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    Visit the Episode GuideFALLING SKIES SEASON THREE
    After a sniper attack on the outskirts of town leaves one of the Berserkers near death, Tom and Dan are shocked to learn that the attackers are human. Hal makes a decision about his future, and Anne's worries about her baby escalate.

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    The "real president is still alive, and is irked at the alien love shown in charleston. That can set up a whole slew of issues.
    Also i loved the 'tree idea' and the singing by those kids.


      Originally posted by garhkal View Post
      The "real president is still alive, and is irked at the alien love shown in charleston. That can set up a whole slew of issues.
      Also i loved the 'tree idea' and the singing by those kids.
      To be honest we don't know what the other president think, just the dumb marines thinking they stumble across human collaborators.

      I got a feeling the marine they capture will see the Volm and the Skitters rebels help defend Charleston and help the gang explain to the other president what really going on, after she escapes from her cage. An then we will have Mason and President have a big argument about who should be in charge.

      I like the tree idea and I like how they have given Jeanne Weaver something to do other than fighting.

      My only complaint so far is the guns the 2nd Mass, they look like they are fresh of the production line, after years of fighting you expect to have a few scratches and dents on them by now.

      I am still thinking the super baby is just all in her mind. May be it being put there by the overlords to try and divide the 2nd Mass leadership. It wasn't the first time the new overlord have use under handiness to divide and conquer.

      and on that point, I find it strange that the Espheni have appointed a human as the new overlord, which make me wonder could they be making a run for it before the Volm reinforcements arrive and are hoping the human children and skitters will occupy the volm for long enough, are epiphani just slaves to other race, are the hardnesses creatures the true enemy. Are the Volm the real enemy are they the ones that perhaps destroyed the Espheni homeworld and are now pursuing the Espheni across the galaxy, are the Espheni trying to make us better prepared for the war with the volm or at least were trying or are they just using us for some other reason.
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        Well the snake headed bosses seem to be he ones controlling the skitters (espheni) via the harnesses, so technically the skitters are not really our enemy, they are controlled foes.


          Such a good episode. More emotional than I thought it would be. We really have seen Pope grow a lot as a character.
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            Just catching up...

            Too right, the fifth man... This story really surprised me with its emotional journey...

            Crazy Lee wasn't a character that I could probably have even listed amongst characters on Falling Skies... At least not without some methodical thinking... Just one of Pope's "men"... and yet the way they wrote her out was certainly very emotion-packed...

            Seeing the sniper lining her up, I thought to myself - they wouldn't kill her would they? Oh yes - she's going down... And then when she survived the initial attack, they really tricked me with the rebar... Very nicely written... They should all be proud (ie the actors and writers) for this, IMO.

            knowles2, your questioning the real motives of all the various players lead me to thinking about the Nimon... Maybe Tom Mason is unknowingly helping to build some inter-stellar portal, that's going to bring more aliens to Earth a second round of invasions... I do hope we get an answer by the end of this season, or else I think it will get a bit stale... That said, I think the arrival of the new aliens has felt a bit rushed...

            And as for the plot twist about the real President being alive... That was hilarious! If it is true, they just need to find a new way to handle it, having already had The 2nd Mass/Tom go up against the Charleston regime...
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              1. So Hathaway's the last US President that was elected pre-invasion in this reality? If I was Tom I'd step aside.

              2. Crazy Lee wasn't someone who got my attention prior to this.

              3. So...what is Hal's gameplan exactly?

              4. And now our guys are in trouble again!
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                Kind of liked this episode. President is still alive and sending people to people we have been watching. Crazy mommy or super baby? A berserker gets a headache. Mole boy wants to turn himself in.

                What they are doing with Pope is interesting considering he is rapist, murder, and thief or at least was in past.