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    Originally posted by Perelandra View Post
    ^^ I was wondering that, too. Perhaps names of all the actors and others involved behind the scenes over the last 5 years?
    I looked up Falling Skies on IMDB and didn't see any of the names that I looked up so I figured they might be names of fans.

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      I couldn't finish season 4 due to moving to a place with no TV service. So I just finished season 4 and 5 a few weeks ago.

      I never really liked Anne and Tom's daughter being super alien powerful. And the aliens even decided to drop the project (kill her) after spending so much time and energy to f**k up with the 2nd Mass.

      So season four felt kinda odd. If it was just them surviving until they determined they could attack the power source, I think it would have been better.

      I has half expecting Pope to get alien possessed as to be an avatar of the queen, so Tom would have to fight Pope in the finale or urge him to put his hatred of Tom aside and fight the alien within. But that didn't happen.

      The explosion with Pope was anticlimatic and served as a CLEAR turning of the wheel to write the episode out of having to deal with it.

      I really feel like the show didn't know it was going to be a finale until some time during production of season 5. The themes and focus were just plain off.


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