cooper cuts all contact with John and his mother, Emily confirms that it was a con and all that Cooper wanted was a kidney and all that she wanted was money(though she still loves John). John becomes really, really mad.
      Creepiest thing in the episode: Emily(in Locke's vision).
      Coolest thing in the episode: Locke gets a gun.
      "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


        Do No Harm: A tragedy ep.
        Review: Jack goes crazy. Boone dies. Locke becomes sad. Claire goes into labor. Disaster.
        Best character of ep: Boone.
        Worst character of ep: Sarah.
        Primary Storyline: Boone is critically injured so Jack devotes all of his attention to his patient. Meanwhile, Claire goes into labor and Kate, Charlie and Jin are the only nurses. Sun finds a needle, Kate gets alcohol, Charlie searches blood matches. Conveniently, Shannon and Sayid are having a big date. Kate delivers the baby around the same time that Boone orders Jack to let him die. Over the course of this process, Jack learns about a hatch and that "John said... not to tell." This, coupled with Locke's mysterious disappereance convinces Jack that Boone was murdered. Shannon is left devastated by her brother's death(so she cared about him after all).
        Secondary Storyline: Jack is getting married, but he can't figure out any vows. His father, Christian(YAY CHRISTIAN'S BACK) gives him some advice. Eventually, Jack ditches the vows and just marries her.
        Creepiest thing in the episode: Nothing.
        Coolest thing in the episode: Christian's return.
        "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


          The Greater Good: The aftermath of Boone's death and Aaron's birth.
          Review: Fine episode, finally resolved the attacker thing from "The Moth" and we found out some more of Sayid's past. Beside some comedy involving Nick and the baby, not much happened. Oh, and Super-Doc totally went nuts.
          Best character of ep: Crazy Jack.
          Worst character of ep: Shannon.
          Primary Storyline: During Boone's funeral, John Locke returns to camp and tells everyone how Boone dies. Not thinking straight, Jack brutally attacks him, calls him a liar and probably almost killed him. Fortunately, his fatigue wins and he collapses and gets drugged by Kate. Charlie discovers that the voice of James is the only thing capable of keeping Claire's baby quiet. To discover what really happened to Boone, Sayid forces Locke to take him to the Beechcraft. Locke tells Sayid that during "The Moth", he was the one who attacked Sayid and destroyed the transceiver. Sayid becomes angry, but controls himself as Locke explains that he didn't want the survivors to go to a place where a voice kept repeating "It killed them all"(Locke seems to be strangely cowardly in this episode). Sayid also takes John's gun and becomes convinced that John did not murder Boone. Shannon isn't so convinced and she steals a gun from the Halliburton case and almost shoots Locke(Sayid grabbed the gun). Sayid then demands to be taken to the Hatch.
          Secondary Storyline: The police demand Sayid's cooperation in eliminating a terrorist group in exchange for Nadia's location. Sayid complies and manipulates his old friend Essam, a member of the Terrorists to take him to the others. With his Republican Guard skills, Sayid inflitrates them and manipulates Essam into becoming a martyr along with him. In the end, Sayid tells Essam the truth and the poor guy commits suicide. Sayid demands to stay and claim Essam's body. The next day, Sayid goes on Oceanic Flight 815.
          Creepiest thing in the episode: John Locke.
          Coolest thing in the episode: John Locke.
          "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


