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    Fringe (J.J. Abrams) - General Discussion Spoilers and Speculation


    More Promo Pics:

    Pilot Spoilers:

    Episode Title: "Pilot" & "Pilot Part 2"

    Airdate: August 26th, 2008

    Official Summary: Not yet released.

    Spoilers: The episode opens with a turbulent passenger flight from Hamburg, Germany to Boston. One passenger injects himself with an insulin syringe pen and within seconds, his entire body begins to liquify. The contagion quickly spreads among the entire cabin as both passengers and crew members' bodies begin to melt. The plane itself lands safely at Logan Airport under radio silence.

    Olivia Dunham has a secret lover. FBI Agent John Scott. They investigate the airport case, and find a lab filled with chemical equipment. The lab explodes, sending Olivia and John to the hospital. John is clinging to life, his entire body has become almost crystalline, his skin like glass, translucent and diamond-hard. To possibly save the man she loves, Olivia tracks down Dr. Walter Bishop. The only problem is that he's locked in a mental asylum, and the only visitors he's allowed are family. She tracks down his estranged son, Peter, and together they release Walter.

    Now, they must work together to save John, find out exactly whats going on, and prevent it happening again.

    John Scott will betray Olivia.

    Nina Sharp has a robotic hand.

    After the case is solved, Olivia, Warren & Peter are asked to join a secret FBI group that investigates the paranormal.

    John Scott is revealed to be a mole, and is then killed during a car chase.

    More Spoilers and Interviews here:

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      sounds like the x-files for the 21st century...
      I have been using this username since 1998, it has no connection to "The Last Airbender", or James Cameron's movie.
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        Well, it's not Oceanic Airlines

        Sounds good; hope it makes it across the Pond.


          Sounds pretty interesting. I will give it a try.


            This sounds interesting. Thanks for gathering the info.


              More Promo's:


                It's funny, I've never actually seen Joshua Jackson in anything, but seeing him in the commercials for Fringe I'm having a hard time taking him seriously. Maybe that'll work itself out once the show's actually on and I gotta say, I'm pretty curious to see it, but for the time being I'm kinda wishing they'd picked someone else for the lead. *shrug*

                Still, JJ's usually pretty good with stuff (well, Cloverfield and the first few seasons of Alias, anyway) so I imagine that Fringe will be, if nothing else, interesting, and if the stories are good enough it doesn't really matter WHAT mobile props are running around saying the lines, right?


                  I'll definitely give this a shot. What can that hurt?
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                    Originally posted by the fifth man View Post
                    I'll definitely give this a shot. What can that hurt?
                    If the shot contains Ebola I imagine it can hurt quite a lot. And then suddenly it won't...


                      I didn't know Joshua Jackson plays a lead....ewwww, Dawson's Creek. But, I shouldn't judge him by that. Look at Brian Austin Green in The Sarah Connor Chronicles.


                        I hated wossname on Gilmore Girls, but like him as Sam on Supernatural. Ditto other wossname from GG who's on Heroes, although in that case Peter's wearing on my nerves. So yeah, I'll try not to let it bias me TOO much and hope to be pleasantly surprised.

                        EDIT: premiere date is 9 Sept. and kicks off with a two-hour premiere starting at 8PM before moving to its regular 9PM slot the following week.
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                          Another new promo:


                            Discussion Board of the leaked Fringe pilot: