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    Pope Breaks Bad (504)

    Visit the Episode GuideFALLING SKIES SEASON FIVE
    Tom and Dan lead a small team to procure weapons and fuel, but run into unexpected trouble. Anne proposes a way to save Cochise’s life after learning he is gravely ill, and a disgruntled Pope confronts Tom.

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    Indeed Pope did break. I feel badly for him, though. He finally found something (someone) to care about and she got killed.

    I'm a bit surprised he backed off so easily when Tom told him to kill him. Though, I doubt he was chickening out. He was just thinking it was too easy, and he had to make Tom suffer more.

    I felt badly for Anne when Anthony took her to Pope and she said that Tom didn't care that much about her anyway, implying that her death wouldn't affect Tom that much. Which is likely when Pope decided it would make Tom suffer more to kill one of his children.

    I actually had tears in my eyes when Cochise told Anne that he now knew what love was, because he loved her and the other people in the 2d Mass. And then I was especially a bit choked up when they realized Cochise's father had died (and I thought he sacrificed himself so that his son could carry on with the war(s) in his place).

    Loved the scene between Cochise and Anne when Cochise did his farewell ritual to his father, with Anne as a stand-in, and we realize that Anne is also saying goodbye to Lexi, and then admitting to Ben that she had indeed been holding it all in.

    Loved Captain Weaver's reaction to finding the fancy car and getting to drive it, even if briefly.

    I don't really know what to think of Pope's behavior, since he's been with the 2d mass for the entire 3 (or 5) years when he could have just taken off (along with Sara, thereby saving her) at any time along the way. He didn't need to stick around and be such a thorn in everyone's side(s).


      On the pope angle, i think he stayed with the 2nd Mass, as he realized it was his best hope of survival but after finding and falling for Sarah, he no longer just wanted to survive. Now she is gone, he has lost his bearings.

      On the Cochise and Anne angle, i was truely saddened to see 'dad' die for his son, but found it nice that he came around so easily.. Perhaps he realized the son was right.

      I also like it that tom finally got int he 'face' of the images which come to him.


        If Pope & Anthony & anyone that follows Pope does not die next episode. Good riddance this is the final season. Instead of having everyone actually united & have one common goal & quickly hitting up other resistances. They give us this ****ty drama on the final season. Good riddance Falling Skies
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          Really liked this episode, however I, too, am not liking the rift again between Pope and Tom.
          With this being the final season I predict that Pope will be killed off in the next couple of episodes. Which is too bad because I was beginning to like his character and how he was finally gelling into the group and growing up a bit instead of being a loner out for himself.
          Did like the scene between Cochise and Ann, had tears in my eyes, too.


            Feel bad for Cochise, perhaps his father knew he would die if he gave his son what he needed and decided to save his son so he could continue the fight?

            Mixed feelings on Pope, but I get the feeling he will die saving Tom in the end... Anthony's turning annoying now... so easily swayed by Pope. Have to admit Im suprised they decided to break the group up again for the final season, but its always been Pope vs Tom really hasnt it?

            Also, where was Maggie this episode?


              1. So Pope has lost the plot. Am hoping we don't take too long dealing with him though.

              2. I want to see more of these militias.

              3. So it looks like the final battle will be in DC.

              Solid but not at it's best so far.
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                Originally posted by Matt G View Post
                3. So it looks like the final battle will be in DC.

                Solid but not at it's best so far.
                Ive been asking for #2 for a while now, when iirc it was mid LAST season someone mentioned there were other groups out there.

                As for #3, that imo is being done for Symbolism.


                  Pope went full Shane you never go full shane, umm I mean Heisenberg, I know pope went full sheisenberg (shane + Heisenberg), you never go full sheisenberg
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                    The writing/acting has gone downhill from my perspective. Reactions are perfunctory and minimal. When someone dies, the others just glance over and move on, I get that war is hell but the writing/acting seems phoned in.

                    Why wouldn’t compassionate Anne have responded at least with a horrified look and an attempt-to-reach-Sarah-only-to-have-been-pulled-back-by-Tom? Or SOMEthing more than the stilted reaction we saw.

                    Why wasn’t someone sent to help reach Sarah? Why just ignore her plight? Are there NO other people in the group capable of ANY sort of action?

                    It felt seriously glossed over like the writer’s had 5 minutes to write the scene, wait, make that 2 minutes. Maybe Mira Sorvino’s contract was over and the writers had to quickly write her off.

                    And we have only two reactions to Sarah’s death – ‘oh, well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles’ and ‘pushed over the edge’? Does no one in the entire group respond otherwise to her death? What kind of a team is this?

                    We needed more complex characters – a lousy team player with a soft heart for his lady and a beautiful kick-ass broad with a great sense of humor who inexplicably fell for a guy who wears mummified fingers around his neck could have contributed a lot to the story.

                    I am disappointed.