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    Originally posted by Admiral Q O View Post
    Why does he look upset, lissa? What did you do?
    What did I do! I didn’t do anything.

    That might be the problem.

    I’m a little addicted to NCIS right now and I may be neglecting my boys a little.

    But Tony is so cute


    LissaSC: I’m not happy about this
    LissaCC: Lissa gets bored easy, it won’t last long


      Poor lissaShep and lissaCam. You two head on over here if you want. I'll pay attention to you. *kisses*

      Yeah, guys. We could use new targets for our training exercises.

      Sounds like fun.



        Are you going to stay disrobed all day?

        AQOJaC: Only until Addy dresses me.
        AQOMC: Ah...that'll be a while.


          Methos, take charge of the Starbucks run, would ya? Addy and I will have the usual.

          Sure...better to play errand boy than get stuck in this cold with no clothes on.


            LissaSC: this is more like it, now we just have to find him, and shoot him!
            Dex: Where’s the Cam’s gone
            LissaSC: They said something about getting whumped tomorrow; I think they are missing Lissa.

            LissaCC: That would be Dirty, wet and whumped Wednesday and we like it
            LissaECC: And its Lissa’s favourite day so we don’t have to worry, she’ll be there!


              hey Lissa... you may be addicted to NCIS but I bet I can beat yer! I am well and truly hook line n sinker obsessed with Bones (have'nt been this bad since Farscape!)

              luckily the boys are'nt mindin, cos its givin me ideas (lovely 'smut' at gonna catch up here and wander back over there! lol

              banner by E.K.R
              If I lay here, if I just lay here, would you lie here with me and just forget the world, forget what we're told, before we get too old, show me a garden that's burstin into life, all that I am, all that I ever was, is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see. I don't know where, confused about how as well, just know that these things will never change for us at all....
              "Snow Patrol - chasing cars"


                We're back.

                Good. Addy needs you to run to the bank and then the post office.


                  Its nice to have a new obsession every now and then.

                  I'll always come back to Stargate, i just like to try new things out every now and then


                    Next time I decide to have an obsession, I'll make sure its over
                    and done before i even get into it.
                    I'm kinda cancellation shy right now. lol


                      A present for Cat

                      And back on topic


                        Good morning, people.

                        Save a Man-of-War, ride a Commodore.


                          hmm. I wonder if there's some good Logan/Jean Grey smut
                          floating around? I better not.

                          Admiral, you cold over there?
                          Its hot and muggy over here. 'Bout to rain, I guess.
                          Wish it would snow or sleet or something so J. can shut up about it. lol


                            Oh God, I knew I had better not.
                            I didn't listen, of course.


                              It's cold and kinda cloudy here.

                              Save a Man-of-War, ride a Commodore.


                                Originally posted by lissafoss View Post
                                Don’t tell any of my boys I posted this


                                I’ve just discovered NCIS and I love Tony and just had to post this.
                                Ooohhh, then I have an autographed piccie that you'd just LURVE!
                                Michael Weatherly in his "breakthrough" role in Dark Angel.
                                He is yummy, isn't he?