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the episodes of game of thrones at the cinema?

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    the episodes of game of thrones at the cinema?

    Let's face it, nowadays some series are way better than some movies. It's art.

    And I want to see some at the cinema. ANd I don't know for you, girls and guys, but I would rather pay to watch a masterpiece like Game of thrones, than watch it free on my crapy computer or tablet.

    Giant screen( for dragons!), Best quality, perfect sound... And with some friends. That would be legen.... wait for it.. DARY!

    Or maybe some cinema could organize days-of GOT, where you can come see all season 1 in a row at the cinema?

    what do you think?
    If you agree I suggest that you join a facebook page I created. We can try to make HBO notice that many people would enjoy that, and maybe they will see that it is done!