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Journey's End (3013/413)

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    No, this is the one where they return Earth to its proper location and where Rose gets her own half-human Doctor in her alternate universe.

    I really enjoyed this one, even if the experience was somewhat spoiled by our local broadcaster that had neglected to inform viewers of a change in schedule so I couldn't even DVR it. Watched it online, but the quality doesn't compare to HD broadcasts.


      Another thing I wondered.

      I've been watching all the series on DVD back from the 2005 series.

      I just finished series 4..... The episode where they did the unforgivable to a companion and figuratively killed Donna Noble. What the writers did to her at the end broke my heart. I can't forgive that piece of writing.

      Anyway the reality bomb was supposed to break down the electrical bonds of atoms and thus eradicate everything it touches. Well isn't that the same thing as a disintegrator gun? I mean that does basically the same thing. So why give it a fancy name? It's just a whopping big version of the same thing, isn't it?

      Also what they were doing makes no sense. If they wipe everything out what then? Nothing to do? Nowhere to travel to. Fricking idiots..
      Go home aliens, go home!!!!


        What happened to Donna was sad and tragic. But as a piece of writing, it is well done and certainly much better than your typical boring ending. Based on the reactions around here, the writers go the reaction they were hoping for.

        I'm gonna miss Donna. She was my favorite companion to 10.

        I will never stop finding the Daleks ridiculous even knowing they are part of the history of this show. However, they were well used in this episode. Davros was a fun villain. Nice to know what happened to Dalek Caan.

        I love all the companions getting together and doing their thing. The Earth-towing scene was silly but it was the fun kind of silly. Did the TARDIS put a shield around Earth so that no major catastrophe happens? Like earthquakes and tsunamis? I had no idea the TARDIS can even tow planets.

        I was pretty meh on Rose. She got her own Doctor now. Hope she's happy with that. She really needs to move on with her life. I prefer if she just moves on with her life without Metacrisis Doctor. I feel bad for this one. He's not the real Doctor but has all his memories. It would be nice to see what happens with him.

        Finally, David Tennant. Always amazing. He does angst so well.

        Overall, a really great episode.