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    The Passage (310)


    The fleet undertakes a dangerous series of jumps through deadly radiation to reach a food source after the food-processing machines are contaminated. Kat comes face to face with her secret past.

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    just a preemptive warning, please mind your spoiler space outside of this thread. Some fans will not want to know about the character issues brought up in this one
    Where in the World is George Hammond?



      Agreed. That totally surprised me, I had no idea that it was going to go like that. But it was a good episode.

      "We need to find Earth, because if we don't then no one will remember a man named William Adama, or a Battlestar named Galactica."


        Best episode this season for one reason, the death of Kat.


          Thought this was a good episode, lots of good character development. Glad to be seeing Sebastian Spence again loved him in First Wave, hope they start giving him a more meaty roll.

          Rest in Peace Kat, sorry to see her go but damn that was a hell of a way to go. Ballsy to the end and the death scene with her and Adama, damn good.

          Nice to see Tigh back, I forsee some real problems between him and Gaeta coming up, at least I hope.


            Did not see that coming. What can they do next.

            I did like seeing the guy who played Fifth in there, I bet he is the next Cylon model that is revealed.

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              wow this felt like a season 1 episode(which is a good thing IMO)

              Baltars scenes still creep me out and my god does he need to shave

              the mystery about the final 5 is slowly being revieled and heck the 7 we know have no idea what they look like (except Xenabot and even then its just pasing glimpses)

              Baltars destiny seems to be coming to the forfront

              Saul is finnaly back in CiC and the 1st thing he does it tell every one to get back to work XD

              I think we could have done without Hotdog throwing up though

              and damn they killed off Kat...its turning into Buffy/Angel all over again where they kill off reccuring side characters by the dozen >_>


                Hi Ron Moore, I wanted to start LIKING Starbuck again, not dislike her even more. She took the moral highground in the fight with Kat??!! How ridiculous is that? And then at the end..."Hi, don't feel so bad about what I said to you. Oh yeah, here's some pills so you can off yourself. Don't say I never did anything for ya. kthxbye."

                This whole ep felt off, like they crammed this dark backstory on Kat just so Starbuck can conveniently find out about it (cough*cliche*cough), bully her, and Kat ends up going on a suicide mission to suddenly prove herself and then die with happy CAG thoughts. Overall very disappointing.

                I didn't feel like Baltar and the Cylons fit in with Kat's story either. Setup for next week sure, but little else.

                Good points - no Starbuck/Apollo.


                  why do they feel as though they have to kill off characters just to get people to watch? just write better episodes!


                    Killed off one of my favorite characters.
                    Much sadness.
                    AMAZING episode though, absolutely amazing.
                    I see people talking about how crappy BSG is getting, but I see it getting better and better.
                    Le sigh.


                      I didn’t particularly like Kat at first. I thought she was cocky, arrogant and self-serving. As time went on, I became quite fond of the character. During the New Caprica fiasco, Kat had to grow up fast. She became the CAG (Lee was wolfing down tasty cakes) and led the Battlestar Galactica Strike Force for Adama’s rescue mission. I was saddened that she was killed off. If they wanted to kill someone off, why not Hotdog? I love Kara, but I think Kara of ALL people is a two-faced hypocrite for trying to pass judgment on her. Kara giving Kat sleeping pills to finish the job? Typical Starbuck. Remember how she tried to make Gaeta beg for his life? Starbuck has a vicious mean streak which seems to kick in when she thinks someone close to her has let her down. I am going to miss Kat’s spunky attitude and her smile. At least Kat went out like a warrior saving the fleet. It was good to see Col.Tigh back as XO, and to see Adama and Tigh enjoying a laugh for a change during a private moment.


                        I've never liked Kat, but I'm still kinda sorry to see her go because she was a good catalyst (Katalyst?). The whole secret life/stolen identity thing seemed extremely left field and I'm not sure why the hell they bother mentioning it when they're just going to kill her off anyway. It was nothing but a rather irritating plot device; a way to get Kat to sacrifice herself, but couldn't they have come up with something better than that? I'd rather have seen the aftereffects of the revelation last a few eps at least and see how it spins her character and affects those around her. Instead it just seemed kinda... pointless and wasted.

                        D'eanna is getting creepier. How can the other cylons not notice what she's doing? How can the other D'eannas not notice? Weird, weird, weird. I hope this is going to build up to something good, other than that spoiler about
                        one of the Cylon models getting boxed/shelved/whatevered. Personally I'd wager on her pinning blame on one of the other models and getting them offed instead.

                        My attention was held, mostly, but not as strongly as it has been in the past. I hope things pick up again soon.


                          I agree. D'Anna is getting creepier. She is looking to be a candidate to be boxed.


                            It was a good heroic end for a great character. It made me cry. Once again, the episode had stunning visuals. The opening scene of Athena's passage through the radiation was agonizing.
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                              Meh. I think her passing would have had more impact if we'd seen more evidence of the purported father-daughter relationship she had with Adama. Sort of became a surrogate Starbuck for him, I guess...which is really creepy when you stop to think about it.

                              I never hated Kat as vehemently as some here, but then I kinda dislike most of our main characters anyway. I'm not sure why she was so hated, really.

                              The whole soap-opera angle the show has taken is really infuriating. I'm debating no longer watching if this goes on...
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