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    Draw Back Your Bow (307)

    Visit the Episode GuideARROW - SEASON THREE
    Oliver faces a female archer who is obsessed with the Arrow, and has taken up serial killing to get his attention. Meanwhile, Ray asks Felicity to be his date for a work dinner with important clients. In the past, Oliver and Tatsu go in search of her missing husband.

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    I liked the episode but didn't think I would. Yet another arrow person running. Pick a different weapon people.

    Felicity was wearing a blue dress. Very important plot point on that dress.

    I really hope they drop the tension between Oliver and Felicity. I really hate them together. I'm not really into any relationships really. Blah blah yuck. He is with her. She is with him. Roy, Oliver, Digs, and his wife are having a four way, boring. Lets move on.

    Cupid was interesting. On one hand I hate the crazy lady plot trope. On the other hand she was really good and I did like the story. I hope we don't more of plots like this.

    I'm not sure why Thea was even in this episode. Ok she hired a DJ. holly molly what a plot twist. Why isn't she off killing people or training with Captain Jack. They couldn't find something better to show.

    Really liked the flashback. I think this was the best one of the season. Cool fight scene and the drama with thinking the handler was dead was nice.

    Atom suit. Things getting real.


      My only quibble was, HOW the heck did this gal train up so well, in what, 6 months?


        Cupid was in special forces. Oliver did best her at the bow but she was better at hand to hand which makes sense to me.


          I could have sworn he only said she was in swat.. which wouldn't explain how good she was in encryption or archery.


            I think a swat team member would have serious training. Also even if they didn't say she was in the military doesn't mean she wasn't. Lots of police officers come from the military.

            She didn't do any amazing archery feats. Oliver dodge her arrows. A crazy person with nothing to do could probably get good enough to be dangerous in five months. Heck maybe she shot arrows as kid. For the encryption she had the tech guy.

            All I'm saying is just because we weren't told something doesn't mean it didn't happen. No one thinks it is odd that a house wife is a master swordswoman. We all assume she had training. We couldn't cupid have training?


              I liked this episode and I like where the show is going as a whole. I agree with Baron that the Oliver\Felicity drama is boring, but maybe the more typical CW show fans are drawn in by that kind of stuff and this it keeps ratings up...which I can live with.

              The Flashbacks were really good this week. Oliver learned to do his own laundry, score! Interesting that Oliver turned Cupid over to the suicide squad, I guess he doesn't harbor too much of a grudge.


                But will it come back to bite him in the butt?


                  SWAT members are typically more trained in weapons usage and team tactics than hand-to-hand. They're given a working knowledge and have high fitness requirements (typically), so they're good, but keep in mind something.

                  Oliver is supposed to be working at a level on-par with the League, which in this own show "makes special forces look like children" (unsure on that last word).

                  I'm just...kinda getting annoyed with everyone and their mother being able to fight Oliver evenly. Yeah, I get it, dramatic tension and whatnot. Merlyn made sense, as did Slade, but...Cupid? His handler for Waller (granted several years ago, but still)? Random crazy chick with, at best, SWAT-level training?

                  I understand Cupid mattered in the comics, and that some of the villains in comic lore are far more capable than they're portrayed, but...the show hasn't established them as credible threats at all.

                  Also, was that really Captain Boomerang?


                    It is kind of stupid really to show all these foes being on par with oliver in hand to hand, true. BUT if it was just him whupping up on everyone, it wouldn't be as dramatic as it is.


                      But he wouldn't be just whooping everyone, just the low-level/no names.

                      Look at it this way: If Cupid can take Oliver in Hand-to-hand, wouldn't that mean she could also take Captain Jack? Or Nyssa?

                      A villain can be a threat without being a beast in physically fighting someone; look at the Joker, or the clock king. The villains innately have the advantage over heroes because they're on the offensive and they're willing to do things heroes aren't, not because they can take the hero in a fist fight.

                      Plus it works to serve as hype for actual bad guys of significance. Their threat would be magnified, and hence more dramatic, if they were clearly and demonstrably better than the bad guys of the week.

                      It really seems as if they just want to choreograph stupidly-fancy fight scenes instead of writing distinguishable villains.


                        Originally posted by garhkal View Post
                        It is kind of stupid really to show all these foes being on par with oliver in hand to hand, true. BUT if it was just him whupping up on everyone, it wouldn't be as dramatic as it is.
                        Clearly she studied at the prestigious École de l'intrigue where one is taught to embrace their presence in a literary medium, and behave as if one's early demise would be too boring to actually happen. See Plot Armour.

                        "BRITTA? WHAT KIND OF LAME NAME IS THAT?"


                          Well now that it looks like Felicity is fed up waiting, that she's moving on. Hopefully the writers will finally ditch this Olivetr/Felicity thing. They are not a good match.