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    Originally posted by Homer 120 View Post
    VERY interested in seeing the ratings for ''Bloodline'' after this! FOX made the right call for once!
    Yes, it's now more encouraging to watch new scripted show on Fox knowing that they may stick around and maintained quality shows for a few seasons despite not having Dancing with the stars-like ratings.

    Hopefully, fans of the show can generate some buzz from now on and during the summer around Fringe so more people get acquainted and re-acquainted with it. Catching up with the storylines when possible. In season 3, imo, Fringe as much improved. It was always good but now it's great.

    I also think they got the perfect balances between continuous character and mythology/storylines arcs and episode cases (they called it one time mythalone). Especially, when they tie up the episode cases with the mythology ("Amber 31422", "Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?", "The Box" etc, or "Safe", "In Which We Meet Mr. Jones" in season 1). There's a complete episode cases but it's related somehow to the action of the ZFT, rogues organizations, governments (hopefully), shape-shifters sabotage in our universe, Walternate plans, etc. It add another layers to the stories.
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      I generally like arc based shows, but I tend to find Fringes standalone episodes to be better. I hope they move away from the soap opera elements next year.
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        So glad I can do a happy dance for Fringe! Didn't want it to be the 3rd sci-fi show I would lose for next season.
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