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    Where do you go after the 1979 series, or even 1980? What do you watch next? What was produced next?

    And does anyone here have Netflix? I swear the 1980 series starts off on Episode 3 (labelled 1 on Netflix), am I wrong?


      Complete Original series.

      Galactica 1980, "Galactica Discovers Earth", pts 1 - 3, and then the last one, "The return of Starbuck".

      After that, jump forward to 2003, Sci Fi channel miniseries is the start of the reboot version.

      As of this writing, Netflix is NOT showing the 1st 3 episodes of G1980. No idea why.
      You can probably buy the DVD release for cheap, however. About $10 bucks. Don't know if it's worth it for 4 eps that are worthwhile, though.

      NOTE: Between 1980 and 2003, there have been comic books, fan films and other such content, but I'm only talking about official releases that aired on network TV.


        Originally posted by Annoyed View Post
        The kid-centric silly stories forced upon the show by it's being moved to what was called "Family Viewing Hour" is where it went off the rails for me.
        For me it was the 'freeze ray'.
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          One reason I love garage sales...

          Got this for a whopping 25 cents last year...

          It's in good shape, too.



            The first season and the pilot still holds up enough for me today. The immense budget back in its day still outpaces part of the 2003 series like in some of the practical effects, set backdrops, and location shooting. Galactica80 just falls apart for me. "Dr.Z" kid prodigy, invisibility tech, time travel tech, superman "on earth effect", and a bs way of trying to tie the changes with the ship of light, mainly to mask the lower budget.


              Ok if I'm going to watch battlestar galactica what the check do I watch. There is so much and I am lost. What is "original", "1980", "reboot", movies? I'm interested but don't want RE watch the same thing over and over


                Battlestar Galactica itself ran 1 season on ABC TV in 1978-79, and was quite good for its time. However, while it did ok in the ratings, particularly early on, ABC execs wanted the show dead due to the high cost of production. So it was cancelled in spring 1979. The cost is visible in other ways, too; re-using stock footage of the Vipers being launched & other space battle shots. Most were taken from the 3 hour premiere with Dykstra's effects house "industrial light & magic" of Star Wars fame doing the effects.

                A fan letter writing campaign bought a new, if temporary lease on life, in the form of a new show, based on the original called "Galactica 1980".
                But again, the bean counters won the day, and ABC again decided to kill it. But this time, they didn't cancel right away, but rather moved it to what was called "Family Viewing Hour" at the time.
                So, with G1980, the first 3 episodes tell a decent story, and then with episode 4, they started doing child-centric shows that are really too silly to take seriously. The audience left in droves, and the ratings tanked sufficiently to be cancelled again, based on ratings performance.
                Something happened for the series finale, however, we were back to an adult story which was very good, arguably the best individual episode of either series.

                So, my suggestion is to watch TOS in its entirety, then jump to the first 3 episodes of 1980, then skip the rest of 1980 until the finale, which well worth watching.




                    what always annoyed me about TOS was that I could not see where the weapons where on the Galactica loved the design of the Battlestar and Loved living Legend but this always continues to irk me


                      I know I could google it but didn't the show jump from ABC to NBC for the BSG:1980? And NBC thus cut the Budget down to Bare Bones?

                      And yes. The Pilot Movie for 1980 was Good and actually Pretty Funny. The Cylon Centurions in the show kind of stole it when they were on. Perfect Dead Pan Humorist those Wacky Centurions.
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                        No, the original Battlestar Galactica and Galactica 1980 were both ABC. And yes, production costs were a big problem; it was the most expensive show on TV at the time, if I recall. Which is why ABC wanted it dead. You can see the cost cutting in TOS and 1980 with the continued re-use of sfx shots, space scenes and such from the 3 hour initial premiere, "Saga of a Star World" throughout both series, among other things.


                          Yes. TV Sci Fi Show's greatest Enemy. Network Bean Counters.
                          I like Sharky


                            Run into this on the Interwebs today.

                            These are snippets from one of my favorite TOS episodes, particularly the section between 3:50 & 4:55. It's always such a pleasure to see Commandant Leiter's jaw drop.