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    This may be obvious, I don't know enough about the overall arrowverse franchise, but I get the sense they are just going to use this a jackknife, whittling away the multitude of universes, reducing it to a more manageable single universe.

    And having seen thru part 3,
    I'm thinking that since Legends is going to be wrapping this up, and that is a time travel show... they're just going to roll the clock back.


      I am loving it. I really enjoyed the first episode's tributes to Oliver. During Elseworlds I got the sense they were kicking him down, to the point where he feels Barry and Kara are the better heroes the world needs.

      But that episode helped show the impact his journey has had and it effectively serves as a nod to Arrow and how it spinoff this amazing universe of shows and characters.

      I liked the multiverse exploration in episode 2, but I wanted to see more interactions:

      Lois (Smallville) and Kara, all three Supermen together, and at least one of the Supermen with Kate and Kara to meet Conroy's Batman.

      It felt a little constrained to me.

      Episode 3 was fun, but I HATE that:

      It just felt like such a cop-out that they switched Barry with another speedster.

      It just feels like they are pulling their punches.


        Originally posted by Gatefan1976 View Post
        A giant furry saved the legends of tomorrow, and in absence of knowledge, it would seem stupid.
        But it works.
        No, even as a regular viewer of LoT, it was still stupid
        "A society grows great when old men plant trees, the shade of which they know they will never sit in. Good people do things for other people. That's it, the end." -- Penelope Wilton in Ricky Gervais's After Life


          Originally posted by DigiFluid View Post
          No, even as a regular viewer of LoT, it was still stupid
          But so much fun. And, so I'm told, an awesome episode to watch when high.
          Please do me a huge favour and help me be with the love of my life.


            Spoilers for part 4

            Lex Luthor is just too damn much. I hope they don't overuse him, he felt a bit over used during Crisis. How did he give himself powers when all we saw him do was scratch out Superman and write-in his own name?

            I like the meta-narrative of Arrow fighting the Anti-Monitor and telling him he failed this universe

            I am very sad that Supergirl didn't get a chance to react to the uses of Oliver's choice, only Barry did.

            Spoilers for part 5


            I know they didn't have time to show all the universes, but I have to imagine that every universe we saw get destroyed is back in some manner. But what happened to the original Earth-2? Harry and Jesse Wells were central characters to The Flash, there has to be some investigation or grief on that show to address it.

            I am disappointed that no one called out The Flash show's declaration that there were only 52 universes, Crisis has shown that before Crisis and after, there are more than 52 universes.

            I LOVED seeing Sara Diggle back! And Lyla! Surprised Diggle didn't mention being unable to find Mia, Conner, or William.

            Wished Barry and Ollie could have shared more about having an adult daughter from the future being in the present. I was looking forward to Barry reacting to Mia, but I didn't get that and now it's gone.

            So glad to see Jefferson interacting with other supers. My favorite line is from Part 3: "The Superman thing is real?!".

            Very excited to see what changes are coming. I hope the writers don't fail us.