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    Full name is Wolf Cub, but I usually just call him Cub. He's such a sweety, that he's rarely wolfish... unless we stay away from the Playground too long, in which case he can be quite "wolfish" just ask the girls. He used to hide his intelligence, but catches on very quickly. He was my first Atlantis clone and almost instantly respected my Cam clone, so I made him next in the chain of command.
    ETA: He is now the pilot of Jumper Two and 2IC in Addy's defense forces in the reserves unit commanded by JohnnyCake. He also flies as a back-up in the 302s for pilots out on leave.

    He adores the ladies from the Playground, but resists sharing unless it's completely out of sight. He absolutely will not share a bed with another guy (try as I might) for fear of "touching the wrong thing"
    ETA: Has learned to love sharing, especially if it's with any of the Devils or Angles from the Playground.... His views have changed quite a bit over the two years he's been with us.
    Has tight friendships with Sal's Nibbles, Alpha, Evie, and even Imp. Has slashed a couple times, but only in the heat of the moment and it's not his usual MO.
    Adores most Vala and Aeryn clones... I think it's a brunette thing.

    Loves pretty much any kind of alcohol, Chex Mix, TV and snuggling... just don't tell the guys about that last part. He's been known to let me call him "Squishy".
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      One of my late-comers, he kind of just appeared one day when Cub was hangin' out in the Lounge all alone and brought home his new friend. Imp has already proven himself to be quite mischievous, hence his new name. He's definitely got a forceful personality, but hasn't tried to usurp Cub's position as my second... lucky for him. We've discovered that he's definitely not evil, even though we still don't know where he came from. He gives great massages.
      He flies as Squadron Leader of the Deltas in Addy's defense force and loves every second of it... even the paper work.

      He's a hopeless flirt, but I've come to expect that of all Shep clones. He doesn't slash though.

      Loves football (or I wouldn't have adopted him), beer, teasing other clones, and flirting with the ladies in the Lounge.
      1/29/2009, ETA: He's moved into his own condo now. Downtown San Diego suits him better and he can make his own rules. He got a break on the price because he agreed to be the building's equivalent of a super.
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        my first clone , first of all I thought he was nice and kind but was wrong he's nothing but pure evil and has an obbesion of taking over the world.


        He's sweet but loves to target pratice on clones... he protects people too most of the times and just loves attention and guns. hangs out with Hasties clone sweetums alot


        he's a bit unsure about things but he's very sweet hangs out with all of my clones except Evil-ish he's afraid of him


        completly insane has a splited personaility can be really sweet and can be mean too. fear: is afraid of his own reflection


        loves space and girls loves attention too is most of the times the target for the other clones to whump including myself


        likes to drink and hang around everywhere


        is very loved , owns his own fanclub is in love with Hasties clone Mr.Moany
        loves attention and to cuddle


        likes his work and to cuddle up with you at night


        loves attention and to be populair , give him a mic and he'll entertain you. also loves to be with you during the late hours a real gentleman


        far cousin of Evil-ish , likes to stalk you ....


        protects people and loves to hang around with other clones , likes weapons and to sleep


          A guide to GLD's clones: part 1

          My clones all live in a lair under my home built using To'kra crystals.


          Musckles was my first ever clone, so for the most part he’s in charge around here (second to me of course). He’s primarily seasons 7-9 and occasionally season 10 when he wants to sport his new glasses. He is almost always wearing short sleeved shirts to show off his gorgeous arms, unless he’s on a mission. He hangs out with Chafty when he’s not spending time with the ladies.

          Hobbies: video games, basketball, doing research on ancient civilizations, and flirting

          Relationships: Wendy is his main squeeze, but he also spends time with Anna and Addy. Sal is authorized to give him inspections regularly.


          Arrom was the second clone I got. I acquired him while playing in The Pond undressing a random Daniel. Addy came in to help, and then nicely stepped aside to allow me to continue. I ended up keeping him, and I can never thank Addy enough for this!! Arrom is my sweetheart, but he’s hardly innocent. He rarely leaves my side. He’s usually seen wearing his blue robes from “Fallen” and “Reckoning”, but sometimes wears the green shirt and jeans from "Threads". He got his name from what the locals called naked Daniel in “Fallen.” It means “naked one.” He gives the most wonderful massages. On the rare occasion he goes to visit someone else, he always takes along his massage table and oils. He is also the one to help me keep track of where all my other clones are, since he’s is usually at home.

          Hobbies: giving massages, and having me sit on his lap so I don’t thunk myself out.

          Relationships: Mostly stays home, but will go to anyone who needs a massage. He loves to go visit Wendy and Anna.
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            A guide to GLD's clones: part 2


            Chafty came to me out of a need for a military presence in the lair. I seen him in The Furnace and just had to take him home. He’s a fun loving flyboy who likes to flirt. He’s known for pulling out and playing with his “big sword”. He usually can be found hanging around with Musckles when they are both at home.

