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    Meet Our Clones

    Several of us at GW, mostly multi-thunkers, have several clones. This thread is for the purpose of listing who our clones are so that those who want to know more about them can come here to find out.

    Please look before you post your bios and if someone is posting, be sure that the entire set of clones is complete before you start yours. It will be easier if we each have a bundled set of postings.
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    Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan


    They rotate the Head of Clan Duty between them.

    Master Jack

    Master Jack is the big guy, the man in charge, and my first ever clone. He would only allow me to have other military clones so long as he was guaranteed that they would never out rank me, so I made him my Jedi Master. He has a mental link with me due to experiments conducted on us without our permission. He calls me Duce, Portuguese for sweet. (He saw it on a menu in Brazil and thought it suited me.) He is co-commander of our Asgard ship, the O'Neill II, and Chair of our War Council. His office is located in our underground complex.

    Military Rank: Major General
    Birthday: January 23 (1957)
    Hobbies: Fishing, beer, charming women, skiing, golf.
    Living Quarters: Master bedroom suite, private bath
    Getaways: Fishing cabin, Minnesota; Ski chalet, Mt. Washington, BC, Canada; Cabin, New Zealand
    Key Relationships: ONTLLs is Snow Bunny to him; he has a standing date each Monday with Iffy; our Vala and Aeryn are his babe toys; he is fond of our RVal; he slashes only with our Methos and Neelan's Cuddles; he is father to our Cammie. He oversees all our fleet personnel and ships and sits at the head of our War Council.


    Cammie is my 'good' Mitchell clone, not to be confused with his "evil twin" brother. He is second-in-command of our clan and wears brown leather, not black as a Crichton would. He is Commander of our newest X-303, Odyssey II, oversees all regular duty 302 pilots, and is a member of our War Council. As the result of experiments conducted on him without permission, he now has telepathic abilities like those of an evil clone, able to project his thoughts at will. His office is located in our underground complex.

    Military Rank: Brig. General
    Birthday: May 1 (1970)
    Hobbies: Target shooting, beer, charming women, fishing, golf.
    Living Quarters: Bedroom suite with private bath
    Getaways: Villa, Puerto Rico; Fishing cabin, Bellaire, Michigan
    Key Relationships: Neelan is Sweet Toes to him; he is the son of MasterJack, who he calls Pops as easily as he calls him sir.


    Sheppy is third in the chain of command for our clan and my first Atlantis clone. He used to have a thing with my Teyla clone, when I had one, but then she was dating Jonas, too, and another Corin clone came in and whisked her away from both of them. She married him and moved away. He is a member of our War Council and has oversight of Maui Alpha Base and Gamma Station with an office and personal quarters at both.

    Military Rank: Brig. General
    Birthday: August 16 (1969)
    Hobbies: Field training, beer, charming women, target practice, golf, Sudoku puzzles, surfing.
    Living Quarters: Bedroom suite with private bath
    Getaways: Beach house, Chicama, Peru
    Key Relationships: He is quite fond of our Vala, Iffy's Ginger and Wendy's Sam.

    EDaniel & Sam EJ

    They are married as of June 7, 2010. EDaniel is allowed to keep his babe toy, Wendy, and EDSam is allowed to date Iffy's Lucky to satisfy her Cam cravings. EDaniel is my evil Daniel clone. MasterJack wouldn't let me have a good one at first. EDSam used to belong to my Paul Davis, but EDaniel seduced her away from him. They created a replacement Sam clone for him, who he married and then they moved away. They have a small cargo ship called the Sugar Plum. EDaniel flies with our Reserves Squadron. EDSam is a member of the Gate Security Task Force and one of the two Fleet Training Officers. She has a lab at our underground office complex as well as an office and quarters at Gamma Station.

    EDaniel's Military Rank: None.
    Birthday: February 21 (1965)
    EDSam's Military Rank: Colonel
    Birthday: December 29 (1968)
    EDaniel's Hobbies: Pestering Jack and Cameron clones, coffee, charming women, skiing
    EDSam's Hobbies: Motorcycles, Quantum Physics, field training, skiing
    Living Quarters: EDaniel's ski chalet, Aspen, Colorado
    EDaniel's Getaways: His lair, his al'kesh
    EDSam's Getaways: Fishing cabin, Devil's Lake, Oregon
    Key Relationships: EDaniel has a mental link with Wendy after a botched experiment in mind control and she is his babe toy, whom he calls Zorra (Spanish for vixen) she calls him Dannoso (Italian for mischievous); EDSam is fond of Iffy's Lucky.

    ECam & Val EM

    They are a married couple with twin girls born April 24, 2007 (Denise Alanna & Patricia Claudia) and a son born June 11, 2010 (Richard Cameron). ECam was created using my evil clone machine then MasterJack hired a Sheppard clone to blow it up before EDaniel could use it to make an evil Sam clone. That's why he ended up corrupting Paul's. ECVala goes by Val and was originally brought here for MasterJack to play with, but then ECam got her pregnant and they eloped. ECam is Chief of Security at Maui Alpha Base and Head of the Gate Security Task Force.

    Special Notes: ECam was created based on the alternate Cam of Ripple Effect, so he is not related to Master Jack like Cammie is. ECam is father to Giovanni, member of Team Adam, Gate Security Task Force. While still in his parallel universe, ECam led a team, which traveled back in time. Giovanni was born nine months later and eventually followed his evil father to our universe.