            Just dropping by to say I'm really enjoying your reviews!
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              Thanks, just what I needed. I was already starting to think that this thread was forgotten. That's why I haven't made so many reviews recently. I'll speed up.
              "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                Born To Run: Kate screws everything up. Again.
                Review: The last ep before the Grand Season 1 Finale. When the Finale is complete, there will be a short break before Season 2 in which I review various deleted scenes, bloopers and even easter eggs. Anyway, back to the episode. Surprisingly, some of Kate's flashbacks weren't that bad(mainly the time capsule one). On the Island, Kate annoys the hell out of James and me. I also wonder why nobody lives in the caves anymore.
                Best character of ep: Hurley.
                Worst character of ep: Kate.
                Primary Storyline: The raft is set to sail and things speed up when some high school teacher named Dr. Arzt declares that the monsoon season is coming. The raft crew is set: Michael, Walt, Jin and James. Kate starts meddling with the predetermined and tries to convince Michael to replace Nick with her. Michael wisely decided not to but later became suspicious of Nick. Michael then gets poisoned and most people suspect either Nick or Kate. Hurley has a little comedy moment with Locke and as a last measure to save his seat on the raft, James informs a portion of the beach camp that Kate is the fugitive(YEAH NICK). Sun later admits she tried to poison Jin(the Koreans are still not talking to each other).
                Secondary Storyline: Kate decides to visit his mother in the hospital, but decides to abort when she sees a couple of cops. Later, she visits a close friend of hers, Tom Brennan(owner of the toy airplane). Brennan and "Hate" are childhood friends and they dig up a time capsule containing the airplane, a cassette, and some other stuff. Hate and Brennan spend some childhood time together and wonder about destiny. Then Hate goes to see her mom who screams for the police. Hate has to make a run for it and Tom Brennan is killed as a result. The toy airplane is left behind as Hate runs away.
                Creepiest thing in the episode: Nothing really.
                Coolest thing in the episode: Hurley screws up(How am I supposed to keep tabs on who knows what around here?!) This shows that the survivors are developing a political situation which is plain awesome.
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                "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                  Exodus, Part 1: The beginning of the end of Season 1 and it's totally awesome.
                  Review: Nice episode, though the ending was kinda scary. The political friction between Jack and Locke is nice to view as well. Hurley and Arzt give the whole ep some comedy and I loved the return of the Monster.
                  Best character of ep: Dr. Arzt.
                  Worst character of ep: Kate.
                  Primary Storyline: Danielle Rousseau shows up and says that the Others(the natives she mentioned in "Solitary) are on their way to attack the survivors. That, doubled with Dr. Arzt(a high school teacher)'s warning about the monsoon causes work on the raft to double. Sayid and Locke show Jack(and later Hurley and Danielle) the Hatch and Jack comes up with a plan how to finally open the mystery door by blowing it up with some dynamite Danielle supposedly has. Meanwhile, the raft sets sail with Mike, Nick, Jin and Walt(the dog stays with Shannon). The survivors move into the caves for security(and I was thinking why nobody lives there anymore). Jack, Locke, Kate, Danielle, Hurley and Dr.Arzt go to the "Black Rock" to retrieve dynamite and get attacked by the Monster inside the "Dark Territory" where someone named Montand apparently lost his arm. Eventually, the group reach the Black Rock which is apparently a big ship in the middle of the jungle. Oh, and Jin and Sun reconciled.
                  Secondary Storyline "Walt and Mike": The night before Flight 815, Walt activates the TV and Michael gets slightly angry(it's 5 AM). Walt tries to escape with Vincent, but since he's a kid, he fails.
                  Secondary Storyline "Jack": A few hours before Flight 815, Jack drinks in a bar and meets a girl named Ana-Lucia Cortez. Ana-Lucia apparently heard Jack yelling about his father. The two agree to have a drink on the plane(Jack had the drinks after the crash).
                  Secondary Storyline "Nick": James is arrested due to having a bar fight with a minister and breaking a cop's cup. He is banished from Australia and sent to Flight 815.
                  Secondary Storyline "Kate": The US Marshal explains about Kate's crimes and teases Kate by keeping asking about the owner of the toy airplane. Kate snaps and attacks the Marshal("That is why I need five guns.").
                  Secondary Storyline "Shannon": Shannon reads something and Sayid asks her to keep an eye on his bag. To anger Boone, Shannon tells the guards that some Arab left his bag unchecked.
                  Secondary Storyline "Sun": Sun brings Jin some fast food, but spills some on Jin's shirt, forcing him to leave. A woman behind claims that there is no harm talking about the Koreans because they do not understand English.
                  Creepiest thing in the episode: The ending with the pillar of black smoke.
                  Coolest thing in the episode: The raft.
                  "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                    Exodus, Part 2: The epic missions continue.
                    Review: Another wonderful episode in the Exodus trilogy(I live in Europe, it's in three parts there). I really like the fact that the Hatch will finally be opened after so long. It's wonderful. Hate did her best to screw up the episode which did work in one scene. Thus, I have somewhat lost my faith in John for helping Hate screw that scene. This trilogy, I'm on Jack's side.
                    Best character of ep: Hurley.
                    Worst character of ep: Hate.
                    Primary Storyline "Hatch mission": After Rousseau has left, Jack, Kate and Locke head into the Black Rock to recover the explosives. Locke theorizes that the ship was a slave ship cos there are skeletons in there. Eventually, the dynamite crate is located and the jealous Dr. Arzt finally grabs the chance to be in the spotlight of Lost. He starts telling the slightly interested group about the creation and dangers of dynamite. Until he blows up. Dramatically. Anyway, everyone fortunately got the lesson that dynamite is mega-dangerous and decide to carry it in two packs. Everything goes good until Hate starts demands to carry dynamite. Really-Super-Doc wisely simply says no until Boldy(WHY JOHN WHY) gets them to draw straws and Jack conveniently loses. The group then heads back to the Hatch.
                    Primary Storyline "Raft Mission": The crew notice the Island on the raft and discuss about it. Michael decides never to return there and wonders how it was never discovered. Later, James decides to spend his time on the raft by invading some personal privacy. Thus, he reads all the personal letters from the green bottle(Who the hell's Hugo and where did he get 156 million dollars to leave to his mom?). He explains to Walt that the only letter he is ever gonna write is to the man he's gonna kill(I won't bother explaining). Some time after that, the rudder accidentally breaks off and James dives in to save it. After some minor struggles the rudder is saved but unfortunately not before Michael notices Nick's gun and suspiciously gives it back to him(within Nick's black shirt).
                    Primary Storyline "Beach mission": Everybody are heading back to the caves when Confirmed Crazy shows up on the beach and yells that she needs Sayid. Charlie leaves and CC knocks Claire out and steals Aaron. Her mental problems have apparently resurfaced. Charlie and Sayid go to rescue Aaron and on the way, Sayid shows Charlie the Beechcraft, filled with heroin...
                    Secondary Storyline "Jin": Sun brings Jin some fast food in Sydney Airport, but unfortunately spills some of it on Jin's shirt. Jin goes to the bathroom and encounters an employee working for mr. Evil-Eye. He warns Jin not to escape to America or he'll lose Sun.
                    Secondary Storyline "Charlie": It's the morning and Charlie has to go on Flight 815. The girl she slept with wants more heroin, but Charlie says there's nothing left. Eventually the creepy girl and he fight for the last heroin and Charlie wins.
                    Secondary Storyline "Michael": In Sydney Airport, Michael tries to cheer Walt up by saying that Vincent will be fine in the cargo area. Walt is absorbed in his video game so Michael makes a call to his mother and panics about raising the kid. After the call, Walt pops up right next to him and asks new batteries. Maybe he heard Mike panic?
                    Creepiest thing in the episode: Confirmed Crazy.
                    Coolest thing in the episode: Hurley's comments about Dr. Arzt after he dies.
                    "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                      I really loved the Exodus Parter as well.. on of the best series finale of LOST, IMO only topped by Season 5 and 4 finale.


