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    Visit the Episode GuideGALACTICA SEASON ONE

    The fleet is pressed to continually flee from the Cylons with faster-than-light jumps when the enemy inexplicably catches them every 33 minutes, and must determine how they are being tracked before the fleet is destroyed.

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    Yay, about time these were available to comment on again

    This was a very strong episode, with great performances


      This is one of my favorite episodes. Everyone looks and acts like they're on the ragged edge (except Boomer).
      ...but now I know
      That twenty centuries of stony sleep
      Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
      And what rough beast, its hour come 'round at last,
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        Originally posted by Speakfire
        This is one of my favorite episodes. Everyone looks and acts like they're on the ragged edge (except Boomer).
        aGreed, im a recent BSG fan and got the mini series through i tunes. i liked it so much i ordered the season 1 dvd but couldn't help myself and downloaded this episode.

        the way they shot this episode felt as if i were with them the whole time and that i also haven't had sleep in 5 days. this episode just captures all the dispair the fleet was facing. i mean they left the series on the run, this was an excellent way to start the season off. it wasn't so much of a character driven episode but rather the desparation and tiredness of everyone.. i loved it. this episode, scattered, valley of darkness, home part 2 and ressurection ship part 2 are my all time fav episodes not that any episode was bad hehe


          Hands down the most dramatic sci-fi episode I have ever scene. I felt like I was there. Still my favorite of the series. The despair of the entire fleet could not have been portrayed better than it was.

          LEE IS NOT A CYLON


            Where did Helo get the two Claymore mines that he destroyed the Cylon Centurions with from?

            Given that it's pouring with rain, why doesn't the Number Six copy Helo sees get wet?

            Hey Mods! How about starting a BSG Mini-Seris thread?
            Long before you and I were born, others beat these benches with their empty cups,
            To the night and its stars, to the here and now with who we are.

            Another sunrise with my sad captains, with who I choose to lose my mind,
            And if it's all we only pass this way but once, what a perfect waste of time.


              Originally posted by BruTak
              Hey Mods! How about starting a BSG Mini-Seris thread?
              I second that!
              I really enjoyed this episode, and it was nice to see that Cdr. Adama still had his scar from the mini-series and Tigh's cheek still had that red mark on it (though a bit faded). And I loved the bit about whose ten minutes it was, and their discussion of how Tigh was thriving on it all and not drinking. I would start an Adama / Tigh relationship thread (there isn't one already, is there?) if I hadn't just started the Tigh appreciation thread. Anyway, great episode.
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                God, that must have pissed the Cylons off.

                Everytime they find the fleet they leap away just before the Cylons press fire. It's funny though - they must've been gutted each time.
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                  Awesome ep, and a great intro into the series. I dont know how they managed to stay awake for so long, with so little mistakes. You could tell they felt it though, which was good acting. The scene where they said a baby was born at the end was a good way to end the ep too imo.
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                    Originally posted by MB.Eddie View Post
                    Awesome ep, and a great intro into the series. I dont know how they managed to stay awake for so long, with so little mistakes. You could tell they felt it though, which was good acting. The scene where they said a baby was born at the end was a good way to end the ep too imo.
                    I agree- I thought that ending the episode with teh baby being born was really nice after such all those gruelling events, I absolutely loved the look on Roslin's face after she increased the population count by one. Anyway, 33 still remains one of my favourite episodes to date, and I think that structurally, it's as perfect as an episode can ever get.


                      Ok so I was looking at the DVD collection in my Uni and saw the boxset for series (season) one of the all new Battlestar Galactica. I had only ever seen one very rubbish episode of the original show and None of the new ones of I figured "I am A sci-fi fan so why not?" There4 i rented it out (for free ) and decided to see what all the fuss is about.

                      So far I whave seen the 1rst 4 episodes and well... to be honest I still don't really see what all the fuss is about!

                      Ok heres what I don't like 1rst:
                      - The Camera Moves around TOO much. I mean in this episode even when someone is sitting at a desk the camera is all shacking all over the place. I don't mind it during the space stuff and action scnes but why all the time? It got annoying and stressed me out.
                      - Its not sci-fi! Well it is but it feels more like an episode of 24 or LOST or som,e other rubbish like that. I mean someone even has cancer in it now! Kill the drama I want to see some man vs robot fighting action!
                      - They are in the future, Humans have moved to live on a vast number of planets, We built advanced robots and spaceship yet we still use rubbish office building clocks and still have no cure for Cancer!
                      - No Aliens? I thought the Cylons where ment to be the left others of an advanced alien race? Not Terminator style story robots in space?
                      - WORST OPENING THEME EVER! It more worst than Star Trek: Enterprise. The old theme tune from the original show was great (Airplane 2) They could have remade it, maybe rocking it up a bit. But no instead they went for some crap woman moaning which bad typography and not the best clips. Just rubbish.
                      - SHUT UP ABOUT GOD/s! Not that I don't like convosations about it. But do they have to go on and on and on about it? I mean nearly every convosation is "god has a plan for us" or something. Its just annoying.
                      - 4 Episodes in and still hardy any Cylons. WTF?

                      Anyways Its not all bad. There is some stuff I like:
                      - CGI, Is excellent. Especailly the the space battles (not so much the culons in the forest). The Designs and looks of the ships is great and the planets even have depht in their atmospheres. Also the muffled sounds in space work great.
                      - As I said above the Fleet of ships all look cool. Maybe the Raptors could look a little better and not like X-wings without the wings. Also the Cylon fighters kinda look like Droid Starfighters. However their motherships are cool looking and the larger of the Human attack fighters. My fav ship is the one with the spining ring around it. I hope we see some more on that
                      - The main Blonde woman is HOT!
                      - 33 mins stuff was cool.
                      - I like how they keep count of the number of people they have left. This should hopefully stop some plot holes such as having lots of peopel dying in one episode with little reduction in crew the next episode.
                      - Some characters are turiung out to be very intresting. I just wish they would not focuse on the drama this much. Its sci-fi! Wheres the tech talk and stuff?
                      - I like the hyperspace "jumps"

                      So all in an alright show but not great. Not as good as peopel say it is. Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, Dr Who, Farscape and Firefly are all still alot better.

                      Finally the one thing that annoyed me the most!
                      Its episode one, series one and its starts off with a "Previsoly on!" What the hell? Its the first episode! Was their as seperate pilot or something? If so some more background stuff or warning on the box would have been nice!
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                        There was a miniseries that kicked off the whole show. You should definately locate those immediately, it will give you a lot of action and explain a lot of the show.

                        I understand what you mean about drama, but this show is actually very good about creating 'real' situations, and dealing with issues that would exist. The president's cancer doesn't occupy too much of the time of the show, but it definately plays a role in the ongoing plot.
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                          This was a great continuation of the mini series, I have to say regret missing this the first time around. A few thoughts

                          - I find it strange that they outed Boomer as a Cylon this early, I know the crew don't know but it may of had more shock value if we could of connected with her before finding out what she is

                          - I agree with MechaThor about being unable to cure Cancer, or at least they should be able to detect and deal with it before it reaches the severity that the President has

                          - I love the dark and gritty sci-fi, especially since most Sci-fi on TV these days has been bright happy and for the most part full of happy endings
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                            I am watching this right now. I love how Baltar can multitask. He is such a wonderful character to watch. My favorite character. I also really enjoy how the camera is movie alot and how they zoom in and out during scenes. It really gives a completely different feel to it than most shows. I love rewatching BSG >.<


                              I was wondering, did they really go sleep deprived for the making of this episode. I think I read somewhere that they did, but I'm not sure.

                              The acting is just really great. Feels like they really got into the character roles.