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    to be on the new PEACOCK streaming svc

    "Progressing nicely"

    my "WISH LIST" for the show

    the brief info given is that it may be in the nuBSG universe (show runner saying no reasons to undo/redo the "perfection" of RDM)

    but set in our future.. i think the article said 30,000 yrs, but i think maybe 3000 would be more like it, or the yr 3000. 30,000yrs is enough time for our civ to rise to its natural apex, fall then rise again. i think the purpose of ending nuBSG in our present day with the epilogue scene would be undone if they went too far into the future-skipping a whole cycle of "all this has happened before..."

    i would like to see it set around say 3000ad and have it open to the "head" 6 and "head" baltar characters walking through the NYC of that time-as they did in nuBSG ending, talking about how it was time to for "IT all to begin again...lets see if mankind has learned its lessons yet"

    this would give the attn needed to those TOS characters known as the beings of light, who in nuBSG the 'head' creatures basically are