    ECam's Military Rank: Colonel
    Birthday: August 1 (1970)
    ECVala's Military Rank: None.
    Birthday: October 11 (1972)
    ECam's Hobbies: Target practice, beer, charming women, fishing, skiing, causing mischief and getting others into trouble
    ECVala's Hobbies: Shopping, fishing, skiing, caring for her daughters, finding new playmates and toys for her and her hubby
    Living Quarters: EMitchells' cottage located in backyard of Addy's place, out of phase
    Family Getaways: Condo on Maui; ECam's fishing cabin on the Yellowstone River in Montana; ECVala's ski chalet in Klosters (Swiss Alps)
    Key Relationships: Neelan is their babe toy; they do not fool around without both being present or at least with the other one watching; our Jonas and Danny are the official babysitters for their girls, RJonas acts as a backup (see The Replicants below) Giovanni is ECam's son (see his bio below); Kali is like a niece to them; Sally is under ECam's special protection.


    When I thought he was in danger, I took him from his creator, thinking I was rescuing him, only to find out he was not the clone I thought him to be, but a synthetic made to look like him. I didn't have the heart to send him away, so he is now officially part of our clan. He has discovered slash, but will only consider it with Daniel clones and Mr.MacGadget (Mac). He is one of our two Fleet Training Officers with an office and quarters at Gamma Station.

    Military Rank: Colonel
    Birthday: August 15 (1970)
    Hobbies: Target practice, fishing, beer, charming women
    Living Quarters: Bedroom suite with private bath
    Getaways: Fishing cabin at Toledo Bend Lake in Louisiana
    Key Relationships: Has a weakness for all Claudia-based clones; slashes with Neelan's Cuddles and Mr.MacGadget (Mac)


    He is my Crichton clone, and he's unusual in that he has no memory of Aeryn or desire to be with her in any sort of romantic context. He is my first boy toy. He usually wears black leather when he wears leather so that he is not confused with Cammie, who wears the brown leather. He leads our Alpha Squadron.

    Military Rank: None.
    Birthday: August 31 (1970)
    Hobbies: Sudoku puzzles, beer, charming women
    Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Amaretti
    Getaways: Beach house in Pine Island, North Carolina
    Key Relationships: Addy's first official boy toy, a good clone; occasional math tutor for Salamas; fond of Sal, Pixie, Sally, Neelan and our KAddy.

    Barrett & BSamantha

    They eloped and were married in Las Vegas on August 15, 2009. Barrett was a stray who came for lunch one day and kind of never left. After a while, we caved in and adopted him. He is second-in-command of our Gate Security Task Force at the Maui Alpha Base (see below). BSamantha was formerly known as Dr. Samantha Carter of San Francisco where she works in a research lab on various projects in her spare time. After dating Barrett for several months, she agreed to move in with him at our place so long as their relationship is exclusive. They are now married. She is Head of Clan Security.

    Barrett's Military Rank: None.
    BSamantha's Military Rank: None.
    Barrett's Birthday: November 20 (1967)
    BSamantha's Birthday: May 9 (1968)
    Barrett's Hobbies: Long walks in the park, skiing
    BSamantha's Hobbies: Watching sports, working out at the gym, almost anything athletic
    Living Quarters: Beach house on Maui
    Getaway: Ski chalet, Donnelley, Idaho
    Barrett's Key Relationships: cajn calls him Chip; married to BSamantha.
    BSamantha's Key Relationships: Married to Barrett, whom she calls Mookie.


    He is the Replicant of Master Jack and Head of Replicant House West. See his bio below.
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      Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

      The Guys


      Jonas is my second ever clone. The Q in my user/author name stands for Quinn. He has a make out tent just out back of the lounge. He is currently working on his Bachelor's in History with the ultimate goal of a Doctorate in History, specializing in Ancient Civilizations. He also works part time in the Maui Alpha Base and Lounge control rooms and helps with babysitting the EMitchell girls.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: November 5 (1971)
      Hobbies: Reading, swimming, charming women, skiing
      Living Quarters: His wing of the EMitchells' cottage, bedroom suite, private bath and library
      Getaways: His library; Ski chalet, Levi, Finland
      Key Relationships: cajn is Praline to him; he is one of three official babysitters for the EMitchell girls; he is fond of Salamas.


      Danny is my 'good' Daniel clone, who I got once I convinced Master Jack to let me have one. Typically, his pictures are from Seasons 1-5, excluding a large portion of Absolute Power. He is the official calendar keeper for our clan. If you want to know where any clone is at a particular moment, ask him. He flies with our Reserves Squadron, works in the lounge control room, and helps with babysitting the EMitchell girls.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: July 8 (1965)
      Hobbies: Reading, coffee, pestering Cameron clones
      Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Methos
      Getaways: His library; Beach house, Baja Mexico
      Key Relationships: Neelan is Sugar Brat to him. He is fond of Neelan's Evie, Salamas and Iffy's Ginger. He is one of three official babysitters for the EMitchell girls. He slashes with Iffy's Fox from time to time.


