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Eureka Global Dynamics Phone on eBay

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    Eureka Global Dynamics Phone on eBay

    Well, here's one for the record books.

    I had this phone, which was a military surplus TA-954 phone then converted into a Battlestar Galactica prop replica. From there, it was converted into a real working phone. So now I had this awesomly working BSG replica phone.

    Some time later, I received an e-mail from a friend of the prop director of Eureka stating they were looking to use a TA-954 phone, as seen in BSG, in one of their upcoming episodes. Well, I was all over that like Baltar on Six!

    So I sent my phone to Canada for the filming of the fifth season episode "Double Take" where it was used as Priority 5 Hard Line that went directly to NORAD. Well, it was supposed to, anyway... Watch the episode to see what happened.

    Then about three weeks later, I received my phone back with Eureka Global Dynamics silver foil decals placed on it. How cool is that?

    Now, is it a replica? Yes! Is it screen used? Yes! Frak, now I'm so confused, and you can be too!

    Anyway, whether if you are a fan of BSG or of Eureka, this (WORKING) phone is for you.

    Also included in the sale of this phone is the paper trail of the phone between myself and the Eureka production director, to include most of the e-mails, a copy of the check from Universal Network Television and the actual stub, from where they rented the phone from me, the FedEx International Air Waybill from where I sent the phone to the Eureka offices, and a copy of the invoice I had to make to have the phone sent to them.