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    Visit the Episode GuideARROW - SEASON THREE
    When Vertigo hits the streets again Laurel goes against Oliver's wishes and tracks down the criminal, who hits her with a full dose of the drug. Meanwhile, Chase surprises Thea, and Roy warns Thea to stay away from Malcolm. (The CW)

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    The people mad that Laurel took over for Sara might like this episode.


      I liked this one, it was good that the show actually delivers on changing the status quo and on not retreating old ground, especially with Thea saying something like "How could lie to me again!? DRAMAA RAR!" I actually loved that Thea took the big reveal well.

      I liked how Thea turned on Malcolm, but I still don't really understand why now and not before. And her attitude should be exactly what Oliver would want. I know he wants to work with him but he doesn't trust Malcolm either, so they should be on the same page.
      "First Weir, then Samantha Carter, and now, you! It's a pity you humans die or get reassigned so easily, or I might have a sense of satisfaction now!"

      *You got the touch! You got the poweeeeer!*

      "Arise, Woolseyus Prime."



        Team Arrow is certainly getting.... sizeable. Also loving the fact that Roy is still stepping up.

        It was tough to watch the scene with Laurel and her dad in the end. It's not often I get choked up in tv shows but the way Paul Blackthorne plays it just draws you into his emotions, particularly with how he started out fairly easy going and supportive towars Laurel only to see his whole world come crashing down.
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          Both Roy and Felicity gained massive points from me for having the balls to step up to Oli like they did, and Thea (speedy) actually being OK with Oli's secret was even better.
          As for Laurel and dad. Man was that tearjerking.