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So what exactly was wrong with this series?

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    Originally posted by jelgate View Post
    If spiit seasons are why the show is failing then it would really suffer waiting 6 months between seasons
    not particularly, at least with a full season run you get to see all that seasons intended story and all the bells and whistles in one continuous run and especially with a arc based show like caprica. while a 10 episodes and 6+ month wait being common out there is much worse


      In an arc based show like Caprica they are going to leave the same kind of cliffhangers at the end of the season like you see in half seasons. It doesn't change anything
      Originally posted by aretood2
      Jelgate is right


        Ok take say a film in a trilogy, you know there will be movies after it say take the hobbit for example now imagine you got see An unexpected Journey and get half way through it and the movie stops and you find out you have to wait 4 months to see the other half and keeping in mind this is still just the first movie!

        Shows like Caprica especially in its first season spend the fist half building up the shows premise and characters and the moment it starts getting its feet BAM on hold due to an artificial wait... the second half is usually better picks up and then ends on a cliffhanger commonly which will make you want to see the next season and add to anticipation, while a mid season break usually results in OH COME ON! its over already!!! and gives people little incentive to pick it back up after a break especially if the return time is poorly publicised which was the case with Caprica.

        Also the next issue with mid season breaks is how when a show returns from the end of say season 1 to the start of season 2 usually the first 1-2 episodes are dealt with tying up the loose ends of the last season then establishing what's happening in the new season for it to all be put on hold again for the mid season break.

        TLDR: It has to do with "pacing" in relation to the story arc and the time frame the show is presented.


          The average person isn't as emotional invested in a show as your example provides. Regardless of when it ends most people will just watch something else and come back and when it returns. Also the ratings were so low for Caprica before the brea it wouldn't matter how many episodes it aired.
          Originally posted by aretood2
          Jelgate is right


            Well, I finally finished this.

            My thoughts on it are as follows: It was too long. Not that I'm saying that I didn't want MORE, I'm just saying that I feel like they could have condensed much of the show and had a much better first season. For me it didn't really start getting really interesting until the last five episodes or so...ironically, the episodes SyFy decided to run as a burn off marathon once it was cancelled.

            The end was good. Resolved some of the arcs and introduced the potential for more. The "Shape of Things to Come" epilogue really helped with that, but it did also beg some questions. Luckily, we do know what happens with the rest of the story in general in regards to the whole franchise. And what we don't know, we can possibly infer by tying the two (or three, now, with Blood and Chrome) together.

            It's a shame more didn't get made. It certainly had potential. I bet if Caprica had come first people may have liked it more, cause they would not have compared it so much to BSG. Of course, if it had come first, there might not have been nearly as many people watching it either without that tie, so it could have gone either way.

            Regardless, I'm happy with the conclusion. I would not have minded more, but shows have ended in worse ways. I also wish we could have gotten a proper show focused on the First Cylon War (which is what Blood and Chrome was supposed to offer) but yet again, we are disappointed.


              Originally posted by Gen. Chris View Post
              I'm just saying that I feel like they could have condensed much of the show and had a much better first season. For me it didn't really start getting really interesting until the last five episodes or so
              Thank you, Espensen the Destroyer.
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                I got it on DVD and quite liked it all. The funny thing is that I didn't watch BSG itself until quite a long time after Caprica (and that was awesome too. As I knew it would be. Which is why I put it off for so long). (And I still somehow managed to not have the identities of the Final Five spoiled!)

                So I guess SyFy can go out of business for all I care now
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                Originally posted by J-Whitt Remastered
                Secondly, I think that everything DigiFluid is good.
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                  I bought today the dvd set as well and ordered the soundtrack set from lalala records, its a 2 CD-Set which you have to love Bear McCreary for it! I will watch it soon if I have the time but I remember that I loved the setting and the actors surrounding the setting especially Josephs brother and Daniel Graystone


                    inmy first post to this forum i want to give you my opinion for one of my beloved series:

                    Caprica, the prequel to BSG, from producer Ronald Moore was a truly pioneering work in the genre of science fiction. Because it was trying something new it had both its ups and downs. It was not just a story of the creation of the cylons but also an anatomy of the society which created them viewed through the lifes of some powerful individuals and their families but not only. We see a society with religious fanaticism and terrorism, a society of mass consumerism and powerful corporations,of organized crime, a society of corporation intrigue, of racial prejudice, we see different planets with different social systems (some of them poor and under dictatorship), a society with massive use of lawless virtual reality from the teenagers etc. And in the middle of all them is the creation of cylons not as a simple result of scientific progress but embedded in the complex fabric of a society.
                    But there were no space battles and explosions, no pointless action, not even much space. On top of that the history was really complicated not easy to follow.This was a series which demanded patience (not usually found in modern audiences)
                    The most important fault of the series was that its first part was rather slow and some of the characters seemed not to have much to do with the story. But the second part really payed up and it led to a big finale.
                    Unfortunately it seems that this kind of intelligent and unconventional science fiction does not have much of an audience and the series was cancelled. I don't know when and if such an attempt will be made again but i really hope so.