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    i have just ben watching all of the flooding that is going on in new york, and this idea i had many years ago just seems perfect for situations like this, i mean we have pipe lines that carry gas and oil and even chemicals across country, so why not water, now i don't mean water from other parts of the country , i mean FLOOD waters that occur around the country, why can't we develop a pipeline that covers the ENTIRE country, a pipeline that will channel flood waters that occur in regions that flood on a regular basis , or even on a semi basis, or even in regions that almost NEVER flood. if we could create a pipeline that would carry the flood waters from places like along the missippi and the mountian regions on the east coast to the west coast to where they are experiencing a decades long drought, this would alleviate the drought problems they are having and help ease the flooding that would occur in a semi regular basis, and it doesn't have to be from east to west, there are floods that occur in the west too and the central part of the country, where ever there would be a flood there should be a large open grate, roughly the size of an american foot ball field, this would collect the water and channel it to the pipe line and pumping stations placed at key intervals would move it to a part of the country that is having the drought, sort of like the alaskian oil pipeline, only on a MUCH larger scale.

    in the regions that flood on a regular basis, smaller places could be built to pump the flood waters to a holding area, sort of like the cesspools, and that water could be put to use in other parts of the country once there is enough to send out to the drought region.

    sorry if this seems a bit random, but it just seems to me that all of the flooding from hurricanes, and freak storms like the one that occurred back in 2014, should be able to be put to good use some where there is a desperate need for it.

    I like your idea! Good thinking!
    Turas maith, slán abhaile
    (Safe Journey, Safe Home)

    John 3:16