      Peter Wingfield played Tanith on SG and I adore him, but I prefer his character Methos, so that is the clone I chose.He is our official clan ambassador and leader of our Gamma Station on the planet Domnovus.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: September 5 (3469 BC)
      Hobbies: Sparring, cooking, skiing, beer, charming women
      Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Danny
      Getaways: Ski chalet in Kitzbuhel, Austria; villa on Maui
      Key Relationships: Fond of Jenn (Davis Clan) and Iffy's Bella; good friends with Caren Jackson


      He is my second boy toy, an evil clone. His name is Italian for macaroon and his lips are even sweeter than his name implies. His specialties are arm and leather porn. He flies patrol with our Gamma Squadron

      Military Rank: None that he will admit to.
      Birthday: December 1 (1970)
      Hobbies: Basketball, sparring, full body massage
      Living Quarters: His lair
      Getaways: Beach house in Southern California
      Key Relationships: Addy's second official boy toy; close to most of Iffy's clan; fond of Salamas's Bunny and our KAddy


      He is a Shanks clone based on his role in the movie Under the Mistletoe. He is a wiz at construction projects and our Head Researcher and Archivist. His long-term project is cataloging an Ancient database and compiling a comprehensive reference library. Sally and RCWendy are his assistants. He is a reserve member of our Gate Security Task Force.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: February 24 (1970)
      Hobbies: Hockey, ice skating, beer, skiing, fishing, charming women.
      Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Kyan
      Getaways: Ski chalet at Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire
      Key Relationships: He has a special fondness for Aeryn and Carol; has a fondness for Sally and Salamas


      Kyan is named after Kyanite, a dark blue gemstone, because of his eyes. He was found by our EDSam when she responded to a distress signal and he has amnesia. His memory cannot be restored, not even by the stray Tok'ra who created him to be an operative. He is a scientist and has a lab in our clone house. His office is located at Maui Alpha Base where he is Head of In-Flight Research and is a part-time member of our Gate Security Task Force. (He is a catchall for several Shanks roles in various movies.)

      Military Rank: None that we are aware of.
      Birthday: April 15 (1970)
      Hobbies: Lab experiments, surfing, charming women
      Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Kevin
      Getaways: His lab; Beach house in Barbados; Suite at the Bellagio in Las Vegas
      Key Relationships: Created by the stray Tok'ra Selmak and is our official liaison to the Tok'ra; has a fondness for Salamas, who calls him Nero (Finnish for genius); he calls her Kaunis (Finnish for beautiful), He sometimes dates Addy's daughter, Kali. He and Addy have a mental link as a result of EDaniel's botched experiment with mind control.

      Pets: Guinea pigs, who he has helped to form a mental link between each other: Kinky, female, brown and white, named after our Vala; Thor, black and white, male, named after the mighty god of war; and their three offspring. Each wears a black leather collar with a name tag on it. Pudgy, male, gray and white, named after Wendy's Mer was formerly Kyan's and has been adopted by our Vala. He and his mate, Crumpet, brown, black and white, are now the proud parents of two - Jack and Daniel.


      WCam, short for Whump Cam, was hired by Sheppy to work Whump Day in the furnace and promptly adopted by Val, who, as Acting Head of Clan, authorized his joining prior to his interview. We love her and he is irresistible, so a member of our clan he is. Unlike most Cam clones, WCam actually enjoys whump. He is not evil, however a mental defect is still not out of the realm of possiblilty. We do not perceive him to be a threat to others. He flies patrol with our Gamma Squadron.

      Military Rank: Colonel
      Birthday: March 6 (1970)
      Hobbies: Being whumped, football, charming women
      Getaways: None at this time
      Living Quarters: Bedroom at Addy's clone house, shared bathroom with John.
      Key Relationships: Neelan is Bouncy Buns to him; he is fond of Sal; and Val has practically adopted him as a younger brother; he slashes at times with Mr.MacGadget (Mac) and Iffy's Fox.


      He is our Baby Ben (Browder) clone. He is a catchall for roles played by Ben prior to Farscape. He is a former Lounge Guy, who now lives at my private spa where he maintains the pool, hot tubs, etc. He is in the furnace (BB Thunk thread) every Friday that we are available and works part time as a Reserve member of the Gate Security Task Force.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: December 11 (1972)
      Hobbies: Charming women, race car driving, flying, swimming
      Living Quarters: Private, one-bedroom apartment adjacent to Addy's Private Spa
      Getaways: Beach house in Rockport, Texas
      Key Relationships: Has a fondness for cajn and adores Neelan


      He is a half evil clone from the same parallel universe as his father, our ECam. After his mother, a brilliant scientist, died from the Prior's Plague, he took her diary and her notes on inter-dimensional travel, and with the assistance of a McKay clone, created a bridge that allowed him entry to our universe where he joined an elite Black Ops team. Eventually, he made contact with ECam and presented his mother's diary. ECam immediately hired him for our Gate Security Task Force, thus providing him with a place to live and a steady income. Being a blood relation, membership in the clan was automatically offered and he accepted.

      Military Rank: Major
      Birthday: August 15 (1978)
      Hobbies: Charming women, Sudoku puzzles, sharp shooting
      Living Quarters: Master bedroom suite with private bath at Maui Alpha Base
      Getaways: His lair at Addy's main clone house
      Key Relationships: Son of ECam; older half-brother to Denise and Patricia EMitchell


      Formerly known as ShepAv, he was Sheppy's avatar until Sheppy ordered ECam to give him self-awareness. Once he was his own clone/avatar, he requested membership in the clan, which I granted. He is leader of Team Foxtrot for our Gate Security Task Force.