                        Exodus, Part 3: I'm speechless. Lost.
                        Review: Still speechless. The complexity of the show is so unique, so unlike anything else. The destiny of these people... AWE-some. Not to mention... the HATCH. And Hurley's numbers. Damn, it is AWE-some. Btw, I wonder what happened to Walt's Gameboy(or whatever it was).
                        Best character of ep: Super-Doc.
                        Worst character of ep: Kate(as usual).
                        Primary Storyline "Hatch mission": On their way to the Hatch, the group comes across the Monster. Locke, in his I-Believe mode believes himself to be immune and goes to check the Monster. Jack goes after him and Boldy's sanity eventually catches up with him and he tries to run away but fails. The Monster, appearing as a form of black smoke grabs Locke and tries to take him to a Monster Hole. Jack saves him and Kate throws dynamite into the Hole, making the Monster go away(Locke was in his I-Believe mode again). After that, the group finally arrive at the Hatch and according to Boldy, this is what the entire story has been leading up to. Jack of course doesn't agree and tells this to Kate(who complains about the whole dynamite thing which was probably one of Jack's wisest decisions). The dynamite is set, but Hurley returns and discovers the cursed numbers imprinted into the Hatch door and desperately tries to prevent Boldy from lighting the fuse. At this point, nothing is able to stop Locke from doing it however and with a big explosion, the Hatch is finally opened. Hurley, revealing his rare Catholic side, makes several crosses as Jack and Locke pull the door open. There's a broken ladder inside.
                        Primary Storyline "Beach mission": Charlie stumbles into one of Rousseau's traps and Sayid is forced to "heal" him by putting gunpowder into the deep wound and lighting it(gotta remember that one), effectively cauterizing the wound. The duo later make it to the source of the big smoke and discover that there are no others and judging from CC's mental state, there never were. Sayid calmly takes back Aaron and gives him to Charlie and they leave CC behind, crying. Charlie and Sayid return to the caves and Charlie gives the baby to Claire while Sayid reunites with Shannon. Charlie also seems to have a relapse of heroin addiction(he has a heroin-filled statue in his bag).
                        Primary Storyline "Raft mission": Michael and Jin talk about Sun's English lessons and Jin returns the Rolex watch to Michael(wow). Later, after a lot of pestering from Nick, Michael fires the flare and a motorboat and Captain Beardy show up. Beardy seems friendly but then demands that Walt be given to him. The raft crew become confused and suspicious. Suddenly, the motorboat lights go out, James gets shot, Jin dives into the water after the poor guy, two guys grab Walt and push Michael into the water and a woman throws a cocktail into the raft, blowing the whole thing up. Michael is left behind with the burning raft, unable to do anything while the motorboat rides away with the screaming kid onboard.
                        Secondary Storyline "Hurley": Hugo wakes up and discovers that his clock is busted. He then quickly packs his two bags and through a series of amusing unlucky events(car breakdown, wrong terminal...) gets an old man's scooter and rides it to the right terminal and finally gets to be lucky enough to get on Oceanic Flight 815(he lost a bag).
                        Secondary Storyline "Locke": Due to Locke's inability to walk and the wheelchair missing, two employees are forced to carry poor John onboard Flight 815. John accidentally drops something and his inability prevents him from picking it up.
                        Secondary Storyline "The Survivors": After an entire season of flashbacks, the passengers finally arrive at Oceanic Flight 815. Dr. Arzt helps Claire with her bag, Hurley gives Walt a thumbs-up and starts reading his Spanish comic(the one Michael destroyed on the Island) and listening to his CD player, Jack and Locke smile at each other, totally unaware of their destinies, Sawyer arrives with his usual demeanor, Sayid looks at his photographs of Nadia, Boone helps Shannon with her asthma inhalers, Jin looks at mr Evil-Eye's Rolex watch and Oceanic Flight 815 takes off. Several hours later...
                        Creepiest thing in the episode: The opening of the Hatch.
                        Coolest thing in the episode: The opening of the Hatch.

