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(possible mega-spoiler for season 7 (or 8)) Euron?

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    sounds too simple for someone like GRRM (unless the screenwriters once again take liberties with the main plotline)

    so why didn't the witch just say "your valonqar"?


      I don't think it really matters.

      Until we see it on screen, Jaime is the most likely candidate to be the one to kill Cersei. She thinks no one can touch her now, with all of her enemies dead or gone, but that leaves the door wide open for Jaime to kill her because, again, she is psychotic and a threat to the realm. His love for her is strong, but he is still a good person at heart.


        Originally posted by Gen. Chris View Post
        he is still a good person at heart.
        even that's not really certain unless Jaime radically changed in the space of 1 season - remember last season when said if he saw Tyrion again he'd chop off his head? he knows his brother was unjustly arrested & sentenced to death by Tywin yet when Tyrion kills Tywin he promptly sides with...Tywin? (probably because Cersei hates Tyrion)

        anyone who hates my Tyrion can't really be considered good anyway :|


          Likely Jaime reacted to Tywin's murder the way he did because he genuinely loved his father, regardless if the man was a cold jerk who cared more for the family name than his own children. As far as Jaime was concerned Tyrion had just betrayed the entire family when he killed their father. He likely also feels a great deal of guilt as he helped set Tyrion free, thus enabling Tywin's murder.

          Taken in that light, Jaime's desire to avenge his father is a natural reaction. Though I admit I hope Tyrion comes out of the whole fiasco alive.


            Originally posted by Traianus Augustus View Post
            As far as Jaime was concerned Tyrion had just betrayed the entire family when he killed their father
            and yet he didn't think that Tywin & Cersei had betrayed Tyrion his own brother that's the problem - double standard (he's much more similar to Cersei than you'd expect)


              Jaime was against killing Tyrion throughout his trial and did everything he could to save him. He tried to reason with Cersei, but she was so consumed by her hatred for Tyrion and the grief of losing her son that she refused to listen.

              Jaime managed to secure a promise from Tywin that if Tyrion was found guilty of Joffrey's murder then he would be sentenced to serve in the Night's Watch. In return Jaime agreed to leave the Kingsguard and become Tywin's heir to Casterly Rock (members of the Kingsguard made similar vows as the men of the Night's Watch: couldn't hold titles or inherit lands, etc), which is what Tywin wanted all along.

              If all went well Tyrion would live and be safely away from his scheming family members at the Wall and Tywin would get the heir that he wanted. However, Shae's testimony against Tyrion sent him over the edge and he demanded a trial by combat, essentially throwing Tywin and Jaime's original agreement out the window. After Tyrion lost his trial by combat, Jaime was forced to set him free to save him.

              So there really isn't a double standard at all. Jaime knew that Tyrion was innocent and that killing him was wrong, and did everything he could to save him. But he didn't think that Tyrion would kill their father out of revenge.


                dad sentences bro to die - "I disapprove dad"
                bro kills dad out of revenge - "I'll chop off your head bro"

                nope no double standard

                if anything even Oberyn seemed to support Tyrion (for some reason ) more than Jaime did throughout the trial


                  looks like my theory just gained a lot more credence