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Help finding specific scenes (no spoilers)

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    Help finding specific scenes (no spoilers)

    Okay, doing a trailer for someone I'm looking for specific scenes. And since I've only seen Game of Thrones season 1 and 2 once I'm having a bit of trouble finding them.

    NO SPOILERS please, and thus no scenes allowed from either season 3 or 4 which I have not seen (yet). These are my terms, not the person for whom the trailer is being made.

    Here are the scenes I need:

    * a scene in which Tyrion looks somewhat troubled or serious
    * a battle (not blackwater but preferably one that Robb is in)
    * angsty Robb Stark -- I was thinking the one where he attacks that tree after he learns of his father's death but what episode is that from?

    Anyone out here who can help? It would be greatly appreciated.
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