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    I tried the first hour, got bored, switched over to EUREKA, which was much more entertaining. I may check out FRINGE if they get a guest star I like, but otherwise, can use an hour more productively elsewhere ....



      Sep 11 2008

      "Fringe" got off to a surprisingly modest start for Fox last night.

      It did respectable business, for sure, for a new show, winning the night for Fox in the adults 18-49 derby. But for all the promotion Fox gave it and for J.J. Abrams standing in the sci-fi/fantasy TV world, you would've expected more people to show up for the first seg.

      Airing from 8-9:35 p.m., "Fringe" averaged about 9 million viewers and a 3.2 rating/9 share in adults 18-49, according to prelim Nielsens. The good news is that viewers didn't flee from the show at the half-hour marks. And "Fringe" will get a boost next week when it airs at 9 p.m. with a lead-in from the mighty "House."


        I thought it was a good show. I think it was trying too hard to be like Lost though. Even used the musical score that lost does right before commercials.

        Its an interesting concept for a show and I'll continue to watch it.


          Here's a poll about what show should get it's own folder you ca vote for more than 1

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            I voted for it. I enjoyed the pilot and I hope to see where the story goes. I love govt conspiracy/scifi shows.


              I will definitely be tuning in next week.
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                Any one know there I can find a picture of the symbols that flash on the screen during commercail breaks? My searches are not being helpfull.
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                  I think some were on the fringe website on fox. I remember an apple cut in two and a leaf.


                    Promo Pics for Ep 1x04 "The Arrival":


                      I didn't like it. Too cheesy, to many cliches. It's like a mix between X-files, Lost, a cheesy horror flick and some stylish elements from Heroes.
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                        i quite liked it, did not see that twist coming at all, do not like olivia at all though, definetely be watching it again


                          I just finished watching it on Hulu. I liked it a lot. It's got a good cast. I really like John Noble as Dr. Bishop. His character is pretty quirky and I think we'll see some interesting twist as his story unfolds. Nice to see Lance Reddik as Agent Boyles. I've admired his acting since The Wire.

                          I have to disagree with those of you who don't care for Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham. I think she's fantastic. I get to observe a lot of female police officers and detectives at my job. Torv's performance is pretty much in character with some of those women I know. Tough, professional, and still in many surprising ways sensitive and caring.



                            Press Release for 1x04:

                            Episode 1x04 'The Arrival"

                            After a deadly explosion rocks a construction site in New York City, Broyles solicits the aid of our unlikely threesome to investigate a strange cylinder mysteriously found at the scene completely unharmed by the surrounding devastation. After Olivia uncovers an unbelievable commonality between disturbing events, Dr. Bishop takes matters into his own hands and Peter is forced into field duty, it almost seems as if the untraceable object is triggering the series of odd behaviors, unexpected events and surprising revelations in “The Arrival” episode of FRINGE airing Tuesday, Sept. 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

                            Cast: Anna Torv as Olivia Dunham, Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop, John Noble as Walter Bishop, Lance Reddick as Phillip Broyles, Kirk Acevedo as Charlie Francis, Mark Valley as John Scott, Blair Brown as Nina Sharp and Jasika Nicole as Astrid FarnsworthGuest Cast: Nestor Serrano as Colonel Jacobson, Michael Kelly as Rouge and Michael Cerveris as September

                            Source: Fox


                              Originally posted by eviladam View Post
                              Any one know there I can find a picture of the symbols that flash on the screen during commercail breaks? My searches are not being helpfull.
                              a frog, 6 fingered hand, also the leaf had the greek letter for alpha on it. hmmmmm.....
                              anyway i thought it was good, the only problem was the prosthetic arm looked to fake. i liked the placement title cards were interesting, trying to stay away from the x-files typewriter-esk titles
                              i found it to be very interesting, gives you an aspect of real science with psudo-science, and the arc sounds interesting, who is doing experiments on the human race? It was very unpredictable, whcih is what I like in a show, like Lost, and I'm sad that there was only one lost refrence in the whole pilot, i'll be watching closely for more!
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                                By placement title cards are you talking about the huge letters telling us where they were i.e. Baghdad Airport, etc. I actually found those rather annoying myself. Kinda takes me out of the show.