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    B5 Events

    There will be a VIRTUAL B5 Convention Saturday....

    I am very excited about this. Has this website been around and I just missed it?

    If it is new then I hope it becomes a portal by which I can learn of every event involving anyone associated with B5.

    WOW! Over a week and one view! Guess this wasn't a winning thread. Think I will start another.


      Okay so truth be told I actually completely blanked on the first event and didn't realize it until hours after it was over.

      BUT there is already a second event.....

      B5 Events Peter Jurasik and Bill Mumy

      Discount on tickets until the 20TH

      I actually haven't heard much about how the first event went, but it must have done well if they are already setting up another event.


        B5 Events - THE ENCOUNTER ....

        ..... was fantastic. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Well worth the money. If you are a Peter Jurasik or Bill Mumy fan you will not be disappointed.

        Pat Tallman said she is planning another event in two weeks, but I think it is NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990) related. I will post something if it is B5 or Trek related. YES she said she is trying to get some of her Star Trek friends together to do one of these for Star Trek.

        So this event was a success to me. I loved every minute. There were some repeat stories, but for the most part I hadn't heard a lot of this stuff and a lot of it was about other projects they've done and how they relate to B5 or about personal stuff involving people from B5. It was sooo good. Basically a 3 hour convention panel. I loved it.


          Since this has been such a popular thread I thought I would post something new. I won't mention the last B5 Event that happened because I am a bit ashamed how late I heard about it and I am quite sorry I didn't come here to mention in. BUT there is a new event happening on the 14TH for those of you whom might be fans of Patricia Tallman, Tim Russ, and Star Trek. Unfortunately this is a PAY-TO-VIEW event so you do have to buy tickets. I was a bit surprised by this because she had been doing several FREE events, but I guess this one has to generate some funds. Anyway there is a discount on tickets if you buy them now. I will not be purchasing tickets because honestly I've never watched Voyager and I'm not that familiar with Russ' work. BUT I HIGHLY recommend these events for fans. The ones I have participated in have exceeded my expectations. Anyway, I'm just trying to let fans know this is out there even though I won't be doing it.


            Here is an B5 Events interview on EgoTasticFunTime.


            It is pretty entertaining. I love that channel because of all THE ORVILLE love.


              New event on the 30TH....

              Joanna Cassidy

              $29.98 Early Bird Discount.

              I am looking forward to this one. A few of my favorites:

              Blade Runner (1982)
              Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)
              Buffalo Bill [TV Series] (1983-84)

              These are the three I remember first when I hear her name. I also really like Club Paradise (1986) and I liked her in (Stephen King's) The Tommyknockers (1993) TV Mini-Series as well as enjoying seeing her in just about anything she has done that I've seen.


                So I missed posting about an event Feb 20, Gigi Edgley from Farscape. I only attended last minute. It was pretty great. I would say a little better than Joanna Cassidy. You can tell Pat Tallman and Gigi Edgley are either going to be great friends.... or lifelong enemies. LOL ???? I just say that second bit because I have a feeling that they have personalities that seem somewhat similar. That could lead to friendship, or rivalry.

                ANYWAY ON TO THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!



                Check the guest list. If you have a question you've always wanted to ask SEVERAL people who worked behind the camera on Babylon 5, now is your chance. I honestly have NO clue how this will be handled because the guest list is so long. Anyway, Early Bird tickets are still available.

                THIS IS ANOTHER EVENT THAT WILL BE MODERATED BY JASON DAVIS, so I'm not sure how much Pat Tallman will be interacting after the initial introduction. Like I said, it is a large guest list.

                Just to give you an idea of what to expect from these events....

                Early Bird Tickets are $10 cheaper, but the special only lasts a limited time.
                Early Bird Tickets get a link to a pre-show warmup Zoom meeting with other fans. (YOU WILL BE ON CAMERA FOR THIS, SO TURN YOUR WEBCAM OFF IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE.) I have done these twice and both times Pat Tallman joined the conversation, but her mic was turned off most of the time. She has a moderator who does a great job running the show and keeping the conversation going. Last time it was a mix of a few B5 fans and several Farscape fans. That was fun. Here is a poll question, which show did Arcs better, Babylon 5 or Farscape? It was almost a debated part of the discussion, but I think the B5 fans politely let the Farscape fans have their moment. (Sorry for some reason I'm not getting emojis to post. Just know there is a laughing face here. LOL)

                After about an hour of the Early Bird Meeting the Zoom Conference starts with the guests. (Only the panelists are on camera for this. Not you.)
                You can send questions starting now or you can submit questions during the conference. There is a Chat, but it is best to post questions using the Questions tab on the video. Pat and the mods occasionally catch good questions and comments in the Chat, but if you really want something answered the Questions tab is the way to do it. Tallman just can't ask the questions and interact with the guests while also watching every comment in the Chat. The segment has gone on for two hours or more the last couple of events, so with the Early Bird meeting you're looking at possibly a little over three hours of your afternoon.