      Military Rank: None.
      Birthday: August 16 (1969)
      Hobbies: All forms of target practice and war games.
      Living Quarters: Bedroom at Addy's clone house; shares bathroom with WCam.
      Getaways: None at this time.
      Key Relationships: Is close to Sheppy, who he treats like a twin brother.
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        Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

        The Ladies


        Kali is Addy's daughter, thanks to an incident when Addy's DNA and mixed with those of her two evil clone fathers, creating a beautiful evil human/clone hybrid. She has officially joined her mother's clan as of November 11, 2008. As of January 10, 2009, she has taken her mother's last name, Quinn-O'Neill. She has now earned her Masters in Biophysics (genetic engineering of plants) and is a member of the Reserves Squadron with an office at Maui Alpha Base where she works as an assistant to Dr. Samantha Davis.

        Military Rank: None.
        Birthday: October 24 (1986)
        Hobbies: Genetics, baking, physical training, horseback riding and surfing.
        Living Quarters: Two-bedroom lair with private bath and mini-kitchen
        Getaways: Villa Almirante in Spain; Condo in San Francisco, California; Beach house in Costa Rica
        Key Relationships: Salamas's Zane, who she calls Jelly Bean (he calls her Sugar), Addy, who she calls Mom, Master Jack, who she calls Uncle Jack, ECam and ECVala, who she calls Uncle ECam and Aunt Val. She assists Denise and Patricia EMitchell with tutoring and has created a Junior Lair inside her lair for Patricia's use.


        Vala was originally a hired stray, who acted as a fill in for ECVala during her pregnancy leave. She began her first day here with a pants inspection of every male clone she could find. We grew to love her and once the twins were born we simply couldn't send her away, so she was adopted. She flies with our Beta Squadron.

        Military Rank: None.
        Birthday: October 11 (1972)
        Hobbies: Pants inspection, shopping, flirting with handsome male clones
        Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bathroom with Aeryn
        Getaways: Beach house in Bodrum, Turkey
        Key Relationships: She calls our EDaniel - Evil Cutie Bum. She calls our ECam - Evil Sexy Bum. She is fond of our Sheppy and Iffy's Bubbles


        Master Jack wanted one, so we have one. He adores her, drools over her every chance he gets. She has no romantic interest in any Crichton, again, done on purpose. She trains new operatives for the Stray Tok'ra and flies with our Alpha Squadron.

        Military Rank: Colonel
        Birthday: April 17 (1972)
        Hobbies: Physical training, target practice, shopping, skiing.
        Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Vala
        Getaways: Ski chalet in Killington, Vermont
        Key Relationships: Master Jack's official babe toy;she has a fondness for our Kevin, Zane (Salamas's Shep clone) and Imp (Neelan's Shep clone)


        She was a consultant for some time then during an illness when EDaniel had me all wonko, Master Jack gave her full time status without my consultation. He made it up to me later for having overstepped his bounds and she is now a most welcome addition to our clan.

        Military Rank: None.
        Birthday: June 8 (1973)
        Hobbies: Walks on the beach, skiing, shopping, flirting with handsome men
        Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Sami
        Getaways: Beach house in Pernambuca, Brazil
        Key Relationships: Our official physician; she has a fondness for Wendy's Mer, who she calls MerBear and has a standing date with on Mondays, our Kevin, ONTLLs' MacGyver and Salamas's Ducky


        Master Jack and I met her while vacationing on Catalina Island and were instantly taken by her sharp wit and stunning charm. She was adopted into our clan on the spot. She flies with our Gamma Squadron.

        Military Rank: Colonel
        Birthday: September 20 (1971)
        Hobbies: Windsurfing, theoretical physics, and hiking
        Living Quarters: Bedroom suite, shared bath with Carol
        Getaways: None yet.
        Key Relationships: She has a fondness for Salamas' Ace and a soft spot for McKay clones.


        Again, we have her for Master Jack. She is an outside consultant, who he uses for special assignments. She is based on Claudia's role on the Dresden Files. She does not live with us and stays in the guest room when she visits. She is a part-time member of our Gate Security Task Force.

        Military Rank: None.
        Birthday: June 5 (1964)
        Living Quarters: Private, two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco, California
        Hobbies: Shopping, snorkeling, hanging out with Vala clones
        Getaways: Beach house in Malibu, California
        Key Relationships: works as a consultant for Master Jack; has a fondness for our Kevin and Shep clones


        She is technically a self-aware avatar of Addy, who acts independently of her original programming. She was designed to have romantic relations with Iffy's Kit (Baal clone) and to gather intelligence for our clan. She is now our official photo editor with a room adjacent to Amaretti's lair.

        Military Rank: None.
        Birthday: May 6 (1966)
        Hobbies: Cooking, shopping, reading and golf.
        Living Quarters: Master bedroom suite with private bath, adjacent to Amaretti's lair
        Getaways: None yet.
        Key Relationships: Enamored with Iffy's Kit, fond of our Amaretti and Johnny.
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          Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

          Replicant House West

          Our clan members cannot be transported away against their will. Anyone attempting to do so creates a replicant. This occurred on several occasions until people became accustomed to the replicant protocol. The Replicants live together as a group and have now relocated to Replicant House West (RHW). Our original replicants: RMJack, RCam, RVal, and RJonas were created by accident. The rest: RWendy, RShep, REDan, RSam, RECam, RCS and RJC were deliberately created for security purposes. RWendy became RCWendy upon her marriage to RCam. RMal, formerly assistant to Courtesan Jack is now a member of RHW.