                        There will be a break between Season 1 and Season 2 which will contain mobisodes, deleted scenes, easter eggs and other extras.
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                        "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                          That's good; I've watched Season 2 and I think it's better then the first, it's the one that cemented in pop culture with the infamous hatch. You won't be disappointing, Season 2 contains a lot of episodes that made Lost a classic in the eyes of critics.
                          Back from the grave.


                            season 2 premiere opening is the best television.


                              Lost: Missing Pieces Season 1(These provide some never-told information about Season 1)
                              So It Begins: A small prequel to Pilot, Part 1. Pretty nice.
                              Storyline: Just after Flight 815 crashes, Vincent runs through the jungle and finds Christian Shephard who tells him to wake up his son, Jack. Vincent goes and wakes up Jack, starting Pilot, Part 1.

                              The Watch: A little addition to Jack's backstory.
                              Storyline: Shortly before Jack and Sarah are getting married, Jack throws rocks into the sea. Christian approves, especially after Jack says it was either that or arranging the wedding. Christian also is happy for Jack's wedding and gives him the watch his own father gave him when he married. Christian claims that the only reason he never used the watch was because his father didn't like his marriage. Jack claims the watch as his own and wears it even on the Island(I think).

                              Arzt and Crafts: Some comedy fun with the famous Dr. Leslie Arzt.
                              Storyline: Arzt shows up on the beach and starts trying to talk everyone into not going to the caves(obviously early Season 1). He starts even yelling at the Korean couple, ignoring Michael's attempts to explain that they don't understand. Suddenly, the people hear the Monster in the jungle(again, obviously early Season 1) and Dr. Arzt changes his opinions about the caves very quickly.

                              Buried Secrets: More of the early friction between the Korean couple.
                              Storyline: Sun makes sure that Jin is distracted and then quickly goes into the jungle and tries to bury her American driving license. Michael finds her and the two have a brief romantic moment before Vincent(thankfully) separates them.

                              Tropical Depression: The people seem to like Arzt.
                              Storyline: Somewhere during Exodus, Part 1, Arzt is catching insects and starts an awkward conversation with Michael(somewhat similar to his conversation with Hurley in Exodus, Part 2) where he reveals that he lied about the monsoon season(wow) and just wanted them to go away and rescue the survivors faster.

                              Jack, meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack.: Ethan's informal introduction in the show.
                              Storyline: Somewhere during Pilot, Part 1, Jack is going through supplies to find everything with the definiton of "medical". Ethan shows up, introduces himself and warns Jack that Claire might have to deliver the baby on the Island and gives away some private information about his own wife.

                              Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the golf course: Jin vents his anger at the Island.
                              Storyline: Somewhere in late Season 1, Jin, Michael and Hurley play golf. Michael and Hurley win and Jin cracks. He starts yelling at the ball, throwing the golf club and screaming crazily at the Island while Hurley and Michael are paralyzed and Hurley tries to figure what Jin is saying. Jin then yells at the two and finishes it with "I'm so alone".