                AND if you spend the extra dough on the VIP, which I've never done, I believe you then get, at least, another full hour of Zoom MEETING with Pat and The Guests. I believe this is where, with your camera turned on, you can ask . . . aaaaaa . . . . . . screen to screen questions of the Guests. But I honestly have no idea what you get exactly because that segment is usually well over a hundred dollars.

                So there you have it. I can tell you if I review my more recent experiences.

                NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990) RE-WATCH was just over two hours I believe and it was fantastic
                JOANNA CASSIDY I had over three hours of interaction on that one so I would say it was worth the money. The Early Bird was okay and then there were a couple of off moments during the panel, but overall worth the money to have that interaction on a Saturday afternoon for the experience.
                GIGI EDGELY I believe I got just over three hours of entertainment again. The Early Bird Meeting was a little better because I got to listen to Farscape fans talk about how great it was. And apparently these fans are REALLY closely and directly connected to Gigi. I would say that overall a bit more entertaining than Joanna Cassidy because Gigi Edgley is always entertaining and she and Pat really seemed to hit it off. And I just mean Joanna Cassidy was more of a normal casual pace and Gigi was a bit more energized.

                Anyway, I hope this helps if you are interested in the B5 Extravaganza. I have no clue how that one will go with so many guests, but if you are interested clear your schedule for that afternoon. There is no telling how long it will last. Could just be two hours (without the Early Bird) or it could be longer with so many names attached. As I said, it seemed Joanna Cassidy went over the three hour mark and Gigi Edgley was right at or just over three hours total. And it was just them. This is going to be several people.


                  FREE EVENT TOMORROW, MARCH 13TH

                  BABYLON 5 TRIVIA!!!!!


                  (The info is toward the bottom of the page.)


                    So I attended the B5 EVENTS Trivia today. It was great. They have some bugs to work out, but other than that it was a lot of fun. A highlight was that Jason Davis seemed to have made the questions a bit too difficult for the audience. This meant he had to come up with new questions on the fly, which meant Patricia Tallman had to entertain the guests. So everyone got to chat a lot with her. Another highlight is that from the Chat it appeared there were several new Babylon 5 fans in attendance whom have only discovered the show in recent years. Good to know we're still reeling them in. Low light, I was pretty annoyed at how poorly I faired on answering most questions. It wasn't that I didn't know the answer. It was that the question didn't jog it from my memory.


                      If you are a fan of BABYLON 5, Pat Tallman, and/or George Romero's KNIGHTRIDERS (1981) I came across a little something you might like. There is an Etsy Seller who has been frequenting the various B5 EVENTS I have attended. This seller handmakes pins from her own artwork. There are a few varieties of BABYLON 5 related pins and then character pins for different characters from George Romero's KNIGHTRIDERS (1981), Pat Tallman's on screen debut.


                      They are cute pins that seem pretty well made; I just received my first shipment. The customer service was outstanding and I highly recommend picking some up if you are interested in some handcrafted novelty items. Or I'm sure it would be appreciated if you just spread the word. That is what I promised to do after I got mine. ????

                      P.S. I thought a couple of her KNIGHTRIDERS (1981) pins were pretty funny. When I saw the Morgan one (played by Tom Savini) I instantly wanted to see what she could come up with for STARGATE Characters and BABYLON 5 Characters. But that pin made me think she could do some pretty hilarious STARGATE items.
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                        THE EXTRAVAGANZA WAS AMAZING!!!!! EXPECTATIONS EXCEEDED!!!!! I couldn't believe it. So sad it ended. So many people who were huge parts of a show I love. So many faces and personalities I'd never had the privilege of being in contact with. It was incredible. You just are never going to meet these people any other way unless there is a B5 Convention at a time when none of them are working and they attend - which of course rarely happens with Behind The Camera artists. The only bad thing about it was that each department wasn't on longer, but I'm sure they appreciated not having to perform more than they had to. Seriously WOW. Look into buying the REPLAY if you really want to treat yourself to hearing stories straight from the source. And I'm pretty certain a great majority of stories are ones you've never heard before and never will again. And this was a lot of the cream of the crop of people pouring their life's blood into the show from behind the camera. I can't wait to watch it all again.


                          Sorry for the late announcement. The Next B5 EVENT - THE JOURNEY WITH ANDREA THOMPSON!!!!!


                          WOW! Talia Winters Interviewed by Lyta Alexander.

                          Unfortunately EARLY BIRD ticket sales end tomorrow - April 10TH so you'll need to purchase by then or pay $10 more.