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FedCon 2019 Babylon 5 Panel

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    FedCon 2019 Babylon 5 Panel

    Here is a link to an interesting panel that happened recently at FedCon 2019....


    Truth66 posted this news on JMSNews. I know Bruce and Mira had their own panels as well, but I have not been able to track down any video of those. I hope to find one because babylonlurker over on JMSNews says Mira's was "a blast".

    IF you haven't watched it yet I recommend it. There are actually some good questions. There are some bad ones as well, but not as many as I expected. The key portion for me was hearing Boxleitner's take on a possible reboot. And for those who are interested you are in luck because it is early on in the video - I think around five or six minutes in. He makes sense. I agree with him to a degree.

    What I would most want is a continuation with the surviving cast, but that is never going to happen despite the fact that I feel it is fairly possible given there is a twenty year window to work with. BUT no executive is going to put money into that.

    I guess the best case scenario would be a reboot that takes place in the same Universe at the same time. JMS created a VAST Universe and there is no reason there couldn't be another show set in that Universe with or without guest stars. You could do an entire series ON Babylon 5 and never involve the original main cast other than referencing them. The Station was so big there are all kinds of possibilities. You could just have a new cast visit and never actually interact with the original cast or throw someone in there like Lochley or Ta'Lon or Na'Toth or anyone who could be fit in - Delenn especially comes to mind as someone who could still be there or just visiting depending on when it is set. Or Lyta could be passing through. AND wouldn't we want a Lennier return?! There are all kinds of stories that could be told within the time frame of Babylon 5 that don't directly have to involve the main characters from the original, but they could still show up from time to time if the framing was done in the ten years between THE LOST TALES and SLEEPING IN LIGHT or even after SLEEPING IN LIGHT, but that seems like a poor planning. I mean they could set it anywhere in the time line, but I'd rather not see a prequel series. Prequel movie is fine, but not a series.

    A full series re-imagined reboot with a new cast and new story is the last option I am game for, but if it is the only way to see where Babylon 5 can go then I am in.

    Anyway, Boxleitner has an interesting take and Mira is always interesting.