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    An Invisible Thread (325)

    Visit the Episode GuideHEROES SEASON THREE

    At great risk to themselves, Nathan and Peter try and stop Sylar from catching up with the President and stealing his identity. Danko and Bennet find themselves back on the same side, and Hiro's ability begins to threaten his own life when he and Ando enter Building 26.

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    That was a pretty strong finale to vol 4. I was kinda hoping for an explanation of w/e is wrong with Hiro but I guess it'll have to wait.
    The way they got rid of Sylar without actually killing him was pretty clever.
    I was hoping Peter would get his powers back when they went to fight Sylar but it doesn't look like he'll actually need them... at least for now

    Nice start to volume 5 too.
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      i'm torn on the sylar bit....killed him without killing him

      like bloody well commit to something instead of all this 'death isn't permanent' stuff
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        I really think that finale was amazing. I thought it would be Nathan to die, but what they did to Sylar, I never saw coming. I really can't wait until next season to see what happens next.
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          I thought the finale was disappointing. The fight between Sylar, Nathan and Peter, what could've been an amazing technical achievement and a really BIG moment for a season finale, was pushed behind closed doors. Literally. And while I thought the business with Sylar and Nathan was clever, it seemed to come WAY out of left field. I mean, maybe there was a deleted scene that could've built up to it a little more, but when they came back from the commercial, the plan was there and fully formed. And it wasn't that great a plan either. Gee, remake a serial killer into a senator and your son. I mean, yeah, I knew Angela was twisted, but she HAD to know it couldn't end well. Everyone knows nothing has ever come back to bite her in the butt before...And lying to Peter! Great idea! He's not going to overreact at ALL when he finds out. BUT, my biggest gripe, is that all of this could've been fixed with a little of Claire's blood! I mean, they certainly made enough use of it in season 2. While they were at it, they could've fixed whatever's wrong with Hiro. The whole situation seemed very contrived and put together at the last minute.

          I mean, overall, I'd say it was averagy. Certainly not worth the three and a half stars rating in the Heroes section. Two and a half, MAYBE three stars.
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            Yes, that's my biggest problem too.

            Oh, Claire can heal, and her blood can also heal and bring back the dead... but let's not use it to bring back Nathan. Let's not even bring up the subject...

            That's stupid writing for you.

            But overall, it was an "ok" final. I was expecting Hiro to die after all his bleeding, but he didn't. I actually think his death would have been more meaningful, and brought the show up a bit.

            If they would have used her blood to revive Nathan, and still make Sylar forget his past, make him believe he's a better person, I think this episode would have been alot better.


              Originally posted by Alan Wake View Post
              Oh, Claire can heal, and her blood can also heal and bring back the dead... but let's not use it to bring back Nathan. Let's not even bring up the subject...

              That's stupid writing for you.

              But overall, it was an "ok" final.
              The fact that it can heal in the first place was the stupid writing that really derailed the series. Up until that point when someone died they were dead. They've tried to correct that by ignoring that it happened, and that's one of the few things they overlook that I can live with.

              As usual, they're pretty much locked in for that "ok" but not great finale.


                Well that was an ok season finale, better that season 2 but worse than season 1. Things I liked: the conversation between sylar and claire, the volume 5 preview and claire was less anoying in this episode.


                  The thing about Claires blood is that it's already canon. It was the company that revived Bennet using Claires blood, and Mrs Petrelli was part of the company and should know about the healing properties of Claires blood. Hell Bennet might even know, I can't remember if they told him how they brought him back. Either way the fact that using Claires blood wasn't even mentioned doesn't make sense within the context of the universe.
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                    Bennett wasn't dead I believe... Or at least a 'little' dead. Nathan's blood was gushing all over the floor, I don't think Claire's blood would've helped much.

                    Season finale was okay, not great though. A good way to keep both Nathan and Sylar around.