          RMJack - Leader of RHW
          His military rank is Lt. Colonel, but he prefers to be called Jack. He is Second-in-Command of our Alpha Squadron. He loves fishing and Vala clones and is fond of Salamas' Serat.

          RVal - Matron of RHW
          She delegates all house duties for our replicants, works part time with our Gate Security Task Force and is assistant for our Sheppy with offices at both Maui Alpha Base and Gamma Station. She has her own al'kesh, and loves adventure and Cam and Shep clones. She is quite fond of Salamas' Ace and has an interest in Iffy's Kat.

          The RCMitchells

          RCam - Master Builder & Contractor of RHW
          He oversees all building projects from start to finish no matter the size and flies with our Alpha Squadron. He loves flying, combat video games, RCWendy, his wife, and their son, RJon.

          RCWendy - Chronologer of RHW
          She records all events at RHW, assists Kevin with the clan archives, and works part time with the Gate Security Task Force. She loves shopping, roller coasters, RCam, her husband, and their son, RJon

          Married: September 19, 2008.
          First Child: Jonathan Cameron RCMitchell (RJon) born March 17, 2009

          RShep - Head of Security for RHW
          He keeps RHW safe and secure and assists Johnny with clan systems at the main house, as needed. He is Co-Commander of the Prometheus Redux. He loves playing war games and golf, and drinking beer.

          RSam - Head of Research & Development at RHW
          She is Co-Commander of the Prometheus Redux. She loves chocolate and Cam clones, especially Iffy's Mitchie.

          REDan - Head of Acquisitions at RHW
          He will get you anything for the right price so long as you don't ask where or how he got it.
          He works as a team with his evil replicant cohort, RECam, and loves power and chaos, as all evil clones do. He is Flight Engineer for the Prometheus Redux. He has a fondness for Salamas, Sally and Lilith (Iffy's clan).

          RECam - Head of Training for RHW
          He oversees all physical, mental and weapons training for our replicants. He works as a team with his evil replicant cohort, REDan, assisting with his acquisitions projects. He flies with our Alpha Squadron and loves power and chaos, as all evil clones do.

          RJonas - Head of Historical Research at RHW
          He researches any topic at any time he is available. He is backup babysitter for the EMitchells' girls, covers for Danny and Jonas, as needed, and is Second-in-Command of the Daedelus II. He loves reading and hiking.

          RCS - Maintenance Chief for RHW
          He is in charge of all grounds and building maintenance, as well as inventory, including the armory. Being the replicant of a synthetic, his tolerance for extremes is greater than those of the other replicants. He flies with our Gamma Squadron.

          RJC - Chief Engineer for RHW
          He is in charge of all projects mechanical and electrical, and works closely with RCam. He is Second-in-Command of the Prometheus Redux
          and has a fondness for Iffy's Bella.

          RMal, Mal for short, holds no official position at RHW, assists BSamantha at the main house with security matters
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            Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

            Admiral's Multi-Thunker Lounge

            The Lounge, as we call it for short, is a safe haven for clones and their owners to hang out. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we do an interactive fan fic of sorts, similar to role play, but far more loose. And, of course, being thunkers, we have pic runs purely for the eye candy and our clones join us in enjoying the pictures. We have several futons in the main room, a mud pit with grandstand seating, a stage with stripper pole, dart board, pool table, ice skating rink, hot tub, sauna, steam room, showers (near the sauna), a full bar and six private back rooms for censored activities. Outside, we have a target range, a golf course (Zane Greens), a skeet range and a fishing lake so the Jack clones don't have to travel if they don't want to.

            The Lounge Guys

            They are regular residents of the lounge, clones who are available to anyone who visits, so long as someone else is not already playing with them. They are community clones, who do not leave the lounge except in case of emergency or for approved work assignments.


            He is the Lounge Daniel. After long debate, his name is from the Latin for hollow since we all seem to agree that he has a delicious throat hollow. He is called Al for short and is our official lounge bartender when he is not busy tending to his catering business. His picture is Daniel dressed in civilian attire.

            Hobbies: Hanging out at the bar, being a general nuisance to the other Lounge Guys and running his catering business.
            Key Relationships: cajn calls him Roger and he has a fondness for her; he is fond of Wendy's Fruitiecake


            He is our Lounge Jack. The last time I attempted to kidnap ONTLLs' Jack clone, I ended up with a copy she had left out as a decoy. I reprogrammed him and made him the official lounge Jack as suggested by ShippyChick. He is named after Verona's favorite brandy. His picture is Jack in a black t-shirt or no shirt. He is a member of our Gate Security Task Force and leaves his avatar for anyone to visit when he is away.

            Hobbies: Fishing, chess, charming women
            Key Relationships: Has a fondness for ShippyChick, Verona and ONTLL's Valeryn, who he has a standing date with on Mondays.


            He is our Lounge Sheppard. His picture is Sheppard out of uniform and scruffy. He mans the controls for the Skeet Range towers whenever someone wants to use the range and maintains the Target Range and golf course. He is also a member of our Reserves Squadron

            Hobbies: Pouncing women, drinking beer
            Key Relationships: He has a fondness for Salamas, Neelan, cajn, Evie and Valeryn who he has a standing date with on Wednesdays.


