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How would world leaders react if this happened for real?

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    Originally posted by Coco Pops View Post
    Mars can't support an atmosphere due to no natural magnetic belt like the Earth and supposedly it's core is slowing down so what little atmosphere is there will be gone eventually.

    Better candidates for terraforming would be Venus and Mercury
    I'm sure starting up the core isn't to far fetched for the Votan. But Mercury? That's not exactly the best choice...
    By Nolamom


      Serious answer, probably the same as they did in the show, they would put vast amount of resources into preparing us for war. It almost certain given the vast amount of money that would need to be spent that this would all come out into the open pretty quickly and turn into a public effort.

      When our politicians feel like it they can work together pretty effectively together to solve problems. I expect most countries will build coalitions that include all parties as they prepare for war, they will most likely suspend elections as the aliens get closure.