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    Visit the Episode GuideALPHAS SEASON TWO

    When Bill and Hicks discover a fight club for Alphas, Bill lets a young woman train him as contender in order to find a killer. Meanwhile, Gary helps Dr. Rosen trace Stanton Parish's long history.

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    I hate being the first to post, but I'm bored, so I will

    I really liked this episode a lot, even though the Alpha fights reminded me of Grimm episode. I like that new character Kat. I liked the Parish flashbacks. I loved Rachel, Gary and Bill in this episode. I found the thing between Rachel and that blonde guy kinda cute; he'll probably die soon or end up being some kind of traitor. Gary saying goodnight to his mom after he moved into the office was sweet. I liked how Gary, Rachel and Hicks talked to Rosen about what was bothering them. They all seem to be settling in and coming together again. I kinda missed Nina though.


      I agree with VampyreWraith on everything.

      "that blonde guy" made me think all the time that he is either very temporary or a mole.

      Gary seemed back to semi-normal, and not being as much of an ass as the last few shows. I prefer him being more of an ass though.

      The characters are interacting better, but still, Rosen would rather talk on his phone than talk about issues affecting the team.


        1.) Kat does look like an interesting character. I got a "Sherlock Holmes" vibe off of her (from the fight scene "...first, distract target, then block his blind jab...").

        2.) Rosen is still trying to regain control of the group, and it's not surprising that Bill merges into this "Fight Club" world as an outlet of his frustrations with the situation.

        3.) Gary is very disjointed. He can't live at home (ie. he doesn't want to, at least for the moment), he's unhappy at work, and he hates his employer ("government jerk-asses"). I'm looking for big changes in him, more than just sleeping on a couch in the office. I've always felt bad for Gary's mom.

        I think Gary's mom is getting killed off this season.

        4.) It's interesting to me that so far, at least to my recollection, Gary hasn't logged a lot of field time and Rachel hasn't been left alone while the group is in the field, which might be what "blonde guy" is for.

        In the first season, Rosen was not always around to keep an eye on Gary, which meant that one of the others in the group had to play minder, which ticked them off and reduced the group's effectiveness. When they were inevitably called away, that left Gary exposed to some unfortunate situations, and it's surprising to me that on a weekly basis he wasn't killed or kidnapped .

        Rachel ramps up her one active sense, which dulls the others, which would leave her exposed to a threat if she didn't pick up on it with the focused sense. "Blonde guy" looks like he fills that role, and it allows for some tension between him and Rachel.


        I'm thinking the writers are going to go Warehouse-13 with "blonde guy" and make him gay, or maybe he's married, but I suspect otherwise.

        5.) Nina is a mystery to me atm. I thought there was a chance that she's being set up to be a mole in Red Flag. She is the best character the writers could use in this situation, with her alpha power and past history to help her cover.

        However, the "You need to stop talking" moment suggests otherwise. It would be a pretty good indication to Red Flag that she was off the DoD team, but I think she could have done a similar demonstration of her rebellion which didn't involve Rosen being stunned for maybe as long as half a day.

        6.) I see the Hicks/Nina/Danielle situation becoming very interesting, or just kind of lame.

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        Go for Marty...