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Iron Throne: browser/FacebookApp MMORPG

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    Iron Throne: browser/FacebookApp MMORPG

    For your intention: a short description of browser/FacebookApp MMORPG called ‘The Iron Throne’, which is now running in closed beta-test mode.

    Iron Throne is a fantasy browser-based MMORPG, focused on social relationships, strategy and PvP.

    Geographical map and political relationship system based on G.R.R. Martin ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ novel series.

    Game starts at the same time as novel (Jon Arryn's death) and follows novel's storyline till Eddard Stark's imprisonment. All following doings - are in hands of players.

    8 Great Houses [Baratheon, Lannister, Stark, Arryn, Tyrell, Martell, Tully, Greyjoy + Targaryen in future] and more than 10 playable factions [from Red Priests to Iron Bank and Faceless Men] available to join. You can also run your own House, pledging loyalty to one of Great ones, with perspective to head the entire Great House.

    You can also join one of factions, which are not involved in Throne contests directly, but their influence on events is great.

    which castle will be burnt-out by Red Mages spells tonight ?
    which House will get support from Iron Bank of Braavos ?
    will the Night Watch act as they sworn - if ruled by real player ?
    or how long Wildlings will wait for their chance under command of The King-Beyond-the-Wall ?

    Ignore this questions - and Iron Throne will vanish in the haze for you.

    All territories in the world are player-conquerable, from minor village on Stony Shore to King's Landing. After getting claim on territory, players can decide how NPC-hired guards will operate there, how to manage taxes etc. Territories will be opened in proportion to active players quantity. First area to be claimable - is Riverlands: from Blackwater Rush on south to The Twins on North.

    Fights between characters are available in two modes: tactical mode (available from the beginning) and strategic - castle and city sieges involving heavy siege weapons and unique creatures.

    Except ability to fight in player-versus-player mode, you will discover various NPC-opponents while running quests and adventures in various Westeros (and Easteros) locations. From common robbers camps and roaming Wildlings to unique creatures dropping priceless loot.

    PvP in ‘Iron Throne’ is not artificially limited. You are free to do anything you want, from attacking peaceful septon on the road to arranging bloody massacre in Red Keep’s Throne Room. But if violating the law you are to be prepared that offensive activity may be cancelled fast – and with unpleasant outcome to you. ‘Suspect status’ system defines relationships between server-controlled NPC (like King’s Landing Golden Cloaks, for example) and your character.

    More information and closed beta signup available on promo-site *