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science or spiritual? (spoilers for series finale)

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    so, you didn't get it either.

    well, so long. be mad because you didn't bother to understand.

    have fun!


      Originally posted by *Kiwi* View Post
      For six years I loved this show to the point of obsession. The island, the characters, the time travel, the possibility they were all somehow linked - wow, this show rocked. In the last hour of the final episode I discover that the Dharma Inititative, the smoke monster, Walt, Claire and her baby, the dozens of connections between the characters - basically all of the things I loved about the show - meant absolutely nothing.
      Everyone in the show was part of a struggle between the man in black and Jacob. Jacob was always trying to protect the island and the man in black was trying to kill him, so that he could escape the island. Jacob was aware of this, so he was always looking for successors or candidates. Jacob was prepared to die. The MIB knew of the candidates and knew he could never escape while any one candidate would succeed Jacob, so he devised a plan to use the animated Locke (controlled by the MIB) to manipulate someone else to kill Jacob, while he devised a plan to try and kill all the candidates at the same time. The smoke monster was a manifestation of the MIB, who carefully manipulated those who lived on the island, mainly through impersonating and animating the dead. Claire died in the scene where the building she was in was hit by a rocket. The person who came out of that building was not Claire, but an animated dead person, which should be obvious, since she walked into the jungle and joined the animated version of Jack's father.

      Any questions?


        I was an active member of 3 Lost related forums for the duration of the show six seasons. I don't feel that I didn't understand the ending, I just wasn't satisfied with it.
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          Originally posted by *Kiwi* View Post
          I was an active member of 3 Lost related forums for the duration of the show six seasons. I don't feel that I didn't understand the ending, I just wasn't satisfied with it.
          Why? Because it wasn't a happy ending, or because it didn't conform to Sci-Fi dogma (everything MUST have a scientific explanation), or because it was predictable or because it was too hard to relate to, or because there were too many religious trappings?

          I am interested.


            it WAS a happy ending though....


              i been a fan of the 6 seasons of lost and still is, when i sow the ending i found it strange, but then again it's lost. so i thought over the ending and tried to see what happend over the show and the whole time travel and their second life.
              but the ending was to my likeing, even now as i read some of the posts and found out the ending even more.
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                I'm nearing the end of my re-watch of the show and am really enjoying it. But man, if you missed as many episodes as I had missed (probably 10-12), you must have been as confused as I was. I am really feeling moved by the character arcs and how much of a progression there is. The sideways time travel stuff is far more interesting now because I grasp the sort of alt timeline - purgatory - "what if" nature of their struggles. The final back story piece on Linus really moved me for some reason.

                So to answer the OP. The answer is both / and.


                  I'm not saying I think the ending was good, but it seemed pretty obvious to me that the island (and the show) was about the supernatural from the the first few seasons. So Personally I see being disappointed about that particular aspect of it as sort of strange. How did you not see it coming?
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                    The last episode completely and utterly destroyed what was a great series. No other way to put it. and its not about science or spirituality, its about answering mystery's or not answering mystery's -and they did NETHER.

                    I felt like the best part of the story, the bit that had all the answers - or at least the understanding happened directly between the last few episodes.. its like watching a Sherlock Holmes film and just before he figures every thing out *poof* he's suddenly in heaven with all the friends he lost along the way.. and i have to say WHO CARES? if you believe in that then there was no need to show it cause you believe it happened anyway, if you don't then its just a few episodes of gibberish.. but ether way it is NOT the conclusion of the story, that bit was skipped over for some unbelievably stupid reason.

                    Its been over six months since i watched that final episode and no matter how much i liked the rest of the series i can't bring myself to watch it again, its like knowing you have the first half of a good film but with no conclusions why the h3ll would you want to watch it more than once?