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Night of the Hawk (108)

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    Night of the Hawk (108)

    Visit the Episode GuideLEGENDS OF TOMORROW - SEASON ONE
    After the team tracks Savage to a small town in the 1950s, Ray and Kendra go undercover as a married couple new to the neighborhood -- but find life difficult for an interracial couple. Professor Stein and Sara pose as a doctor and nurse inside a psychiatric hospital, where they learn that Savage is using an extra-terrestrial discovery to experiment on patients.

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    Nice intro with the street race, and i loved Savage's hawkmen creations. BUT what i didn't get was
    A) if that meteor had impacted, where was the impact crator? What of the damage to brush? B) If it had been laying there a long time, why had no one found it prior?
    C) why didn't the feds know about it, since they do track meteor impacts??

    But i loved the chatter between Snart and the kid (firestorm) and how they eventually made up after snart saved his butt..

    Also loved the banter between ray and kendra, as well as stein and sara.


      I'm always excited to see more of Ali Liebert, so that was cool.

      Besides that, I guess this episode was about par for the course, for the good and bad.

      I suppose there's almost no point in pointing out yet again how they squandered an opportunity to kill Savage because they always do that, but they really seemed to behave in exactly the dumbest way possible.

      "That white girl in the 1950s seems to know something. Send the black kid to find out!"

      "We've finally regained the element of surprise on Vandal Savage. Send the one person he'd recognize!"

      Also, despite the fact that every time period they enter seems to be depicted as a cartoon stereotype of that period, I realllly get the sense this was and inauthentic to how people talked back then.

      Also I love how gene splicing is suddenly Stein's area of expertise as a particle physicist.
      "First Weir, then Samantha Carter, and now, you! It's a pity you humans die or get reassigned so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now!"

      *You got the touch! You got the poweeeeer!*

      "Arise, Woolseyus Prime."



        Hehe my thoughts exactly.