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Journey's End (3013/413)

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    Journey's End (3013/413)

    Visit the Episode GuideDOCTOR WHO SERIES 30

    The Doctor and his friends must stop Davros and the new Dalek empire from destroying reality itself, knowing that it may cost one of them their life.

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    Until the official one is opened up.

    Just to clarify, this is a discussion of the finale of S4 Doctor Who


    Overall, awesome episode. Loved to see all the companions and their interaction, I thought it kicked major ass. Although I could have done without Jack's quip about the three doctors. I also loved the use of music in the episode and towing the earth to safety. Here's hoping Davros survived to menace the universe again.

    However. WHY WHY WHY was there a Doctor-Rose kiss? Did they REALLY have to do that? *sigh* how did ruin a mysterious and enigmatic character who's lasted generations - hook him up with a dozey twenty year old. Grrrr.

    Still. I will continue to argue that it was only the human doctor who could love her. The time lord psyche could never allow him to love someone so young, considering the doctor considered himself a kid until he was 90 years old.



    "Five Rounds Rapid"



      I'm still humming over this episode.....agree with OP about the kiss, it was defiently something I could have done without, it was so not needed, but hopefully that will finally see the end of rose cause I really dislike her as a character.
      ANYWAY....threefold man was interesting, we were all wrong on that one, although in a way even though Donna didn't fall in love with the doctor I am glad she has gone, but she did have one hellva part in that!!!
      Shame we didn't get a what what WHAT at the end, but I am guessing it wouldn't have really been in keeping.....and again with those huge silver words...please sack the man who still thinks thats a good idea!
      Glad K9 had a small part, and also glad gwen survived, cause life just wouldn't be the same without her.....
      Hope we haven't seen the last of the daleks, although the Doctor2 wiped them out, it just wouldn't be Doctor Who without the daleks...
      Overall it was a good episode with nearly the right ending, The most faithful compainon turned out to be the Doctor himself...odd but no one saw it coming lol....



        To be honest I LOVED the episode, but I still feel let down - and I'm not sure why.

        THere just seemed parts that, even by DW standards seem a bit "erm" like the towing of the Earth - The Key was a let down as well

        BUT! I nearly cried (I wud have but parents in same room) over Donna. You can tell how she had changed when you see here right then and there and I think that symbolises so much!

        Cudda done without the kiss as well - BUT

        Wasnt the Dr already half-human?

        One was an experiment made to cause destruction in any condition except water, the other was an aquatic expermiment to destroy the world...but in the end...Stitch and Nim: They made an amazing Hula team


          Awesome, awesome, awesome! I don't know what to do with myself now, building it up over the week. Now what to do? (I've spilled lemonade over myself ) At least Rose is happy and Donna part time lord! Satisfying in every way... *hums*
          Tappity-tap. Tappity-tap.
          LOVE HIM-> DT
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            Everlasting death for the most faithful companion... turns out to be an exaggeration yet again.


              No one died though....

              That leaves me concerned...

              Actually I'm surprised the Doctor is willing to talk to Martha after the key shinigan.

              "Five Rounds Rapid"



                I suppose in essence Donna did die. At least the Donna we loved.

                Very good ep though.


                  Excatly its the Donna who had travelled through Time and Space who died. It makes me wonder if Jack, Marth and Mickey know that they have to avoid Donna?


                    This has to have been THE BEST SEASON FINALE EVER!!!

                    Another nice crossover with everyone coming together to fight the Daleks

                    Need to rewatch it to take it all in. Luckily I got Sky Plus so i cant record over it or anything

                    Everyones back where they belong
                    Was kinda expecting the Doctor to regenerate into himself, knew the hand would have something to do with it
                    But wasnt expecting the bit with Donna becoming partial timelord
                    But now theres two time lords, one in roses dimension and one in ours
                    Glad the Tardis didnt get destroyed
                    Thought Donnas fate was a bit harsh though, forgetting her time with the Doctor

                    Dalek Caan betrayed the Daleks??? Finally a Dalek doing something right!

                    Why did they have to include the kiss??? Not very Doctor Who like

                    Is it me or did the Dalek Crucible remind people of the Death Star?
                    No more Doctor Who Series till 2010
                    Glad its still DT though and the Doctors all alone again
                    German Daleks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    When Donna and Doctor2 were in the Tardis together and when Donna was stopping the Daleks on the Dalek Crucible... Very funny. Also, when the Doctor told Jackie not to touch anything, that was a classic and was also very funny

                    The question now stands... Are the Daleks all gone??? Or will they make a miraculous comeback???
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                      I just read somewhere that
                      donna's a partial time lord. which side of her family? mother's or father's?
                      Things we'd like to see in our favorite scifi...
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                        Originally posted by Mamid View Post

                        I just read somewhere that
                        donna's a partial time lord. which side of her family? mother's or father's?
                        She gets it from the Doctors hand in the Tardis
                        No family link
                        But she not a Time Lord anymore
                        If she finds out about the Doctor, she will die


                          I'm desperate for sustenance so my first post will be real quick and easy - just cut'n'paste my posts from last week's thread:

                          The Threefold Man is coming. Do not be afraid!
                          (that was for all those afearing the loss of David Tenant )


                          Oh poor Donna: to lose so much to become what she must. Donna - "... the most important woman in all creation."
                          *howl of anguish*

                          Oh, and watching this episode was enhanced by the close proximity of a CRACKING thunderstorm here at the time


                            Originally posted by Teddybrown View Post
                            W00t First Post on what has to be the BEST SEASON FIANLE EVER!!!

                            Everyones back where they belong
                            But wasnt expecting the bit with Donna
                            But now theres two time lords, one in roses dimension and one in ours

                            Y did they have to include the kiss???

                            Is it me or did the Dalek Crucible remind people of the Death Star?
                            No more Doctor Who Series till 2010
                            The one in the other parallel world (or Pete's World as it should be called ) is only part Timelord, and it seems he is mostly human hence the one heart and the ageing.


                              Freaking awesome episode! So much awesomeness that I don't know where to start! Every character was used and all the storylines tied together and it was all so complex and I kept looking at my watch and thinking "But it's got over half an hour to go yet - what's ELSE is going to happen?!!" And it really rather felt like RTD's swansong - there was something for everyone, like he was trying to give something to all the fans. including the Rose/10 shippers!!

                              So many awesome moments that had me exclaiming at the TV! Daleks speaking German - Exterminieren!! Freaking awesome! Actually, on that point, I love that they don't translate or subtitle the foreign stuff - if you can understand it, it's an extra level of enjoyment but it's not vital to the plot and it just adds some lovely colour and realism. Anyway, other awesome moments - K9! Donna sparking the regeneration of the second Doctor (naked Doctor! Woot! ) from the hand! DoctorDonna kicking Dalek ass! K9! TARDIS full of companions! Donna pulling Sarah-Jane aside to hug Jack!

                              So much more my brain is melting. Must re-watch and remind myself of all the other fab stuff!

                              Minor quibble with the plot, while I think - if the Daleks had detonated the reality bomb and made themselves the only race in existence... where would they have gone? There would have been no planets, nothing!!