            Hobbies: basketball, flying F302’s, and flirting

            Relationships: Spends a lot of time with Addy, Wendy, and Anna.


            SweetThang followed me home from the store one night. I thought his pickup lines were so cute that I decided to keep him. I should have known it then, but I later found out that he is an evil clone. He can usually be found in his room working on his latest schemes. He fancies himself a “ladiesclone” and will try to pick up any woman he sees, but he makes each and every one feel special.

            Hobbies: Chasing women, evil schemes, talking to pretty ladies, washing his hair, and flirting with any female who will give him the chance too.

            Relationships: He visits Anna’s and Dr.J mostly, but will be with anyone who can put up with his lines. SourThang is his evil partner in crime.

            Favorite saying: “If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?”


            SourThang was found by SweetThang as a stray SamClone. He took her back to his lair and reprogramed her to be his evil partner in crime. His hope was that she would be just his, but thanks to the help of another evil clone, she became a real flirt. She has her own beach house somewhere in the Bahamas (noone but her and SweetThang know the exact location). She has a sweetside, but if you get on her bad side you'll probably end up Zatted or sent through the Stargate to a cold deserted planet (as a few of the workers who remodeled her beach house found out). I found out later that she also likes the female company.

            Hobbies: Evil plotting, flirting, and spending time at her beach house.

            Relationships: SweetThang, Sal's Nibbles, and Addy's Jonas. She is very close with Addy's EMitchels and with Dr.J.
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              A guide to GLD's clones: part 3


              StudMuffin came around after watching Michael’s role in 24. He’s a fun clone to have around, especially since he loves to walk around in his boxers. He loves to work out so he can keep his body in top shape, but he’s not really conceited. He is always ready to entertain the women who want to be with him. He is a very sweet and caring clone who will help anyone in need. He usually works from home working with the technology aspect of any mission. I call him Studly all the time!

              Hobbies: Working out, research, computers, and seducing women.

              Relationships: He's willing to spend time with all women, but loves to be with Wendy, Anna, and Jess.


              Hotbuns is my mischievous clone. He’s a bit crazy, but not evil. He likes to play practical jokes on the other clones. Waking up SweetThang with water balloons, or lighting small charges under the futons in our place while the guys are sitting in them (nothing big, just enough to make a loud noise) are a couple of his favorites. He also likes to run off with Anna whenever she gets the urge to blow something up.

              Hobbies: playing practical jokes, anything that includes handcuffs and/or ties, and flirting with his Babes.

              Relationships: Anna is the one he loves to run off with, but he also has a special place south of his heart (as he puts it) for Addy since she’s the one who trained him.


              Buttercup was brought in cause Chafty really wanted another military presence around to help on missions. He’s easy going, unless there is a mission to accomplish. He loves to fly his dates to remote locations with his very own Puddlejumper.

              Hobbies: Field training, playing video games, action movies, and watching football with a big bowl of popcorn.

              Relationships: His main love is Anna who affectionately calls him “Butters”. He is also quite fond of CKO and Karlin(Dr.J)!


              HotToddy was given to me by my clones for my 1 year GW anniversary (which in all the excitement of my sister having her baby, we all forgot about). He's a sweetheart of a clone who only wishes to help. He's become the resident doctor around our place. He's been needed greatly since Hotbuns started pulling more dangerous stunts.

              Hobbies: saving lives, watching tv, and cuddling on the couch

              Relationships: He has spent time with Addy, and he loves to go visit Anna. His specialty is giving very personal physicals.

              (continued on page 5)
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                Well since everyone else is!

                Jack Oneill (ONTLLJC) "General"

                This is my Jack!! He is my lead, my first clone, he is the Boss of the house, after me!! He is a VERY Jealous.

                Hobbies: Bossing everyone around, fishing, barbecue, Chess, and keep me entertained

                Relationships: He like to go to Naz's house once and awhile. Has a thing for Addy to!!

                Jack Rourke (ONTLLJRS) "Rourke"

                This is Jack Rourke.. My Cop!! He is my protector. Very suspicious about anyone. Will doing tours of the neighborhood just to make sure its safe. Owns about 50 White Shirts!

                If you noticed HE is a Synthetic not a Clone.. He was made and mold was broken. He is special. He has an attitude that comes with being special. He is good at what he does. He and Jack had it out at the beginning, but are since then tolerable about each other!!

                Hobbies: Like to play chess and read!!

                Relationships: None!! He refuses to go anywhere.. He is my Cop!!

                MacGyver (ONTLLMC) "Mac"

                This is MacGyver, he is my Mr. Fix-it.. He does repairs around the house. He will trying to fix stuff that doesn't need fixing. He watches over the new guys!! He likes to Cook!!

