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Was Aeryn supposed to stay dead?

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    Was Aeryn supposed to stay dead?

    So I'm my second watch of the series and just got to Die me, Dichotomy. It got me wondering the writers intended Aeryn to stay dead, and maybe changed their minds when Virginia Hey had to leave the show?

    Of course on the second watching I noticed the hints in the episode that death isn't necessarily the end (Zhaan calling it an abomination that the spirits weren't allowed to move on, and the fact Aeryn was placed in a pod that was described as only hosting people who were moments from death), but it still seems odd that they made such a big deal over her death only to bring her back in the next episode.
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    No. I think on the DVD commentary for the episode where she dies, one of the writers mentioned to Claudia Black that as soon as she got the script with Aeryn's death, he immediately rushed to her dressing room to reassure her that she wasn't leaving the show, or something to that effect.
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