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Last of the Time Lords (2913/313)

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    Last of the Time Lords (2913/313)

    Visit the Episode GuideDOCTOR WHO SERIES 29

    With the Doctor a helpless prisoner of the Master, it's up to Martha Jones to put into action her friend's last-ditch plan to stop the maniacal new ruler of planet Earth.

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    Aside from the weird guest appearance by Gollum, this was an awesometastic episode!

    Seriously, I don't get that. Old Time Lords turn into shrivelled midgets?

    Superb performances from everybody involved, particularly, well, all of them.

    The Doctor/Master scenes were amazing. That the Doctor would forgive him after everything he's done! Beautiful, and it says so much about the Doctor. And then begging his nemesis to regenerate...
    David Tennant and John Simm were superb.

    Aww, I don't want Martha to go...

    Jack's the Face of Boe!? Bloody hell! How the hell does he turn into a giant freaking head? (And I'm sure the thunkers enjoyed the chains...)
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      I loved it, very Half Life But I didn't want Martha to go!!! I like her as the companion!!!1!!one!!!

      And the fact that they pulled off a galactica with the 'One Year Later' thing.
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        Well.. holy c***! Awesome episode. Lots that I didn't expect (though the theories put forward on the The Sound of Drums dicsussion thread about the origins of the Toclafane turned out to be bang on the money). Interesting how they defeated the Master in the end.. and, as ever, David Tennant's acting just blew me away. The scene where the Master died in his arms... awww.. I just wanted to hug him better!

        I wasn't overly surprised when Martha chose not to stay with the Dr... though I'll be interested to see how things work out next season as Freema has stated (in this week's Radio Times) that she is definitely not leaving the show at the end of Season 3... apparently she's going to have a reduced role in Season 4, I read somewhere?

        I'd love to know how the Doctor fixed the TARDIS though - I do wish they hadn't glossed over that. COnsidering he had permanently fused the circuits, the Master turned it into a paradox machine and then Jack shot the heck out of it....

        Oh and last but not least... Jack is the Face of BO??!!!!

        Edit: Forgot to say, I rather liked that the ending was exactly the same as the finale of last season... the Doctor utterly stunned by something appearing in the TARDIS and lost for words other than, "What?!"
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          My god that episode was pants and many other words I can't use here. The Doctor turning into Gollum? everyone in the world thinking about him gives him Jedi powers? that and the Return of the Jedi funeral had me thinking I was watching something else.
          By the time Jack mentioned the Face of Boe thing my eyes had rolled so hard I thought they were going to fall out. The giant reset at the end was a total cop out and Martha's exit was the only thing you couldn't spot coming from a mile off.
          The only part I liked was the scene when The Master is shot.


            OMG. That was one heck of an episode! I loved it! Face of Boe? Wow! Titanic? Wow! *faint*
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              dum dum dum, dum dum dum dum. Meanwhile on Skybase... The Master takes the Doctor out for a spin. Wheee!

              I didn't write anything down beforehand, so all I can say is: that was good!

              Oh and WTH! Jack is - might be (my mind is boggling at the minute) the Face of Boe?

              The burning of the Master's body on a pyre was a bit familiar I have to say. Anywho, the finale was fanfraggintastic!
              "Captain, you almost make me believe in luck."


                That ep was all over the place, and mostly in a good way

                The Master died in the Doctor's arms! But was it all a plot? Lucy must've been briefed on what to do if The Doctor ever got the upper hand. Shoot him, let him 'die' and then something to do with that ring.... John Simm was too fabulous for the Master to be totally dead, surely!

                Martha is a Legend! (PLEASE let her come back for s4!) Jack is the Face of Bo? Wow.

                Gollum in a cage? Mreh. Martha leaving? Booo.

                Everyone on Earth thinking "Doctor"? Cheesy, but rather uplifting - no pun intended .



                  I didnt mind the gollem, its clearly meant to be what happens if a time lord gets to old without regenerating. Makes sense really because they are supposed to age.

                  Brilliant episode, Martha will be back im sure of that.

                  Jack the face of Bo?! Great!! It all makes sense now, great writing.


                    So, if Jack's the face of Boe, how did he die in Gridlock? Did he have to give up the power of the timeline within him that was keeping him alive?
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                      He He He

                      I approved, the whole "think Doctor and he floats" was a bit...well, odd...but can I point out for all those that said the sun was wrong....

                      if all they did was look at the final epsiode: well...they were right. She has "left"

                      And Jack the face of bo? DID NOT see that coming! Nor the fact that the Tardis has well...a "dent" from the Titanic - in Rose wasnt there a story about the Dr being on the Titanic?

                      Also: I have NO DOUBT that The Master will return, his ring beign picked up and the laugh...HE BEST COME BACK! I would love it - their acting was AMAZING!

                      OHH ! and as for the x-mas special: Im kind of happy its NOT going to be x-mas...him arriving for EVERY christmas was a bit..bleh


                      One was an experiment made to cause destruction in any condition except water, the other was an aquatic expermiment to destroy the world...but in the end...Stitch and Nim: They made an amazing Hula team


                        New to Gateworld, but a long-time Doctor Who fan (pre 1989), and I have to say this episode felt like a let-down to me... after the quality of the latter half of this season, this fell a bit flat for me. John Simm was excellent, as he had been in "The Sound of Drums", but the way he was 'taken care of'... bleh. I sincerely hope the old tradition of "the Master never dies" continues (did that sequence with the ring remind anyone of Flash Gordon, btw?)

                        Martha... she grew on me in the latter half of this season, but not enough to say I'd really miss her. On a final note, the ending was, like last year, suitably odd, yet really amusing at the same time... Roll on December!

                        Wow, what a first Gateworld post...


                          I have lost ALL respect for RTD and his team.

                          Dont get me wrong. The acting was fantastic with the story being mostly brilliant.

                          But these things really ticked me off:
                          1. Killing The Master for good. How the bloody hell could the crew of Doctor Who just kill of such an iconic character with a single bullet, after all he and the Doctor have been through?

                          2. Martha leaving! What the f***!!! Why? Freema was a brilliant actor. She was briging in a new audiance. So why leave the show?!?

                          3. Im not a Lord Of The Rings fan but what was the point of ripping it off by changing the Doctor into Gollum?!?

                          4. Jack, The Face Of Boe?!? Lame!


                          (So angry )
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                          Teselecta: "Silence will fall when the question is asked."

                          Doctor: "And what is the question?"

                          Teselecta: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"

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                            Originally posted by Blitz View Post
                            Also: I have NO DOUBT that The Master will return, his ring beign picked up and the laugh...HE BEST COME BACK! I would love it - their acting was AMAZING!
                            Yes! I totally agree, he'd better still be alive!
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                              He's alive. What would've been the point of that scene with the red-fingernail hand and the ring, else?