            She is the Lounge Vala, recruited by Tigger, who adores her. She works with Alveus in his catering business as a server at various functions and freelances as an event coordinator. She is also a member of our Reserves Squadron.

            Hobbies: Pouncing men, body shots, shopping
            Key Relationships: She has a fondness for Tigger and Alveus, the latter of which rejects her advances


            He is usually found in the control room or wandering around with either Master Jack or Cammie. He monitors equipment, including our transport system, makes coffee, and basically anything else they order him to do.
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              Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

              Maui Alpha Base

              Our clones and others play/work at different bases created for research and defensive purposes. The posts are made in Admiral's Multi-Thunker Lounge, as opposed to creating new threads. The location is noted at the beginning of the post. We are simply not showing these other locations often enough to warrant a separate thread.

              The Maui Alpha Base is located underground, where its personnel monitor and research a variety of things. It provides a safe haven in times of emergency. It is the location of our operating Stargate, thus the command center for our Gate Security Task Force, which operates a training facility on the surface for both military and civilian trainees who wish to attend.


              Col. Paul Davis, Commander of the base and member of our War Council. My former Maj. Davis clone, now married and promoted.

              Col. ECam Mitchell, Chief of Security, Head of Gate Security Task Force, Leader of Team David

              Dr. Samantha Davis, Head of Research & Development for our clan. Her chief assistant is Dr. Lee. She is married to Col. Davis.

              Dr. Bill Lee, Research & Development, focuses primarily on inorganic science matters.

              Dr. RSamantha Carter, Research & Development, assistant to Dr. Lee and member of the Gate Security Task Force. She resides in base quarters, not at Replicant House West.

              Miss Kali Quinn-O'Neill, Research & Development Assistant, Project Leader specializing in flora and genetic manipulations, also flies with our Reserves Squadron.

              Dr. Jenn Keller, Chief Physician for the base, backup physician for our clan. She conducts research as well with her focus primarily on organic science matters. She runs a Well Baby Clinic at Gamma Station on Domnovus on Tuesdays and Thursdays, assisted by Addy's Carol and Salamas' Hunter.

              Dr. Kyan Carter, Head of In-Flight Research, assists with the processing of raw data from the various patrols, passing off said data to the proper scientist, when not keeping it for his own research purposes. He is a part-time member of our Gate Security Task Force.

              Gate Security Task Force:

              Mr. Malcolm Barrett
              Second-in-Command, Leader, Team Charlie
              Wide-ranging experience in security and surveillance matters.
              Clan Affiliation: Addy's

              Leader, Team Baker
              Wide-ranging experience in weapons and combat.
              Clan Affiliation: Iffy's

              Leader, Team Adam
              Evil clone. Wide-ranging experience in weapons, explosives and infiltration.
              Clan Affiliation: Iffy's

              Maj. Giovanni Sheppard
              Member, Team Adam
              Certified sniper, number of kills classified, ace pilot and explosives expert.
              Clan Affiliation: Addy's

              Mr. Remy O'Neill
              Member, Team Adam
              Specialties include combat tactics and explosives
              Clan Affiliation: None

              Member, Team Baker
              Jaffa on Tretonin Protocol. Extensive background in weapons and combat.
              Clan Affiliation: Free Jaffa Nation

              Member, Team Baker
              Expert in hand-to-hand combat, black belt in karate, strong knowledge of weapons
              Clan Affiliation: Iffy's

              Powerhouse (PH) Dex
              Member, Team Charlie
              Extensive experience in Guerrilla warfare, expert in hand-to-hand combat, strong knowledge of weapons
              Clan Affiliation: Davis House

              Dr. RSamantha Carter, Member, Team Charlie, also see above

              Team David - Relief Duty for Team Adam
              Leader: Col. ECam Mitchell, Chief of Security, Maui Alpha Base
              Members: Mr. Kyan Carter, Head of In-Flight Research, Col. EDSam Jackson, Co-Head of Flight Personnel Training

              Team Edward - Relief Duty for Team Baker
              Leader: Col. Reynolds, formerly assigned to Area 51
              Members: Col. CamSyn Mitchell, Co-Head of Flight Personnel Training, Maj. Eli Lorne (Davis House)

              Team Foxtrot - Relief Duty for Team Charlie
              Leader: John (formerly ShepAv, see bio above)
              Members: RVal, assistant to Gen. Sheppy Sheppard; BabyFace, groundskeeper for Addy's Private Spa

              Task Force Reserves - Dr. BSamantha Barrett, Mr. Kevin Harrison, Ms. Liz Fontaine

              Chatter Observation Technicians: Dr. Bairn McKay (Davis House) and Mrs. RCWendy Mitchell (Replicant House West)
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                Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

                Gamma Station

                Gamma Station, located on the planet Domnovus, is a stopover point for our 302s during their patrols. We were tired of using Area 51 and dealing with red tape, so we took the operations off-world. A quick jump in hyperspace takes our 302s from one planet to the other. Pilots use the Stargate at Gamma Station to return to Earth, arriving at Maui Alpha Base. From there they can use their own transport systems to get home or wherever it is they want to go.


                Ambassador Methos O'Neill, Commander - He oversees the operations and maintains our good relations with the local inhabitants.

                Dr. Beefcake Jackson, Co-commander - He commands when Methos has the day off and spends time getting to know the local inhabitants, their culture, history, etc. He's a Daniel clone. He can't resist.