                    Volume five promises to be interesting, with Sylan and our new female baddie.
                    Well, at least the lucky b*stard got to see a naked Ali Larter before he died.
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                      Pretty mixed finale, from the fight behind closed doors to the death and how it was all dealt with (e.g. Sylar) and the obvious discrepancies with the healing and blood etc

                      was very clever how Peter took Sylar down, I honestly wasn't expecting that

                      I wonder if Peter only took the shapeshifting ability from Sylar though, I think its a good way to put Peter back to normal is through touching Sylar

                      hehe and that Sylan situation (love the term Sylan tba lol) is going to cause a lot of trouble lol

                      Lastly I was sort of hoping that Ando and Hiro might have worked together better, Hiros power always did seem a but straining (gritted teeth etc) but if it was so bad maybe Ando could have supercharged him to make freezing time easier; Andos power seems a bit underused, when they could have twisted out a lot of things to make them better

                      but Sylar was on excellent form hehehe


                        So Nathan/sylar hybrid is the new enemy next season fun. As well as with water lady killing random people. And the company is reborn. I am so hoping that next season everyone is together from the first episode, an the first seen is them all having some sought of board meeting discussing the company, with them about to authorised there first mission.

                        Again the fight between nethan and peter and sylar was rubbish. I think they should of shown more and made it bigger and left at the drowning sequence at the end for next season and use that money for the sylara and peter and Nathan fight scene.

                        So peter is back to his full power, well unless he was stupid and did not absorb Sylar base line ability and then use that ability to absorb the rest of Sylar powers.

                        Hiro has as the potential to turn into the most interesting character and storyline in the next chapter, how far is he willing to go to keep his power an stay a hero.

                        As to Claire blood we were never told to the extent that it could be used repaired damage bodies, or how long it takes to take effect. But again they should at least tried. And just use Parkman to make the forget. Which would means that the company started on the same foundations as the previous one, lies and deceit.

                        Not telling peter and the rest of the gang about there plan was stupid.
                        And it also obvious that Sylar brain with claire healing power would eventually repair what parkman did.
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                          What a strange way to keep Nathan and Sylar around... hmmm.

                          Aside from Claire's blood not being used to bring Nathan back, I really liked this finale. Sylar was in top form and the brothers working together to bring him down (even though we didn't see much of it ) was great.

                          It's definitely taking the series toward a (hopefully) interesting Volume 5.

                          Also, going by the episode's title, was anyone else hoping that Claude would make an appearance?
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                            i think it was too late for claire blood to heal nathan, sylar cut his neck making all the blood pour out his body would of died and his brain i guess

                            peter should be on top form in the power department

                            i have a feeling sylar will regain back to himself

                            niki back should bring some storylines with it


                              Overall, I thought this episode was quite a good way to finish the volume, though I don't actually like the 'Sylan' storyline. The issue with Claire's blood (which could have been used to heal Nathan) wasn't missing anything. There was no reason it wouldn't have worked, the writers simply choose not to include it.

                              Claires blood can bring back the dead, and heal the wounded. Making excuses about Nathan having too big a cut, or no oxygen in his brain etc is just that: excuses. The only reason Claires blood wouldn't be able to heal someone, is if they were a pile of bones. If there is a brain, and a heart, I'm pretty sure her blood will heal any wound. Nathan's throat included.

                              What will now annoy me, is that once Sylar gets his real memory back, that'll be the end of Nathan (unless they actually kept his body in storage, and bring him back to life later). Sylar will turn evil at some point again, and we'll loose Nathan because of it.

                              As for Tracy, I don't think she is going to be a bad person. I think she'll turn out to be good. That 'chat' she had with Micah had to count for something. Those 'four' that she killed with water were probably people who tortured her when she was being held in Building 26. No doubt she'll be after Danko soon, and as bullets pass through water, will be interesting to see how he'll try take her down.

                              PS: I don't see either, why someone didn't think to tranquilize Sylar earlier, and then burn him like they did. I'd be willing to put money on the fact that his ashes can't reform.

                              Edit: I doubt Peter has many more powers either. I'd be willing to bet he only 'took' the shapeshifting ability from Sylar. If he took them all, then he'd have first healed, and secondly, he'd have been able to fly. He couldn't do either. If he had any brains, he should have took that empathy power (can't remember what it is called, but in short, it allows him to take a power without cutting open their head). Looks like he is still only able to take one power at a time.
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