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    Originally posted by Rocket_Scientist View Post
    I really love all the characters of Lost; I feel like the excellence of the characters is what makes the show so special. But, if I had to pick favorites, I'd probably rank them as follows:

    1. Ben ("Dr. Linus" is probably my all-time favorite episode. "Why Locke?" "Because he's the only one who'll have me!")
    2. Desmond (He's just a cool character..."See you in another life, brotha!")
    3. Hurley (Seriously, who doesn't like Hurley?)
    4. Jacob (Really, really interesting character. "What about you?" That line sends shivers down my spine!)
    5. Richard (The guy doesn't age. Clearly, that makes him awesome.)

    Even making this short list I found myself thinking of other characters who probably belong in my favorites, but I'll leave it like that for now.
    I think this thread would have been easier if it said who was your least favourite character lol thats easier to narrow down
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      Originally posted by sgelite View Post
      Lol I heard about that he created a golf course as well didn't he? good ole Hurley
      The first and hopefully last... ISLAND OPEN.

      He couldn't get the car engine going so in the best scene of Lost, he and Charlie sat in the van and Sawyer and Jin pushed it down the hill(so he could jump-start it). And then he and Charlie have a ride.
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        So many characters deserve recognition but if I was forced to choose in no particular order

        Sawyer (shocking i know) Sayid, Locke and Ben
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          Hurley's my fave. Love that guy!