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    Invasion! (207)

    Visit the Episode GuideLEGENDS OF TOMORROW - SEASON TWO
    With help from Team Flash, Team Arrow, and Supergirl the Legends work on a plan to stop the Dominators' invasion of Earth, sending a team back to their original landing in 1951. Stein works with the daughter he never had, aware that he may have to correct his mistake and erase her from existence.

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    So a fun way to end the 4 parter..
    The team (now just back down to arrow, supergirl, spartan, all the legends team and all of team flash, with both oli and ray back in their suits (HOW??? Weren't they taken by the aliens when they got captured)>

    They discuss what to do after finding out via the newguy (steel) that there was that raid back in the 1950s, so why not go back and capture one of THEM to police for info... So Rory, Steel and what's her name go back, and all 3 get captured, prompting one of the funniest scenes yet (the whole you called for tech support/God i got saved by nerds, i am never gonna live this down) with Felicity and cisco saving them.. And we learn the pissant CIA/NSA (what ever) operative who captured them is the same buttwhipe senator in the future who was telling Spartan's wife to "Play ball or else"... AND he hates Metas cause that's why these aliens are here,, the have detected a resurgence of metas on our planet and are checkin us out to see if we are now a threat to the rest of the galaxy.. (YEA RIGHT, likely story!).

    Loved Stein and his daughter bonding over making some nano bugs to cause mahor pain to the aliens.. AND NOT ONCE did we hear about medusa!.. And i also like that he's realizing she's NOT an abomination from the time line....

    So we beat them all, the president loves all the supers, but no press....
    Wonder if we will have ANY talk in any of the other shows in future eps on the NEWS about the "MASS UFO SIGHTINGS"??!


      Well tbh it was still a 3 parter.
      As crossover goes Supergirl episode had like minute maximum of that Flash comes to ask a favor. Medusa virus was not used against aliens and no talk about if at all in full 3 parter where they had quest character. In Supergirl episode we didnt see Arrow team and Legends team and from flash team we saw only Flash and Vibe and that was in the end of the episode where it actually starts as crossover. I would have wanted to see more backstory on Supergirls world with flash and vibe in ti and not just leave everything and go away for a month to other universe with a note maybe only ? The introduction of the two earths was poorly done.

      They got that metal back in the west that atom used a tip of he's finger on a first suit. Now when he got the metal from the western era he can make a lot of them. As they have that metal now the ship can print them fast now.
      sorry about my lack of language skills as it is not my daily language and have learned it by my self as not from any help of others or a school


        If Martin has to erase his daughter because she's an aberration caused by a time traveller from the future changing the past, shouldn't they have to prevent Barry from becoming the Flash as well? It was Thawne who built the particle accelerator that gave Barry his powers, or does it not count because they like Barry?


          That's an interesting question. WOULD barry being turned into the flash be considered a time abberation? What of Wally or the others who have been changed cause of flashpoint to getting powers?