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    Originally posted by Wayston View Post
    I wouldn't say that. For example I saw a lot of Caprica posters plastered all over NY bus stops last year in february (the girl with the juicy red apple). Of course I only really paid attention to them because by then I had learned about this new show on these forums, but that's a different story.

    If anything they were too ambitious, trying to appeal and advertise to everyone when sci fi viewers are a small niche which you don't really target efficiently with roadside posters.
    In place of elaborating here, I'll just point you back up the thread to my longer post
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      I'm one of those guys who never watch Season 1 when its airing, I always start watching series at either end of it season 2 or 3.

      I know its not good, but they're have been many shows which I liked & they got cancelled after just Season 1. I guess i'll be buying DVD sets once it releases.
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        Originally posted by jelgate View Post
        I believe that O5 on the fan excuse bingo card[/URL]
        Bah - agree. Thats the reason I would NEVER subscribe to this erratic network over here in Europe. Seen it to many times from them and yes - must be O5. "No - you can't SyFy"