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Battlestar Galactica: Razor

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    Just watched this after watching Crossroads: Part 2. It's bits of Battlestar like this that really make the show shine, that really demonstrate how this show is not about science fiction at all, it's about people. It's about humanity, being human, what it means to be human...and it really gets under your skin and messes with your head. That "what does it mean to be human" question comes up a lot of science fiction but Battlestar is the only one that has really bothered me on an intellectual level.

    I still hate Cain with a passion, but seeing Stephanie Jacobsen as Kendra more than made up for having to watch Cain on screen again.

    Also anyone else mad that Nico Cortez wasn't cast in Blood and Chrome? He for sure looks more like Adama than the guy they have in the role and he was entirely believable with his mannerisms. Not that it matters of course, nothing could save that trash heap of a project, but it still would have been nice to see him get the chance to play Adama again.
    Originally posted by dacooker
    The ships named Destiny for a reason....three years my friend, three years....