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    Visit the Episode GuideALPHAS SEASON TWO

    The team travels to a remote commune of Alphas to get help from Skylar, an tech wiz who is hiding out from the law. But some of the locals hold a personal grudge against Rosen, while others plot to acquire the experimental new technology the team has brought.

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    Okay, that's cute. Skylar's daughter in the episode is actress Skyler Wexler.


      I think it was mentioned before, but anyone else get the vibe that Rosen/Parish is Magneto/Xaviar? Where one outcome is peaceful coexistance and understanding between Alphas and normal people, and the other is based off of normal people fearing Alphas.

      Funny that once Rosen left the valley and didn't give it a second thought, after it all goes to heck after he arrives. No thought of support for the Alphaville community. I've asked before for better character definition from the writers, but it seems like this is intentional so that we cannot root for the head of the organization that is that uncaring. But if I (as a viewer) can't be sympathetic to the head of an organization, I am going to feel less sympathetic to its members.

      As Gollumpus said about the last episode, looks like all the characters are getting enhanced abilities. Gary's ability enhancement was shown here.

      Finding the information mole is going to be more of a mess than it likely will need to be. Between Rachel and Nina, they should be able to politely find out Blonde Guy isn't the mole, but that will likely be found out by Harken and Hicks beating him up.

      Hate to say it, but I'm looking forward to Clay getting annoyed enough to throw Rosen under the bus like he threatened to do.

      For discussion, what do we think Parish's point is about? Okay, so Alphas in a hospital get spiked with the device, but what's the goal there? Could be just to get society worked up about Alphas, but that is asking for more of Binghamton, which doesn't seem to be Parish's point. I suppose the other would be to then collect the amped up Alphas for Parish's group, but then why send the devices to hospitals when he could just keep one and amp up his people.
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