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    Wow, interesting tidbit on Vala's name!

    *waves to CKO and mayo*

    *waves to evil Cam and Vala* Not that it's any of my business but I think Vanessa and Veronica would be nice.


      hi jess!
      feeling better?


        Originally posted by mayogaelz View Post
        leavers ball?
        is that like our debs ball?
        i couldnt go too nuts either cause of the possible job interviews comming up
        Yeah, it's a meal and a formal dance thing that the 6th years have because they've left school. We're having it at Murrayfield Rugby Stadium in Edinburgh

        Originally posted by Admiral Q O View Post
        Good morning, lounge. Addy, why is the kid here?

        AQO: Vala wants help with thinking of names for their twin girls.
        AQOJaC: They're not born yet.
        AQO: She doesn't want to wait.
        AQOJaC: She has her own thread.
        AQO: It's not Wednesday yet.
        AQOJaC: But why the kid?
        AQO: She says, and I quote, 'he brings out the maternal instinct in the ladies and will properly stimulate them for the task at hand'.
        AQOJaC: She's been around Daniel too much lately.
        AQO: Yes, I think you're right.
        He doesn't bring out my maternal instinct... he's about the same age as me!

        Originally posted by DJgirl View Post
        I like the new siggy firefly

        Originally posted by DJgirl View Post
        Been MIA because I have had the flu. My Dad had it over the weekend and now I have it. I am hoping by tomorrow I will start feeling better. My clones have been very helpful getting me everything that I need. Beefcake even went out yesterday and bought me ginger ale

        How has everyone else been??
        Sorry to hear you're ill. Get well soon!

        Originally posted by Admiral Q O View Post
        AQOVMC: I don't want them to sound obviously alien, though exotic might be nice...
        AQOECC: My daughters are not going to be named after strippers. Stop searching the adult theatre listings.


          Just throwin' this out there before I take off for the errend-running...

          Natalie and Meredith are both pretty... and pretty uncommon these days.


            Hi mayo! I am feeling better, thanks

            love the new siggy, firefly!!

            Gotta run, will try to stop by again later. Until then!


              CKO has to have something called a life today... *sulks* its truck day at work... that means CKO has to clock in at noon *pout*

              and thats interesting what Vala means...

              tossing out names...

              Jade.. and Abigail


                Originally posted by JessM View Post

                love the new siggy, firefly!!
                Thanks Jess!

                While we're in the process of tossing out names, how about Alexa, Alanna, Carmen, Dana, Keira or Tamara? (My aunty recently had a daughter, I still have the list of names she was considering )
                And of course there's always Amanda, Claudia or Teryl...



                    Hmmm... the list of names is growing and ECC and Vala are being very quiet. Wonder if they hate all of 'em 'cause it's not like them to spare anyone's feelings!


                      Originally posted by sg-daniel View Post
                      oh no, how evil (((JJ)))
                      i know that feeling, i'm not that small!
                      *sneaks in*
                      thanks *hugz*
                      *sneaks out*

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                      sig by chlex


                        Originally posted by Neelan_Liquor View Post
                        Hmmm... the list of names is growing and ECC and Vala are being very quiet. Wonder if they hate all of 'em 'cause it's not like them to spare anyone's feelings!

                        Sorry for the lack of feedback. Addy's been in a conference call and Cam and Vala...uh...they're busy right now. But, as godfather, I assure you that I am noting each and every suggestion.


                          AQOEDC: About time you got back here.
                          AQOVMC: Sorry, hormones.
                          AQOEDC: You're too far along to be...uh...aren't you?
                          AQOVMC: Where there's a will, there's a way...


                            AQOECC: Alright, Daniel. Give us the names.
                            AQOEDC: Vanessa, Veronica, Calista.
                            AQOECC: Calista? She's that hot babe on...OW..why did you punch me, honey?
                            AQOEDC: *scratches Calista off the list*


                              AQOVMC: Continue, Daniel.
                              AQOEDC: Okay...second set...Natalie, Meredith, Jade, Abigail...
                              AQOECC: Forget eighth grade teacher was a hideous woman named Abigail.
                              AQOEDC: Right...*scratches Abigail off the list*


                                AQOECC: Okay, Daniel, give us the rest.
                                AQOEDC: Alexa, Alanna, Carmen, Dana, Keira, Tamara, Amanda, Claudia, Teryl.
                                AQOVMC: I rather fancy the name Claudia. It has a nice ring to it.
                                AQOECC: Of course you do. We can't use it for a first name. Maybe for a middle name?

                                *side conference between Evil Cam and Vala*

                                AQOECC: Okay, Daniel, we've decided.
                                AQOVMC: Patricia Claudia...
                                AQOECC: ...and Denise Alanna.
                                AQOVMC: Be a love and put in the order for their monogrammed goodies, please?