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    Originally posted by I Am Not James Spader View Post
    I just finished episode 6 and was going to quit. I came here to rant about my disappointment but my iPhone keeps deleting my messages before I can post.

    Put simply, great sets & VFX - love the puppets and Simcoe & Hey do their roles well. However, the stories are unoriginal and Browder & Black couldn't act their way out of a wet brown paper bag. She is completely wooden & he acts like he is about to fall asleep.

    I saw your post to stick with it, Romona, and I don't know why but I feel compelled to obey.

    It won't be easy though.

    Can someone explain why in episode 6 the writers felt that Critchon should spend more time refusing to explain the situation to Sun rather than just tell her "vegetable is a mind control drug, the other two are infected but I have a plan to save them"?
    if it's your first watch-thru of the series, keep going it takes a while to really appreciate the show. Everything grows on you, the characters, the plots, even the music. (it's kinda like when you first started drinking alcohol, at first it tastes gross but after a while you love it and how it makes you feel)

    Episode 6 is quite early in the Farscape sagas. Even I wasn't fully enthralled by it by then but I did start seeing how intelligent and unhinged some episodes could be.

    I don't remember the exact details of ep.6 but that's what I loved about FS sometimes, they would withhold a twist until the very end, and then go in a completely different direction just to prove how delicate and unpredictable intergalactic relations can really be, endless possibilities out there

    Keep going man! Farscape love creeps up on you.

    Don't you find Rygel amusing?

    I totally felt like you about John and Aeryn lol. Keep watching! There's so much adventure and characters to come, you're in for a crazy ride. It's so true lollll...

    I'd say more but I don't want to ruin anything for you Just go one episode at a time lol


      @I Am Not James Spader

      You still there? Have you made it to episode 16 yet - A Human Reaction?

      Give us your review of the episode if you can and your overall impression so far...