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    Why Bran is referred to as the Winged Wolf



      Originally posted by Who Knows View Post
      I have read some of the links you have provided bOOgieman, & I do not really understand what you are talking about.
      Wheel of Time & A Song of Fire and Ice (or Game of Thrones if you prefer) are written by two different authors. I am having difficulty understanding why GRRM would copy/plagiarize another author.
      That you would chose to pick on Wheel of Time to try to find similarities (or perceived similarities) to Game of Thrones is beyond me, unless you have a vested interest in pushing WoT in this forum.
      If you can't see the similarities in this post I would suggest you not read anything else that I post because you will never be able to see it. It would be like me repeating the fact that Darth Vader telling Luke that he was his father and Han Solo flying off in the millenium falcon while evading the Empire. I would then turn around and tell you about this other show that Dorothy Vines telling Lorie that she was her mother under similar circumstances and then I tell you about Harriette Bolo flying off in her Centurion Eagle evading the colony. One occurrence doesn't really mean anything but if they keep piling up coming from the same series it becomes a pattern and you can start making assumptions as to how the series that hasn't ended will possibly end. That is all that I am doing.

      I could have just put out my theory as to how I believe that ASOIAF will end just like everybody else has and leave it at that. But since mine is based upon the fact that I believe that it will end in a similar fashion to TWOT with a twist as the rest of the things that I have shown. I am just laying the foundation to my final theory.


        Will an unconventional form of travel become the norm in ASOIAF?


        Otherwise to advance the story we will have to have jumps in the timeline


          Did you catch Arya's tell while reading ASOIAF?