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who is your favourite game of thrones character so far?

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    After season 3 i would say

    Daenarys Targerion
    Aryia Stark
    Tyrion Lannister
    Jamie Lannister
    John Snow

    for a top five that was pretty hard i was thinking about maybe making the fifth one brianne of tarth or Sam but decided i liked John Snow better,
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      Hodor. He's cute, & not as simple minded as he makes out. Wouldn't be surprised if he gets the Iron Throne in the end.

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        After Season 3:

        Arya Stark
        Tyrion Lannister
        Jamie Lannister

        I dislike Jon Snow more than before and I think the other Starks (or those left), except Arya, are very boring. However, Sansa got much better in the end of Season 3.

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          All of the Lannisters


            I like Arya Stark and Tyran Lannister as well. Sansa is really growing on me since she married Tyrion.


              Daenerys Targaryen
              Arya Stark
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                Arya is without reservation my favourite in the series, both book and tv. She's the little sister I always wanted. I love some of the minor ones too, The Hound most noteably, and I'm starting to like Jaime a lot more since he became a lot more honourable.
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                  Tywin Lannister
                  Eddard Stark
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                    Daenerys is my fav, also I started to like Jaime in season 3.