                              Next on Season 1 Extras: The deleted scenes.
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                              "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."


                                Lost: Deleted Scenes Season 1
                                Smoking: The aftermath of the plane crash.
                                Storyline: Shortly after the crash, James is smoking a cigarette, when Charlie comes and asks for one. Without a word, James gives the man his own cigarette(a bit weird) and takes a new one for himself.
                                Deleted from: Pilot, Part 1.

                                Chicken or Lasagne: A little Hurley comedy never hurts.
                                Storyline: During the night after the crash, Hurley approaches Locke and offers him some food from the plane. Locke, apparently in post-traumatic shock doesn't listen and Hurley leaves.
                                Deleted from: Pilot, Part 1.

                                Kate and Sayid: More boring "what are we gonna do" talk.
                                Storyline: Kate and Sayid discuss the survivors and the aftermath of the cockpit incident. This also better explains how the survivors found out about the pilot's gruesome death.
                                Deleted from: Pilot, Part 2.

                                The Climb: An awkward scene between Charlie and Shannon.
                                Storyline: During their mission to use the transceiver for contact, the group(Nick, Kate, Sayid, Shannon and Boone) climb mountains. After crossing them, Charlie tries to flirt with Shannon(I think) and asks her about Drive Shaft. Shannon quickly says that she hates Drive Shaft and poor Charlie backs away as quickly as possible.
                                Deleted from: Pilot, Part 2.

                                Finding the Tell: One of Locke's great teachings.
                                Storyline: Walt asks Locke to teach him how to bluff. Locke shows him various survivors and tells him that he has to learn how to spot a liar first.
                                Deleted from: Pilot, Part 2.

                                Partners: *Yawn*
                                Storyline: While Sun is helping to cure Jin's hand(which is handcuffed), Shannon and Boone talk about sticking together(arguing as usual).
                                Deleted from: House of the Rising Sun.

                                The Huddle: One of the first Nick/Kate scenes.
                                Storyline: Jack, Locke and Sayid discuss about Claire while Kate and James discuss about the trio.
                                Deleted from: Homecoming.

                                Claire's Doctor Visit: Jack helps Claire.
                                Storyline: After escaping from the Others, an amnesiac Claire and Jack discuss the other survivors and how they avoid her.
                                Deleted from: Outlaws.

                                A Deal's A Deal: NICK AWESOMELY SCREWS KATE'S CARTE BLANCHE.
                                Storyline: After the boar hunt, Hate demands that James gives her her carte blanche in which he's supposed to give her anything she wants from his stash. James firmly declines(HELL YEAH).
                                Deleted from: Outlaws.

                                Captive: James angrily torments Jin.
                                Storyline: After being captured by Nick, Jin is forced to endure the way back to the beach.
                                Deleted from: ...In Translation.

                                Secrets: Yet another Jack and Kate scene.
                                Storyline: In the caves, Jack and Kate discuss whether John Locke burned Michael's raft.
                                Deleted from: ...In Translation.

                                The Jack Situation: The survivors begin to doubt Jack's leadership.
                                Storyline: Michael and Hurley start asking Sayid about whether or not Jack is alright. Sayid patiently explains that Jack is not himself at the moment.
                                Deleted from: The Greater Good.

                                Whispers: Charlie and Claire wonder about CC.
                                Storyline: While Rousseau is eating a raw egg, Charlie and Claire question about her and her whispers(you know, the whispers Nick and Sayid heard in the jungle).
                                Deleted from: Exodus, Part 1.

                                Lost: Deleted Flashbacks.
                                At the Airport: Sayid: The aftermath of Shannon's little fight with Boone.
                                Storyline: While James ties the dish(the one they use to detect the motorboat of Captain Beardy), Sayid notices that he ties it with the tie he was gonna wear when finding Nadia again. A few hours before Flight 815 crashed, Sayid is about to buy a tie after careful selection when he is apprehended for leaving his bag unattended Sayid explains that he left the bag with Shannon.
                                Deleted from: Exodus, Part 1.

                                At the Airport: Claire: We get to see the pilot again.
                                Storyline: Claire meets the pilot of Flight 815 and the two talk about recent events in Claire's life. The pilot promises to give Claire an extra smooth ride. A few hours later...
                                Deleted from: Exodus, Part 2.

                                Next on Season 1 Extras: The easter eggs.
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                                "I have never understood why it should be necessary to become irrational in order to prove that you care... or why it should be necessary to prove it at all."