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    Originally posted by Pharaoh Atem View Post
    it proves the second generation cylon centurions are far more brutal then the original
    This is true, the main difference however that has been mentioned was that they have a inhibitor on them was disabled by the 2's 6's and 8's.
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      Originally posted by bfldworker View Post
      This is true, the main difference however that has been mentioned was that they have a inhibitor on them was disabled by the 2's 6's and 8's.!/Solar_wind84


        1. More flashbacks, meh.

        2. Baltar playing GI Joe. WTF?

        3. Holy frack! Awesome battle sequence!

        4. Boomer is a scratch! Fine!

        5. Roslin is a medic?

        Galactica is going out with a bang!


          Originally posted by bfldworker View Post
          I was surprised by that. For one simple reason.

          Go back to Exodus part 2.

          You have Galactica getting the hell beat out of it and here comes Pegasus to the rescue.

          Pegasus was in way better condition then Galactica, it didn't do the Adama Maneuver (which I found cool as hell), Pegasus was newer then Pegasus and it was from what I understand bigger.

          What blew my mind was this. Pegasus rammed a Basestar at flank and that destroyed both Pegasus and at least 2 Basestars. Galactica Rammed the colony which is the size of a medium city at Flank and it survived.

          Would that be considered a Ex Deus Machina or am I just loosing it.
          the way i look at it Pegasus was going a hell of a lot faster and had longer to travel then galactica. galactica only went maybe 6 feet forward and didn't have a chance to build up a large amount of speed


            I did not like the way the series ended. I felt the writing was too hurried & rushed. It didn't make any sense. Why wouldn't they build a city? Secondly, why didn't the Admiral establish an interim CAP using the Basestar & Vipers for a period of say 12 to 18 months until all the new settlements were established? Thirdly, why would you give a military asset like a Basestar to Centurians & hope "they find their own way & do the right thing?" That is completely idiotic! The Basestar using Admiral Adama's words is a "military asset" and their main means of attack & defense. They ARE still Centurians, and they ARE responsible for the genocide of billions of people of the 12 colonies. The writing didn't may any sense. Also, why didn't Adama bring Doc Cottle along to help ease our beloved Laura's pain in her last days. I did not like the way Daybreak ended.
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              The more I see this final, two-part episode of BSG, the more I come to appreciate it. I know a lot of people didn't like the way they chose to end this show. I am not one of those people. Yeah, there were minor things I would have liked to see go differently. But overall, I think Moore and Gang did a great job.
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                In my opinion, the most memorable scene of the entire series was the Opera House/Final Five reveal here. It's closely followed by almost everything in "Exodus Part 2", and a couple scenes in "The Hand of God".
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                  Wow. Nobody has commented here for 10 years.

                  The main reason I mentioned BSG in the GoT's finale thread that it is completly unacceptable for me that the Colonials have settled down to Earth and they have sacrificied all the ships, all their technologies. And since we know that only "mythocondrial Eve" has survived then it means that all the BSG survivors have became extinct and they have died out except her. So even if they had children their whole culture has disappeared. It is not good enough for me as a conclusion. Not to mention how the Greeks have re-discovered the same names 150 000 years later...

                  The finale had action, it had feelings, but this story decision was too much for my taste and I have still felt cheated and disappointed after 4 years. I loved the ending how AngelBaltar and AngelSix talks about humanity and the robots, but since we have followed the fate of the people of the main characters, it is hard to accept that they were willingly sacrifice their lives. We are talking about thousands of people!
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