                Hobbies: Just about anything physical he likes to do!! Sleeps till noon everyday!!

                Relationships: He has gone to NAZ's house but that is about it!! He is starting to develop a relationship with Addy's Carol (Dr. Lam) clone!

                "Captain" James Holland (ONTLLCH)

                This is Captain James Holland from "Pandora's Clock" He is my pilot. He is very bossy when he comes home. Tries to boss the other clones around to clean the house. He comes home once or twice a month.

                Hobbies: Not many, He likes flying!!

                Relationships: None. Just with me!!
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                  The next ones are my NEW Guys!!

                  John Crichton (ONTLLCC) "John"

                  This is my John Crichton.. Started watching FarScape when it came on Regular T.V. on Sundays, got hooked, bought the series, and now am going to the convention

                  Hobbies: Playing Chess with the General!!

                  Relationships: Me, not much of a flirt.. still young!!

                  Cameron Mitchell (ONTLLCamC) "NewFlyboy"

                  This is my Cameron Clone given to my on my birthday by Addy!! I am still deciding on him.. He has his moments!!

                  Hobbies: He plays chess with the General and follows orders (trying to get him break them.. but..)

                  Relationships: Been to Addy's house a few times!!


                  This is a mix of Vala and Aeryn, but she is a synthetic version! name is Valeryn!

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                  Richard Dean Anderson is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!!


                    time to introduce my boys:

                    Coffee(bean) and Bouncy Butt (BB)

                    These 2 boys are always hanging out together.
                    Addy's sam clone thought them how to share and they love to take care of me.
                    Sometimes they hang out with other clones, but most of the time they are with me.

                    Mister Moany

                    Mister Moany likes to hang out with Gay-ish..they are in love...and have cat fights now and then.
                    He loves to show his beautiful body and helping out in the kitchen...he is a great cook.



                      He is my tough guy.
                      and lives in the barn in my backyard.
                      Likes to hang out with Wolf-ish. together they blow thing up
                      and invent all kind of new weapons.
                      Sometimes they play target practice with Dex.


                      Dex is the geek of the lot.
                      Knows a lot about computers and lives with sweetums in the barn.
                      Most of the time sweetums takes good care of him,
                      but once in a while sweetums teases him by using him as
                      target practice together with Wolf-ish
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                        Space boy was my farscape clone.
                        but one day he and Jules sparky went on a world trip.
                        while at that trip he found himself a wife and kids,
                        so he lives with them now...and sends emails now and then.


                        He is the shrink of the lounge.
                        But has retired, just didn't tell the lounge yet.
                        He has a new practice and patients in a dutch forum.
                        And learning dutch and treating the lunatics over there
                        takes all of his time....


                          Walter and Janet

                          Walter lives in the lounge and serves everyone who needs help in the lounge.
                          He also gives Hasties messages to the lounge.
                          He is in love with Janet who like to tread him very well.

                          Janet lives in the lounge as well together with some other doctors.
                          She's together with Walter but sometimes she sneaks out to
                          have some fun with an other clone...

                          these are my clones


                            Introducing Caren Jackson's clones: Part One:

                            Jack O'Neill - Head of Atlantis City

                            Caleb Mitchell - Head of Fleet Operations

                            Romulus Mitchell - Head of Military Operations

                            DJ Jackson - Head of Carrier Operations

                            Mac McKay - Head of the Science department

                            Calum Beckett - Head of the Medical Department

                            Sam O'Neill - Head of Research and Development

                            Karlin Pierson - Head of Archaeology and Linguistics (Head of the Clan)

                            Adam Pierson - Head of Ancient Civilizations

                            Full Bio's all clones can be found here:
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                              Caren Jackson's clones Part 2:

                              Benjamin Adams - Senior Surgical Consultant

                              Duncan MacLeod - Cultural Ambassador

                              Racer Crichton - Science department / Red Dragons Squadron Leader

                              Remus Crichton - Owner of Crichton Exporting / Pilot

                              Odin Sheppard - Red Dragons Executive Officer

                              Ares Jackson - Owner of the Saints and Sinner's Bar

                              Alexa Carter - USS Darius Executive Officer / Science Department

                              Ben Mitchell - Rogues Squadron leader

                              Chris Jackson - Pilot (F-302 Phantoms) / Archeology Department

                              Full Bio's all clones can be found here:
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                                Caren Jackson's clones - Part 3:

                                Joey Sheppard - Executive Officer Rogue Squaderon

                                Casey Mitchell - F-302 Phantom Pilot

                                Matt Mitchell - Commanding Officer USS Darius

                                Joe Dawson - Owner of Joe's Bar

                                Harm Rabb - JAG lawyer/ Pilot (F-302 Phantoms.)

                                Richie Ryan - Pilot (F-302 Phantoms)

                                Full Bio's all clones can be found here:
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