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    Ah, but who or what was the creature on the bed?

    And how did that chalk write on the Doctor's blackboard by itself?
    Go home aliens, go home!!!!


      Originally posted by Blencathra View Post
      This was a great episode. One of my favourites too.

      I think we will hear more about that toy soldier. There is a big chunk of the puzzle missing. How did that soldier get from the young Doctor and into the toy box at Gloucester Children's home? Did the Doctor put it there? If so, why? Or did somebody else? Again, why? I have my own theory about that.

      I think we will be hearing more about Danny Pink as well.

      Not everything needs to go full circle. Particularly since the soldier has to have been made in the first place. Chances are it was either a toy the young doctor eventually lost, or it's in the TARDIS somewhere.
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