                Malek, Head of Security - He protects the facility and the Stargate and takes his job most seriously.

                Dalek, Head of Scientific Inquiry - He leads all research and anthropological studies for the Tok'ra on the planet and shares with us his findings...eventually.

                Villicus Tea'c, Crew Chief - He and his son Rya'c oversee the care of our fleet of 302s. They are members of the Free Jaffa Nation and are, by choice, affiliated with no clan.

                Col. CamSyn Mitchell - Co-Head of Flight Personnel Training

                Col.. EDSam Jackson - Co-Head of Flight Personnel Training
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                  Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan

                  Patrol Fleet

                  Asgard Class:

                  X-303 Class:

                  Stealth 302s:

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                    Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan



                    She is the official maid/housekeeper for our Senior Command Staff (Master Jack, Cammie and Sheppy). She was hired by Master Jack as a present in December 2008. She freelances on the weekends for others at reasonable rates and is exceptionally good at her work. She is fond of Sal's Nibbles and Wendy's Gunny.


                    Two of our 302 pilots rescued him from an al'kesh he crashed off Cape Cod. He requested asylum to avoid unpleasantness at the hands of the owner of said al'kesh. He is assisting ECVala with starting up her bakery business.
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                      Guide to Addy's Clones & Clan


                      The Asgard

                      Thor is our official contact with the Asgard and a buddy to our Master Jack. He is annoyingly unavailable at times, but quite helpful when he is not too busy to answer our communications.

                      The Stray Tok'ra & The Free Jaffa Nation

                      Our main contact with the Tok'ra is Selmak (Jacob Carter), with the Free Jaffa Nation our main contact is Bra'tac. Both groups are strays by choice. They have their bases well hidden and move them periodically, so contacting them is always a challenge, but they do answer our calls...eventually. Villicus Teal'c is our liaison to the Jaffa and Dr. Kyan Carter is our liaison to the Tok'ra.

                      Col. Paul and Dr. Samantha Davis are the proud sponsors of their own clan. All the members of their clan have worked with ours for varying amounts of time in the past as outside consultants. Our relationship with them does not significantly change. Their relationship with each other is a loose one in which all members have their own quarters still as well as their rooms at Davis House when they choose to use them.
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                        Guide to Wendy's Clones, Part 1

                        Color: Blue

                        Clone Type: Good

                        Bio: My first clone ever. I wanted a clone that showed off MS's wonderful arm porn so I went with Beneath the Surface Daniel. This is the episode that finally sold me on MS. Before that I thought he was cute, but after I saw this, and his glorious arm porn, I was hooked Gunny is my homebody. He is very sweet, gentle and the most innocent of all my clones. He assists Fruitie with keeping track of the house schedule.

                        Key Relationships: Has a huge fondness for Maeve and Branhaven.

                        Color: Red

                        Clone Type: Evil

                        Bio: I wanted an evil clone very soon after I got Gunny. So I created Darling out of my love for the episode Absolute Pants Power. Darling is bent on world domination. He always has some plan up his sleeves. He helped EDaniel and Courtesan Jack take over the United States not to long ago. He took on the role as leader of my clones very early on, but shares that duty with General Hottie. I just adore Darling and his evil sexiness.

                        His nemesis is Dr,jackson's(Jules) Evil-ish. At one time they were allies, but Evil-ish kidnapped Darling and they have been enemies ever since.

                        Key Relationships:
                        He has a very strong bond with both Addy, whom he calls Sapphie, and MasterJack. He loves all the lady's of the Lounge. He also has quite the fondness for Maeve, GLD, Anna, Neelan, Toomi and likes to flirt with Cajn and Sal.

                        Color: Green

                        Clone Type: Good

                        Bio: After having two Daniel clones, I decided I needed some military presence around my house, so I created Scruffy. He is a good clone. He is now shift leader for Gamma squadron, 3rd shift and flies with RCupcake. Was recently asked to help train the new Tok'ra operatives. He loves football, beer, C4 and flirting with the ladies.

                        Key Relationships: Used to see Anna quite a bit, has taking quite a liking to Addy's Liz ever since she spent his leave with him.

                        Color: Olive

                        Clone Type: Good

                        Bio: After having so much fun with Studly(Addy's MJack), I decided it was time to get a Jack clone of my own. General Hottie(Gen Hottie or GH) is Co-Leader of my house. He loves The Simpsons, Family Guy, beer and fishing.

                        Key Relationships: Has recently rekindled his relationship with Kali, whom he calls HotCakes. He has adored Addy ever since she trained him while I was on vacation and occasionally entertains EDSam. He has been known to slash from time to time, mostly with Addy's Danny.

                        Updated 12/29/2014

                        Color: Golden Rod

                        Clone Type: Depends on the day

                        Bio: For an anniversary present, all the clones took Wendy to the Enchanted Forest for vacation. While visiting a seaside pub, they ran into Captain Hook. Wendy was immediately enamored with his devilishly handsome good looks and charm. Once they were home, General Hottie saw how much Wendy missed Hook so he approved Darling, Kev and DFC to return to the Enchanted Forest, collect Hook's DNA so he could be made into a clone for Wendy.

                        RumCake (or Rummy) has been a very interesting addition to the clan. Even though he can be quite the bad boy when he wants to be, he is quickly proving his loyalties to Wendy and earning himself a place within the top ranks of the clan.

