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    Originally posted by Brother Freyr View Post
    Exept that her kortexifan levels were almost entirely depleted by healing the gunshot wound. Walter explained she'd be pretty much normal, definitely unable to something like we saw in this scene. I would have said, on that basis, that Michael killed Winmark, except that the "shh" and looks between Michael & Olivia introduced doubt. People will believe what they want to believe, and fans will be unable to prove each other wrong. Which is fine, IMHO.
    Michael has no motivation to kill Windmark.

    Olivia held Etta's bullet necklace in her hand as a reminder. She pushed all her anger and rage into that. SHE was the one that cause the blackout. It is a cliche setup where you see an individual focus their power and in the background there's lightning, things flying around, etc. It was a cliche image used to denote that Olivia was gathering her strength like never before.

    That sort of cinematopgraphy is used very often as a way to relay the idea of "this person is going to kick some butt". That was clear enough for anyone to see as long as they were thinking about it too much.

    Recall in Season 1, she didn't need a shot of the drug to flip the switch as she had it in her system. later they used the drug to build up her strength, but she ALWAYS had the power in her since the trials.


      Well, enjoy your belief


        No Peter would always have ended up crossing over, September says that Olive is the Olivia his future should have happened with


          Started watching Fringe over the last few weeks and just finished with the finale. It was certainly an emotional episode but like some of the other people in this thread I have mixed feelings about the resolution. Many events were very predictable this time around too, with Walter willing to take the boy to the future and then seeing that syringe it was obvious September was going to use it on himself because he's the father; once that decision was made it was pretty clear it wouldn't work out the way they wanted and Walter would still have to (reluctantly this time, after being relieved he'd get to live out his life with his family) sacrifice himself.

          I do have to say that overall I was impressed with the show's makeup and costume department throughout the show, except for that one time in the future where Olivia and Peter don't have kids (and are discussing having some anyway, even though Olivia has to be in her midforties by then, apparently that's not an issue) and they still look the same age. Oh and the alternate universe in the finale; they looked the same age, except for a gray streak in Fauxlivia's hair?!
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            Stunning finale and the last scene is so open to anyone's own interpretation

            Brilliant show. Sad to see it go, but grateful it lasted the five seasons it did.
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