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Your favourite LOST season?

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    For me its the 4th and 5th season


      without a doubt.

      best season opener.

      wish i could combine it with the best season closer which was season 3's.


        First 3 seasons are amazing. After that......... forget it. The last episode of the last season made me nerdrage for 3 days straight it pissed me off so much.
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          Season 1, it was the only one I could take seriously from start to finish.

          When it comes to individual parts of seasons I did really certain like parts of Season 4.
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            In order...

            Season 4 (This season has it all, conflict, freighter, people leaving the island, and flashforwards; plus it's short and sweet.)
            Season 5 (DHARMA, Time travel; not as good as season 4 but it has everything that you could want.
            Season 1 (This is the season that introduced the show and much of it's characters, it's place can't be denied.)
            Season 2 (This was the season that introduced the hatch, it's still good but it's not as good as the first.)
            Season 6 (It did have decent characterizations and the Man in Black but more could of been done and the flashsideways (while decent) had mostly no place in Season 6 and served to provide some form of action/contrast while stuff was going on the island. I get they wanted to make some form of epilogue but the best thing to do would be to just have no flash anythings.)
            Season 3 (The season where everything just collapses and recovers itself near the end. The last half of the season is the best Lost has done but the first half has some stuff that makes you question why you're watching the show in the first place, especially when they have an episode dedicated to Jack's tattoo.)
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              I admit, the only episode I really disliked was Stranger in a Strange Land. It was just not Lost, it was completely different.
              The Others have weird never-appear-again customs(that Richard seems to dislike as well). Then there's the sheriff(thank god she never appeared again). And Jack just doesn't fit in Sawyer's cage, he just looks wrong in there. I'm not gonna even talk about the flashbacks.
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                Season 1 and 2. The show began to lose it a little from then on.
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