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R.I.P. Larry DiTillio

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    R.I.P. Larry DiTillio

    A big contributor to the Babylon 5 Universe has passed beyond The Rim. Rest in Peace Larry DiTillio.

    Above is what JMS had to say about DiTillio's passing.

    That's really sad. I've been a big fan of a lot of his work over the years.

    RIP Larry DiTillo.
    "First Weir, then Samantha Carter, and now, you! It's a pity you humans die or get reassigned so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now!"

    *You got the touch! You got the poweeeeer!*

    "Arise, Woolseyus Prime."



      I've been doing a little DiTillio tribute on different B5 forums.

      Favorite DiTillio Episode: DEATHWALKER

      Favorite moment from a DiTillio Episode: BORN TO PURPLE
      Londo, G'Kar, and Sinclair watch Adira dance at the Dark Star and for a moment we see Londo and G'Kar without all the Londo and G'Kar baggage.

      Best DiTillio Episode: BORN TO PURPLE / DEATHWALKER / GROPOS tie.
      I think all three of these episodes in particular really added to or expanded the scope of the B5 Universe. DiTillio's other episodes had this same quality, but I think these three episodes were his best.