                        Key Relationships: Enjoys pillaging and plundering with all of the female clones in the clan when he isn't with Wendy.
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                          Guide to Wendy's Clones, Part 2

                          Color: Sienna

                          Clone Type: Good

                          Bio: Beefcake(Beefy) was created because I wanted a square glasses Daniel clone. Once in a while if someone breaks those glasses he does have to resort to the old circular ones. He spends most of his time hanging out with Cupcake. He loves playing the Wii, being outside and occasionally spending time with Fruitiecake.

                          Key Relationships: He enjoys going over to GLD's, Isa's and ErinB's.
                          Has recently been spending more time with Sal and Addy's Jenn .

                          Color: DarkOrange

                          Clone Type: Good

                          Bio: After having all the other clones, I thought it was time to bring in a Cameron clone. With the help of Chafty, I got my Cameron clone. Cupcake is a lot of fun to have around the house. He enjoys playing video games and hanging out with Beefcake. He has a very nice collection of ties that he uses only for Addy. Cupcake has just taken a position as shift leader of Alpha Squadron, 3rd shift patrol. He flies with DevilsFoodCake. He likes beer, women and football.

                          Key Relationships: He is ECam and ECVala boy toy, and also Addy's boy toy, whom he calls Beleza and she calls Cuddly. He also likes to spend time with EDSam and Dr.J.

                          Color: DarkRed

                          Clone Type: Good

                          Bio: FruitieCake(Fruitie) was originally brought to my house for Beefcake, but now has many other roles in the house. She is Darling and Kev's personal secretary, and also keeps tabs on where all my clones are at any given moment. She is my go to girl and will do just about anything that is asked of her. She is great fun and a blast to have around the house.

                          Key Relationships: Her best gal pal is Addy's Vala. She is really fond of Beefcake but he gets annoyed with her easily. Fruitie can usually be found where ever there is a male clone present. Lately she has taken quite a liking to MasterJack, Neelan's Cuddles, Cub and Alpha, Toomi's Kage, Sal's boys, and Alveus.
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                            Guide to Wendy's Clones, Part 3

                            Color: DarkSlateBlue

                            Clone Type: Good

                            Bio: I wanted to have a McKay clone around the house to give Scruffy someone to mess around with. Mer was the perfect choice. He is extremely smart and has made many improvements to the house. He has also caused his fair share of trouble. He recently helped clone Addy for my Kev clone using some of Darling's DNA.

                            Key Relationships: Has a girlfriend, MSam. When he is not with MSam, he can be found with Addy's Carol. Also enjoys Addy's company.

                            1-21-09-Mer and MSam(now just Sam) have decided to go their separate ways and are no longer an official couple.

                            Color: RoyalBlue

                            Clone Type: Good

                            Bio: MSam was originally brought here for the sole purpose of being a companion for Mer. Since joining us, she has become a very important member of our clan. She helps assist Fruitie with household items along with helping fill in for me at work when I am not around.

                            1-21-09-MSam is now knows as just Sam. Mer and her decided to go their seperate ways and are no longer an official couple.

                            Key Relationships: Neelan's Jay, Addy's Sheppy, Cammie , Kyan,and Johnny and Mer.
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                              Guide to Wendy's Clones, Part 4

                              Color: SlateGray

                              Clone Type: Good

                              Bio: SpiceCake(Spicey) was brought home by Fruitie after a Vala Vednesday adventure. Flies with MSam for Beta squadron, 3rd shift.

                              Key Relationships: Ever since his training with CKO, he has grown quite fond of her.

                              Color: Teal

                              Clone Type: Good

                              Bio: JohnnyCake(JC) was given to me by the rest of my clones as a birthday present. He enjoys hanging around the Furnace looking at all the pretty Babes. JohnnyCake now flies with EDSam who is 2IC for Alpha squadron, 2nd shift.

                              Key Relationships: Spent time at Dr.J's during my 10 day illness with EDaniel. He also enjoys the company of Addy, MSam and Fruitie.


                              Color: Bold SeaGreen

                              Clone Type: Good

                              Bio: We are still learning about Aurora. We know that she has been a stray her whole life but her mother wanted to make sure she had a name. After GH got bombarded with text messages on his trip with Kali, he decided to talk to her and ask if she would like to be a part of our clan. She very quickly accepted. She works at Maui Alpha Base as part of the Gate Security Task Force led by ECam. She is apart of Team Charlie led by Fox. All of my guys wanted to adopt her the second they saw her on the Security Task Force list.

                              Key Relationships: None yet.

                              M. Rod

                              Color: Bold Indigo

                              Clone Type: Good

                              Bio: M. Rod was used as a decoy when Mer was supposedly set up by Kev and EAddy(which backfired on the two of them) and Mer was to be put into stasis for the crime. Instead M. Rod was put in stasis and Mer enjoyed a nice vacation. M. Rod and Mer became immediate friends as soon as Mer got back. Mer then hounded both GH and I to adopt him. We finally agreed to let him be a part of the clan. Not much is known about him yet, other than he seems to be slightly less annoying then Mer, but other than that has all the typical persona's of a McKay clone. M. Rod works at Maui Alpha Base, under ECam, as part of the Gate Security Task force as a Chatter Observation Technician.

                              Key Relationships: None yet.
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